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Raja Iqbal

Raja Iqbal is a seasoned AI professional, and educator. Since founding Data Science Dojo, Raja and his team have trained more than 10,000 professionals around the world on topics related to data science, analytics, machine learning and large language models. Prior to founding Data Science Dojo, Raja worked at Microsoft in various research and development roles primarily in the online search and online ads. Raja holds a Ph.D in computer science from Tulane University.
CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Data Science Dojo
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Episode 2

Jerry Liu: Generative AI, LLMs, LlamaIndex, RAG, Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, and Society

To make LLMs actually useful for enterprises, it is important for them to retrieve company’s data effectively. LlamaIndex has been at the forefront of providing such solutions to augment LLMs. In this episode, Jerry Liu, Co-founder and CEO of LlamaIndex, walks us through how it is reshaping the generative AI landscape. He explores RAG and fine-tuning, discussing their benefits, trade-offs, use cases, and enterprise adoption. He also shares valuable insights from his entrepreneurial journey, navigating corporate career at tech giants like Apple, Quora, Two Sigma, and Uber, to starting as a founder. Amidst the excitement of innovation, Raja and Jerry also address the potential risks, considerations and impact of generative AI.

Jerry Liu
Co-founder and CEO at LlamaIndex

Episode 1

Luis Serrano: Generative AI, Math, Education, Career, Activism and Society

In this episode, we unpack Luis’s fascinating journey, from his childhood and maths fears to a deep-seated passion for it. We explore his career path, uncovering the pivotal moments and learnings, as he navigated through big tech players, changing gears from Maths to AI and Quantum AI, and how he ultimately found his true calling. We further venture into the world of AI, exploring its profound impact on and society—both positive and the challenges it presents, and how they are reshaping the world. And of course, we touch upon the human side of it all—exploring the themes of humanity and empathy and implications for the future. 

Luis Serrano
Founder of Serrano Academy
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