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Harris Thamby

Harris Thamby

It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention. Read more “Harris Thamby”

Cody Morgan

Cody Morgan

Data Science Dojo is by far the best bootcamp for anyone interested in gaining knowledge in machine learning. I entered the bootcamp with absolutely no history of R programming or Azure experience along with little understanding of how machine learning worked.

The instructors did such a great job of explaining the math in simple, iterations so I did not feel overwhelmed or lost. Their programming knowledge made learning R and the libraries associated with machine learning a breeze. It flowed in a manner which didn’t make me feel as if large details were cloudy.

The lesson plan is really well prepared. The example code they provide is really useful and not something you can find online with any other training vendor. The knowledge I gained from this bootcamp will forever change my programming and has provided me a great tool to help my success! Read more “Cody Morgan”

EDP Renewables
Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about collecting data and utilizing that data most effectively to reduce your cost and get the sales you need. Read more “Mike Hughes”

NextLevel Training
Mohamed Almoghalis

Mohamed Almoghalis

It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention. Read more “Mohamed Almoghalis”

Andrew J. Choi

Andrew Choi

It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention. Read more “Andrew Choi”

Dylan Pierce

Dylan Pierce

[The bootcamp] is pretty intense, but you know at the end of the day you’ve learned pretty much a college course in like five days, which is pretty incredible.

Read more “Dylan Pierce”

Learn Data Science-Nichole Nobbman-Alumni

Nichole Nobbman

I think this bootcamp is best suited for anyone who’s interested in data science either as a career or anyone who either leads a team or manages people who are data scientists. I feel like I’m walking away with a lot of really usable information and a base level of information to build on if I decide that I want to go further in the data science field.

Read more “Nichole Nobbman”

Olusegun Lawal

Olusegun Lawal

The instructor is knowledgeable and the peers are encouraging. [They were] quick to help assist me with some of my problems and struggles I was having. And were able to explain in a simple, clear language.

Read more “Olusegun Lawal”

Hamad Anwar

Hamad Anwar

The atmosphere was great. There’s people from so many different industries and because the environment is so collaborative, everyone’s sharing their ideas. I was able to find some ideas from the medical industry, from the finance industry, which was helpful for helping me solve some problems in our e-commerce space.

Read more “Hamad Anwar”
Sergei Lebedev

Sergei Lebedev

I recommend this bootcamp definitely for the way it’s being taught. It is different from universities, from school, it provides not only the theory but also the way of thinking. I think it’s pretty much for everybody who is interested in data.

Read more “Sergei Lebedev”

Avalanche Laboratory
Alango Otieno 1

Alang’o Otieno

I would recommend Data Science Dojo because it’s five days, and at the end of those five days you walk out of the bootcamp with more knowledge. And with that knowledge in itself, you become a better practitioner. You can apply it with confidence, you can stand in front of a group of executives or a group of people who are practitioners and explain things. That for me is phenomenal.

Read more “Alang’o Otieno”

Kevin Burke 1

Kevin Burke

You can only Google so much, but when you’ve got the access to the data scientists that are here, it just makes things so much easier. It seems like science fiction right now to a lot of people when you mention machine learning they think you’re talking about something that is unattainable and it’s really not the case. It’s just a matter of getting down and learning this stuff and then bringing it forth. Given time, I totally think I’m ready to continue to apply data science to my profession.

Read more “Kevin Burke”

Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
Dharma Dandu

Dharma Dandu

[Raja] challenges every small detail, and then he makes sure the entire class, not just one person, not just two, everybody understands. I can definitely say my understanding is much deeper than what it used to be. I would say that this has been my best R training class in years.

Read more “Dharma Dandu”

Louell Uy

Louell Uy

The course has really given me a passion to pursue more of the data science world. Because I know what data science is capable of, I now know what I can pursue in the future.

Read more “Louell Uy”

Outliers Mining Solutions
Mohamed Kashkoush

Mohamed Kashkoush

My favorite part in this course is really the discussions that are initiated by Raja. Really, these are very, very deep, and insightful discussions. I also got introduced to the subject of big data analysis and big data processing using Hadoop. I’m not claiming that I’m now an expert in these fields, but at least I got the basics, and from now on I can start doing this on my own.

Read more “Mohamed Kashkoush”

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Camillo Giovannini web

Camillo Giovannini

It’s a big world, but when you come here you will really learn, what, step-by-step, you can start doing something with. I come here and now I know how to do a machine learning model. I mean, it’s fantastic.

Read more “Camillo Giovannini”

Boscolo & Partners Romania
Haydar Ozler 1

Haydar Ozler

It was a motivating, inspiring and intense teaching week. If the instructors weren’t so good, those five days could seem really short and not efficient. But the instructors were amazing, and the content is very, very good.

