Introduction to Python for Data Science

Learn to use Python effectively for data analysis, analytics, machine learning and data engineering

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Aug 21 – Aug 25

Live instructor-led training: 9am – noon PDT

Live office hours and support daily. 

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Hands-On Python for Data Science and Data Engineering

Python fundamentals, data wrangling, exploration, visualization, machine learning, data pipelines, REST APIs and more. The most comprehensive short-duration Python curriculum for data scientists, data engineers, analysts and researchers.


Designed for Both Practitioners and Beginners

Before you arrive for the in-person learning experience, our carefully designed self-paced learning modules will help you get up to speed with Python fundamentals. 

Beginner in Python or a little rusty with syntax? No problem! Our pre-training learning modules will get you ramped up before the live training.


Instructor-Led Training, Office Hours, Mentoring, and More


Earn a Verified Certificate of Completion

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UNMs continuing education | Data Science Dojo
Earn a data science certificate in association with the University of New Mexico Continuing Education, verifying your skills. Step into the market with a proven and trusted skillset.

Recommended by Practitioners

At the end of the fifth day I think all of us are at the same place, so that’s the beauty of this program. You could come from any background because we are covering some diverse topics here, and making sure it’s a level playing field and again, going back to to the motto of, hey, this is for everyone. Kapil Pandey, Analytics Manager at Samsung

Taught by Practitioners

Our instructors are dedicated to helping you steer your career. With years of experience in the field, our instructors are professional data scientists and practitioners. They bring real-world stories and anecdotes to the class, adding immense value to your learning.

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