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Employee perks and benefits at Data Science Dojo

At Data Science Dojo, we believe that a happy employee is a productive employee. That's why we offer a variety of perks and benefits, such as work from home, team-building activities, health insurance, paid time off, and professional development opportunities:

Remote first

Escape the commute grind and join our 100% remote team. Work from anywhere and achieve the dream work-life balance.

Competitive compensation

Earn big and live better! Our high-paying salaries, incentives, and benefits package will take you to the top.

Thrive at work: Employee wellbeing & support program

employee health

Employee health care

Healthcare is a priority at Data Science Dojo. We offer a comprehensive health insurance plan providing peace of mind in the event of unexpected medical expenses.

family healthcare

Family health care

We believe in supporting not just our employees, but also their loved ones, with health coverage for a happier and healthier tomorrow.


Extended medical coverage

Our comprehensive medical coverage includes dental, vision, checkups, tests, and medicine - all to support our employees' well-being.


Wellbeing sessions

We prioritize employees' mental and physical health with yoga, meditation and fitness sessions. Through virtual sessions, we aim to promote a healthy work-life balance.


Employee life insurance

Our company provides life insurance and offers financial security to employees and their loved ones.

paid time off

Vacation & paid time off

Take a break, recharge, and repeat with our time-off benefit. From holidays to paid time off, we empower employees to prioritize themselves.

Elevate your skills with DSD's learning and development program

career developments | Data Science Dojo

Professional development opportunities

We’re always learning! We are dedicated to fostering your professional growth and development through our comprehensive range of coaching and specialized programs.

online lesson | Data Science Dojo

Access to online learning resources

Level up your skills and mindset with our online training courses! From in-house learning opportunities to recognized certifications, we offer learning opportunities throughout the year to help you grow. 

leader | Data Science Dojo

Thought leaders unplugged

Inspire and be motivated by our leadership and guest speaker sessions where our team can gain valuable insights to excel in their career.

increment | Data Science Dojo

Learning based increments

Earn more as you learn more! Our learning-based increment program rewards employees who show commitment to their learning plans.

Employee engagement & experience


Team meetups

To encourage relaxation and foster teamwork among our hardworking colleagues, we organize several enjoyable meetups throughout the year.


Virtual happy hours

Our monthly virtual happy hours foster a positive work culture, promote work-life balance, and boosts employee morale.

giveaway | Data Science Dojo

Employee Giveaways

Celebrate with us on every occasion!  Our inclusive holiday giveaways promote camaraderie among colleagues and spread joy during holidays, festivities, and special events.


Fun, support, and collaboration

Connect and collaborate with our employee resource groups! Join our fun groups to receive peer support and build connections with like-minded colleagues.

Perks and rewards


Provident fund

We offer a provident fund that includes employee contributions with matching employer contribution.

performance based increment | Data Science Dojo

Performance-based increments

Our performance-based increment system offers the opportunity to drive success. With review cycles, you can set your own pace and soar high.

Office Set-up Allowance

Office set-up allowance

Work in comfort, achieve greatness. Deck up your workspace with the best gear with our office setup allowance.

food allowance

Food allowance

We provide a food allowance that allows you to order mouthwatering meals straight to your doorstep.


Internet allowance

Stay connected, stay ahead! We offer a monthly internet allowance to all employees.

bonus | Data Science Dojo

Performance-based bonuses

Our performance-based bonus program is a rare gem reserved for top performers. It's a one-time reward where we acknowledge exceptional performance.

Explore endless possibilities with us!