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Our Data Science Bootcamp has helped thousands of busy working professionals to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

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Digital Marketing

The roadmap laid by Data Science Dojo has been able to help fuel my growth which in turn fuels the growth of my company.

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Patrick ButlerDigital Marketing Strategist, 2060 Digital

Education Technology

We went from having very limited information to suddenly have very targeted outreach to the customer and in the end, that not only turned into increased business, it turned into a much more loyal following of the product line. Data Science Dojo helped me achieve the goals we had set out which were “how do we prove some sort of return of investment?”

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Michael HernandezDirector of Account Management for Clinical Assessment at Pearson Education

Business Financial

Data Science Dojo was effective in forcing me to level up quickly and rigorously, there’s nothing like being in a room for five days learning data science.

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Eytan BensoussanFounder and CEO


Data Science Dojo has been an incredible opportunity for me to be able to take some of my baseline skills and to build on them and to get some ideas on things that we can incubate over the next years of Breaking Ground.

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Jacky SawyerDirector of Data Services, Breaking Ground

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