Data Science Bootcamp

with an introduction to data engineering

In-person, short-duration, and practical data science learning. Designed for working professionals.

This bootcamp is also offered in a Live Online format.

Why Data Science Dojo?

Because 12 week bootcamps are too long and online learning does not give you an interactive learning experience.

Short Duration

Our award winning 5-day curriculum has been tested and proven on 5000+ attendees. If you are a working professional longer duration is not an option.

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Tried online data science courses that don’t work? You are not the only one. Online courses have less than 5% completion rates. Our bootcamp has 100% completion rate



Immersive, hands-on learning designed to focus on business ROI. Our attendees start applying data science at work immediately after the training

Case Studies


More than 1500 companies globally have trusted us for their learning needs. Check out the growing list of companies that trust us for their training needs

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Does a 5-day bootcamp format work?

Our instructors are also practitioners who understand what actually matters in the real-world.

We emphasize on the right place of best practices of data, model building, defining  metrics, evaluation, parameter tuning, storytelling, and actionable insights in the entire data science pipeline.

We focus on what matters – minus the hype.

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Tiffany Li

I feel like I am walking out with a solid understanding of data science as well as the resources to go further. The bootcamp transformed me from not knowing where to start to being able to build my own predictive models! Read more “Tiffany Li”

Tiffany Li
Senior Data Scientist at Criteo