Introduction to Python for Data Science

In this bootcamp, students will be learning core Python concepts and understand how to use the language as it relates to data science.

Live Instructor

5 days

3 hour class/day


Spring Cohort

Start Date

March 29, 2021

Timings (Pacific Time)


Course Description

Python has quickly become one of the most popular programming languages among individuals and organizations around the world. Its general purpose appeals to many different industries and allows professionals to transfer their skillset across careers, especially data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

This Python bootcamp focuses specifically on data science. Throughout the course, you will practice the basics, learn more advanced techniques, and finish with a project to put all your newfound knowledge to use. In 5 days (5 – 6 hours per day) you can get started and polish your Python abilities for data science and analysis.
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After completing this data science course, each new alumnus will receive a certificate of completion co-sponsored by the University of New Mexico as well as 5 continuing education units.

What you will learn

This module will focus on building an understanding of how to Gather data from different sources. We will explore commonly used Python data structures such as data-frames and dictionaries and will learn about working with data from different data formats
In this module, we’ll be looking at Python’s powerful data handling techniques. You’ll be introduced to different methods that you will use to get the information you need from data stored in complex data structures.
Once we’ve loaded our data into your Python environment, we’ll learn how to process it before it can be used for further analysis. This includes cleaning the data, reshaping it, merging data from multiple sources/data structures, and applying transformations.
In this module, we learn about python’s powerful data aggregation and grouping techniques and how to use them to get useful insights from our data.
In this module, we will focus on understanding how to dissect and explore our data to uncover useful insights. We will also look at different visualization techniques to help present our data and findings and get acquainted with popular visualization packages in Python.
This module will be focused on the RESTful API, its functions and how it can be used to communicate with websites like Twitter and Reddit that have exposed endpoints to scrape data.
Once we’re comfortable with the RESTful API, we’ll look at how it can be used to get data from websites. We’ll use the data we scraped along with other data loading, parsing, cleaning and exploration techniques we learnt previously to build an end-to-end data pipeline.
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In 2019, Python was the second most sought for language on the internet, according to Google search trends. In fact, Python is one of the official Google languages.

What our students say

Chen Ku - Microsoft

What I learned from DataScienceDojo’s 5-Day bootcamp is beyond my expectation.  The way they structure some key areas will help us learn, think and apply to real world in the future.  We spend lots of time learning new concept and knowledge and then applying them to the popular tools such as Azure Machine Learning studio and R Studio.  I really find myself a lot more knowledgeable in those new areas and can’t wait to try applying them to the real big-data at work.  Thank you DataScienceDojo.

Chen Ku
Sr. Software Design Engineer in Test

Shahid Ali -

As a BI developer with couple of years experience in big data and data science, I always felt the need to polish my skills by understanding the core concepts of data science. This bootcamp gave me a lot of confidence in problem solving and scientifically approaching predictive modeling issue. I am looking forward to building some real world machine learning models.

Shahid Ali
Tech Lead BI and Analytics

Raghavendra Kamaraju - Computer Task Group

This should be one of the best bootcamps for data science that runs for a week. I am saying it because we got fundamental grounding in the data science field , a sense of direction and the knowledge of where to apply what we learnt. Thank You

Raghavendra Kamaraju
ETL lead / Data Integration Architect

Lauren Toth - Northrop Grumman

Data Science Dojo is a great week-long crash course on data science and machine learning. There's enough breadth and depth to give you a 10,000-foot view of the field while also walking away with some more specific theory, feature engineering techniques, and insight into what the Amazon's and Netflix's of the world do with their big data.

Lauren Toth
Senior Principal Engineer

Lance Dooley - Accenture Federal Services

What I enjoyed most about the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp is the global view of the Data Science topic.

Lance Dooley
Software Engineer

Anxo Armada Fernández - 8Wires

Sometimes we understimate our capabilities and get scared with all the messing buzzwords around us. This bootcamp is a fast-paced way to learn data science ecosystem from the scratch and step into bigger ambitions.

Anxo Armada Fernández
Big Data & Analytics Manager

Matthew Murphy - ESL Federal Credit Union


Matthew Murphy
Senior Analyst, Market & Business Intelligence

Nomita Paul - Bluetooth SIG

I have had multiple members of my QA team attend this training. This has really helped the QA discipline at our company and changed the perspectives on how to look at data in a positive manner. We are more focused in instrumentation and data analysis rather than relying heavily only on synthetic lab tests to determine the Quality of our products.

Nomita Paul
Senior Quality Engineering Manager

Aaron Villegas Dominguez - Tecnocom

A full week learning data science from ground to top. Excellent content taught by some of the best trainers I’ve ever met!

Aaron Villegas Dominguez

Marais Lombard - Network Services

It was challenging it’s a lot of material to take in within a week. A wide range of topics were covered and the training doesn’t stop here. This just gives us the tools now to better understand what we need to do next. I think to me the learning and the direction really starts after the bootcamp. Before I joined the bootcamp I didn’t necessarily know all of the different aspects and elements of data science and predictive modeling, now that I have a better sense of it I know where I need to personally focus on based on the subject matter of that I’m dealing with.

Marais Lombard
Vice President

Prerak Desai - Janssen Inc.

The instructors were great. Great blend of theory and hands on training.

Prerak Desai
Senior Scientist - Translational Biomarker Research

Haydar Ozler - türkiye İş Bankası

It was a motivating, inspiring and intense teaching week. If the instructors weren’t so good, those five days could seem really short and not efficient. But the instructors were amazing, and the content is very, very good.

Haydar Ozler
Data Scientist

Arsandi Akhmad - Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan

Comprehensive bootcamp for who want to learn data science. I learn more than how to use algorithm or tool but i know learn how can build good model.

Arsandi Akhmad
Digital Forensic And Management Data

Camillo Giovannini - Boscolo & Partners Romania

It’s a big world, but when you come here you will really learn, what, step-by-step, you can start doing something with. I come here and now I know how to do a machine learning model. I mean, it’s fantastic.

Camillo Giovannini
Audit & Forensic Leader

Emilia Gan - University of Washington

Although I had already been using R to analyze my data, the clear explanations and the practice provided during the workshop helped me solidify my understanding of techniques I hadn’t been using effectively.

Emilia Gan
Graduate Student - Computer Science

Patricia Fontes -

Excellent course design, studying material and instructors! And a good balance between theory and practice. It is quite impressive what gets to be covered in a week, the best data science dive one could have.

Patricia Fontes
Sr product development manager


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