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Jay Gulati web
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Jay Gulati


Edp Renewables

Omar Ali - Edp Renewables
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Omar Ali

Predictive Diagnostics Analyst

Edp Renewables

Augusto Gesualdi - OLX Group_Data Science Dojo
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Augusto Gesualdi

Product Strategy Analyst

OLX Group

Gemma Miranda
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Gemma Miranda

Consultant|Data Scientist

Inter-American Investment Corporation

Aidan Waine - Data Science Dojo Alumni
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Aidan Waine


Bayo Olubayo Adekanmbi_Data Science Dojo
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Bayo (Olubayo) AdekanmbiTelecommunications

Chief Transformation Officer|CTO

MTN Nigeria

Ewerton John - Orion Group
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Ewerton John


Orion Group

Ben Gawiser - Amazon
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Ben Gawiser

Software Development Manager|Software Engineer


Marco Viets - Bright Skies GmbH
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Marco Viets

Principal Consultant|Sr. Principal Consultant

Bright Skies GmbH

Danish Sayed web
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Danish Sayed

Data Analyst

UF Health

Sanjay Jejurikar_Data Science Dojo
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Sanjay Jejurikar

CEO & Founder|Co-Founder and CEO

InPods Inc

Michael Datasciencedojo
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Michael Hernandez

Director of Account Management

Pearson Education

Eric Ryszkiewicz - Sutter Bay Medical Foundation
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Eric Ryszkiewicz

Data Scientist

Sutter Bay Medical Foundation