Data Science Bootcamp

One-week comprehensive training
4,000 working professionals from
1,000 companies globally.

50 hours of training in 1 week
Comprehensive curriculum
Designed by and for professionals

Comprehensive curriculum

Our data science bootcamp has been attended by 4000 people around the globe. Our teaching team consists of leading data scientists and practitioners who are also passionate about teaching. We have created the most comprehensive short duration curriculum in the industry. We focus on problem solving in real-world business context while providing the right balance between theory and practice.

Course details

5-day, in-person bootcamp

Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 6:00pm

Intensive 50 hrs learning

In-classroom lectures and discussions

Coding exercises and model building labs

Networking dinner

5 hrs prep work before bootcamp

10 hrs homework online


None. We will teach you the tools needed for the bootcamp.

Real people. Real Projects. Real impact.

Right from day one of the bootcamp, our emphasis is to cultivate a think-business-first mindset. Bootcamp attendees leave with the ability to put machine learning, data analysis, and artificial intelligence skills in a business context.
Leading Fortune-500 companies are our recurring clients because our training adds real business value.

More than just a bootcamp

When you sign up, you sign up for an experience.