Data Science Bootcamp

Comprehensive bootcamp to get you started with practical data science and data engineering

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June 06


Every Tuesday, 9AM – 12PM PDT

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Learn Practical Data

We have carefully designed our data science bootcamp to bring you the best practical exposure in the world of data science, programming, and machine learning. With our comprehensive curriculum, interactive learning environment, and challenging real-world exercises, you’ll learn through a practical approach.

Our curriculum includes the right mix of lectures and hands-on exercises, along with office hours and mentoring. Our data science training employs a business-first approach to help you stand out in the market.

Key Features

Our data science bootcamp is the most popular and top-rated training in the industry. Now with in-person and online formats, the training includes a diverse set of exercises designed for everyone, and a Kaggle competition to keep you motivated during the bootcamp.
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Hands-on Coding Environment

Learning by doing is essential to improve in coding. Live code environments within a browser allows you to practice coding anytime and anywhere, which is crucial for mastering this skill.

Continued Learning

Your journey doesn’t end with the bootcamp! we have a rich repository with tons of resources to keep you going. Our tutorials, demos, and exercises will be available even after the program to help you practice your newfound data science skills.

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Our Bootcamp Curriculum