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Employee Life and Health Coverage

Employee Life and Health Coverage

Healthcare is a priority at DSD. Our comprehensive health and life insurance plan ensures peace of mind in the event of unexpected medical expenses.

Family Health Care

Family Health Care

We believe in supporting not just our employees, but also their loved ones, with health coverage for a happier and healthier tomorrow.

Extended medical coverage

Extended medical coverage

Our comprehensive medical coverage includes dental, vision, checkups, tests, and medicine - all to support our employees' well-being.

Mental & Physical Wellbeing Sessions

Mental & Physical Wellbeing Sessions

We prioritize employees' mental and physical health with yoga, meditation, and fitness sessions. Through virtual sessions, we aim to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Internet Allowance | Data Science Dojo

Internet Allowance

Stay connected, stay ahead! We offer a monthly internet allowance to all employees.

Out of Office

Out of Office

We prioritize taking a break to recharge. From holidays to paid time off, we empower employees to prioritize themselves.

Provident Fund

Provident Fund

We offer a provident fund with annual employer matching. After a year, employees receive double employer contribution.

Food Allowance 1 | Data Science Dojo

Food Allowance

We provide a food allowance that allows you to order mouthwatering meals straight to your doorstep.

Company Swag

Company Swag

Distance Divided, Rewards United. Our rockstars get company swag on joining and vouchers for special occasions, showing our appreciation.

We want you to connect & engage

Annual meetups | Data Science Dojo

Annual Meetups

To encourage relaxation and foster teamwork among our hardworking colleagues, we organize several enjoyable meetups throughout the year.

Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual Happy Hours

Our monthly virtual happy hours foster a positive work culture, promote well-rounded lives, and boost employee morale.

Giveaways for Holidays | Data Science Dojo

Giveaways for Holidays

Celebrate every occasion with us! Our inclusive gift-giving program fosters camaraderie among colleagues and spreads joy during holidays and special events.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace | Data Science Dojo

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Join our diverse and inclusive team that values merit over everything. Our accepting culture ensures equality and respect for all.

We want you to learn continuously

Professional development opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

We’re always learning! From professional development and customized learning plans, you are bound to grow your career with us.

Leadership and guest speakers' sessions

Leadership and Guest Speakers' Sessions

In an effort to learn from the best in business, we routinely expose our employees to industry leaders where they can upskill and be inspired

Learning based increments

Learning Based Increments

Earn more as you learn more! Our learning-based increment program rewards employees who complete certifications.

We reward you for being the best

Quarterly bonuses | Data Science Dojo

Quarterly Bonuses

Our bonus program is a reward recognition system for our top performers. where we acknowledge those who go above and beyond.

Performance based increments

Performance Based Increments

Our performance-based increment system offers the opportunity to drive success. 

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