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Hiring has always been a complicated process. That has never been more true than in the data science field where there are often more roles available than the interested candidates. At Data Science Dojo, our graduates are ready for real-world challenges and thrive in a competitive environment. Become a Data Science Dojo hiring partner to connect with talented individuals and qualified candidates in a stress-free manner.

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Attract talented individuals by posting jobs on our portal.

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Connect with the graduates of our quality training programs.

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Save your time, effort, and training costs by hiring our candidates.

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Hire our graduates with diverse skills, suitable for all industries.

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Receive special invitations for our hackathons and career fairs.

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Redeem exclusive member discounts on our offerings.

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Upskill your workforce with the best training.

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Practical learning to help your workforce thrive.

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Curriculum that meets your organization’s needs.

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Data Science Dojo offers specially curated trainings for modern enterprises to upskill the workforce. Empower your team to extract valuable information from your organization’s data.

Our Upskilling Track Record

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Breaking Ground


You can join  the program and post jobs on our portal, free of cost. You will not be charged a fee until you hire one of our graduates.

Our training programs are conducted throughout the year at regular intervals. Typically, each training program is conducted at least once per quarter (four times a year).

We equip our attendees with practical data science skills, introducing them to all the cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our attendees use a variety of tools, meeting the needs of the industry. You can view the curriculum of our Data Science Bootcamp to get an idea of the the learning outcomes.

At Data Science Dojo, we believe in practical data science and adopt a business-first approach in all trainings. Our attendees work on real-world problems, throughout the training programs, to apply their data science skills. The Kaggle Competition conducted during the Data Science Bootcamp and Python Project in the Introduction to Python for Data Science are examples of such project-based learning.

All of our training programs are verified by the University of New Mexico (UNM). Eligible attendees, after successful completion of the program, receive a verified data science certificate from UNM.

We do not have a career fair scheduled at this point. However, we plan to organize a career fair, real soon, to facilitate our hiring partners and attendees.

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