Open Source Developer

Redmond, WA, USA | Karachi, Pakistan | Remote


At Data Science Dojo, we are looking for a talented and enthusiastic individual to join the product design team of our rapidly growing organization.

As an Open Source Developer, you will help Data Science Dojo in refining and optimizing the learning platform. You’ll spend a lot of time understanding Open edX and implementing the best practices on our learning platforms. You will also contribute to the free software project, pushing some of your developments upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation. As Data Science Dojo greatly relies on the value of data, you’ll be expected to use trends from a number of credible sources to add value to your work. You will work closely with many remarkable people at Data Science Dojo, including but not limited to our data science, development, and social media teams.



  • Learn the technology stack of edX technology stack, keeping an eye on the nature of training programs offered by Data Science Dojo
  • Analyze the existing features on the organization’s learning platform and identify areas of improvement
  • Recommend and suggest improvements to the learning platform with the aim of adding value to user experience
  • Design, develop, deploy, and support scalable software systems
  • Participate in code reviews and other feedback mechanisms
  • Establish strong working relationships with cross-functional teams as well as engineers throughout the company
  • Define metrics of success for products and services and keep track of the progress


Minimum Qualifications

  • An undergraduate degree in Software or Computer Engineering, Design, Communication, or a related field
  • Knowledge and proven experience of working with Python web frameworks, preferably Django
  • Understanding of one backend language, such as PHP, WordPress, Python, and Django
  • Experience working in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and relational databases (SQL)
  • Working knowledge of, and comfort with, Linux environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment
  • Willingness to work as an individual and in a team as per the need of a project


Nice to Have

  • Prior experience (2 years or more) in web design and development, primarily using Python
  • Experience in Bootstrap, CSS Scaffolding, JQuery, and Responsive Design
  • A passion for education in general and data science in particular
  • Some understanding of Google Analytics and Hotjar to extract valuable insights


About Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is one of the leading platforms providing training in data science, data analytics, and machine learning. Our strong network of more than 10000+ alumni from over 100+ countries makes us the most trusted learning platform in the field. Our mission is to make data science easier, more practical, and accessible to everyone by creating a network of mentors, students, and professionals.
Data Science Dojo is a unique workplace that invests heavily in employees and growth. Our teams are constantly solving problems and working together, empowering people around the world to use data science in effective ways. We are always open to new ideas, making the most out of every opportunity. Working at Data Science Dojo is a unique experience, filled with fun and a lot of growth.