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Hear what our alumni say about our data science training.
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Emily Paynter - Hamilton Medical Center

Robert Thornton

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about Data Science and especially...
Lesha Bhansali - Microsoft

Lesha Bhansali

It was a great 5 day workshop with getting some hands on experience and understanding...
Cláudio Luz -

Cláudio Luz

One week of real learning about data science!
Emily Paynter - Hamilton Medical Center


Data Science Dojo Bootcamp is very intuitive and comprehensive. The "mighty" instructors are very knowledgeable...
Mashrura Alam - Guy Commerce

Mashrura Alam

Instructors were very knowledgable and helpful
Kyle Benelli - Epic Care

Kyle Benelli

Excellent high quality teaching, exceeded all expectations. This bootcamp makes complex concepts understandable. Would highly...
Marc Morris - Shield Consulting Solutions Inc.

Marc Morris

By far the best professional training experience I have had. Both the breadth and depth...
Wang Zhan - One Concern

Wang Zhan

I learned a lot about data science and data engineering and had a good time...
Jordan LeGrand - Kaiser Permanente

Jordan LeGrand

Data Science Dojo's week long bootcamp provided me with enough knowledge, understanding, and experience to...

Elena Fiocca

I thoroughly enjoyed this bootcamp, and I am honestly sad to go back to my...
Jonathan Mathews 1 » Data Science Dojo

Jonathan Mathews

A lot of great info and solid quick start on the latest on the field....
Sharoon Srivastava - Microsoft

Sharoon Srivastava

Absolutely amazing bootcamp! Raja really helps you learn and grasp things really quickly no matter...
Niklas Andersson - Accenture|Ebay

Niklas Andersson

Interesting discussions with very competent instructors who more than willingly offered to answer any questions...
Matthew Murphy - ESL Federal Credit Union

Matthew Murphy

Jessica Streeter - Community Behavioral Health

Jessica Streeter

This course was absolutely awesome. The pace was great, the material was very relevant to...
Suresh Singuru - CarMax Inc.

Suresh Singuru

Had a lot fun going through the bootcamp. Concepts were lot more clearer than ever...