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Unleashing the power of LangChain

Emerging Architectures for LLM-Powered Chatbots

Large language models are so new and behave so differently from normal computing resources — it’s not always obvious how to use them.
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Sales support and Insights
Extraction of HIPAA identifiers from documents


AI-Powered Campaign Content Generation for a Fashion Brand

We collaborated with a fashion brand to develop an application capable of generating campaign emails and Instagram content based on specific inputs such as pictures and prompts. By harnessing the potent computer vision technologies of the Florence project, we could draw out descriptions and color profiles from the provided images, aiding us in crafting captivating campaign narratives. Moreover, we tapped into the potential of OpenAI chat models and the DALL-E service to recommend suitable images enhanced with AI-generated artistic backgrounds in several variations. This comprehensive process led to the production of impactful and visually delightful campaign emails tailored for the fashion brand.
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Financial Inquiry Handling


AI Chatbot for Customer Support : Transforming Financial Inquiry Handling with Azure and OpenAI

Learn how we are working with a leading financial organization to streamline its client support process, delivering precise and timely information while minimizing manual effort with an unmatched support experience from an AI chatbot. By leveraging Azure and OpenAI, we are able to analyze dynamically scraped content from various client sources, extracting valuable insights that revolutionize the way financial inquiries are addressed.


AI-Powered Personalized Ad Generator for Automotive Company

Our project entails the development of an ad generator specifically tailored for an automotive company, leveraging computer vision capabilities from the Microsoft Florence computer vision project and OpenAI chat models. By utilizing Florence to fetch image descriptions and incorporating the power of OpenAI chat models, we have created an innovative solution that automates the generation of personalized advertisements. This technology enhances efficiency, enabling the automotive company to deliver highly engaging customer experiences in the automotive industry.
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Insurance Industry


Streamlining Client Support: Azure and OpenAI Transforming the Insurance Industry

Discover how we partnered with a prominent insurance company to enhance its client support process through an innovative app. Leveraging Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Search, we created a comprehensive knowledge base by indexing the company’s data. By combining this knowledge base with OpenAI’s advanced language model, we empowered users to ask questions and receive accurate answers in real-time. This streamlined approach revolutionizes customer query handling, empowering informed decisions and remarkable outcomes, setting a new standard in client assistance.


Automate HIPAA Identifier extraction to optimize patient lookup for a medical equipment company.

Learn how Data Science Dojo is helping a leading medical equipment company in enhancing their document processing and patient lookup by automating the extraction of HIPAA Identifiers from the referral documents.
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Fuel Innovation through Generative AI and LLMs

Charting your AI roadmap with diverse data sources.
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