Read more “Haydar Ozler”

türkiye İş Bankası
Dr Vince Vardhanabhuti

Vince Vardhanabhuti

The philosophy of “data science is for everyone” I think is really true, actually. Because my background is not in statistics, it’s not in programming. This course has taught me that I don’t need to be accomplished in those things. This course tells me that there are tools out there that I can use and better utilize for analysis of big data. What this course helps you with the most is give you the confidence to be able to apply what you’ve learned.
Read more “Vince Vardhanabhuti”

University of Hong Kong
Kapil Pandey 1

Kapil Pandey

At the end of the fifth day I think all of us are at the same place, so that’s the beauty of this program. You could come from any background because we are covering some diverse topics here, and making sure it’s a level playing field and again, going back to to the motto of, hey, this is for everyone.

Read more “Kapil Pandey”

Baidurja Ray 1

Baidurja Ray

I enjoyed Raja’s instruction incredibly, he was an incredible teacher. I think it’s extremely well suited for working professionals. Because here you are getting a very hands-on instruction in data science, where they actually are applying the skills.

Read more “Baidurja Ray”

Markus Nyland

Markus Nyland

I feel like data science is more a team approach than an individual approach. So you can basically have different backgrounds you have the hardcore coding part of data science, you have the math part but you also have the business part the combination that was provided here was addressing all of these.

Read more “Markus Nyland”

Carlos Martinez 1

Carlos Martinez

This is extremely valuable, because you really get a good appreciation for what’s happening, and it makes you much more educated. I think it’s excellent, excellent training.

Read more “Carlos Martinez”

Innate Intelligence
Ewerton John

Ewerton John

I definitely agree with this, motto. That data science is for everyone. Because if you are willing to put the hands on, and put some effort and that, it’s possible. I’m looking forward to going back to Brazil and starting to do something with all this information that, and all this knowledge that I’ve learned here.

Read more “Ewerton John”

Orion Group
Eric Ryszkiewicz

Eric Ryszkiewicz

There’s a lot of value to be gained by doing something with the amount of data that we collect now. I’m not going to leave here as an expert, but I’ll leave with all the resources I need for continued learning. That is, I think, going to be pretty beneficial.

Read more “Eric Ryszkiewicz”

Sutter Bay Medical Foundation
Alan Portugal

Alan Portugal

It’s a collaborative effort in terms of you’re there, in a classroom setting and it’s hands-on. The application happens right on the spot.

Read more “Alan Portugal”

Kevin Hassnain

Kevin Hassnain

If you’re looking for a career change, I honestly cannot tell you a better program than this… the most powerful thing about this bootcamp is that the instructor prefers these sessions to be interactive. So that’s huge because we would have discussions on the simplest topic to the complex topic and he would stay patient until it’s clear.

Read more “Kevin Hassnain”

Chris Shei

Chris Shei

My favorite part of the bootcamp was definitely the people that I met. The staff was very helpful, I really enjoyed working with them. My colleagues and classmates were also super interesting.

Read more “Chris Shei”
Dr. Arindam Sen

Dr. Arindam Sen

The atmosphere it’s been heavily interactive, you know. So it’s not a one-sided kind of lecture mode which I personally hate. The participants are also telling their own experience of whatever concepts we are discussing, whatever business problems we are discussing, so this materials probably you will get in internet if you search over google, but there is no interactive session to make you understand that’s a plus point. For any user of these tools that conceptual clarity becomes very important.

Read more “Dr. Arindam Sen”

Mohammed Abdul Gaffoor 1

Mohammed Abdul-Gaffoor

I was looking for something that I can get quick to get a feel for the data science, but I think I almost got what I would get from attending a one-year worth of courses.

Read more “Mohammed Abdul-Gaffoor”

Motorola Mobility
Darth Vaughn 1

Darth Vaughn

I’ve never taken anything as in-depth as this data science bootcamp. The materials were presented clearly and in a comprehensive manner that allows you to digest the information and it really drilled down on the technical aspects of it. For someone like myself who isn’t a hardcore data scientist or a coder it was initially a little intimidating, but the modules are easy to follow and the preparation work gives you the ability to step in on day one.

Read more “Darth Vaughn”

Civil Trial Attorney
patrick moss

Patrick Moss

It felt nice sitting in the back of a classroom and having someone to listen to and learn something new. But also meeting other people here and understanding what they’re doing. I won’t walk out of here, like, ready to do data science, but I think it has told me what exists and it’s up to me to fully learn it and then implement it into what I do.

Read more “Patrick Moss”

Gemma Miranda

Gemma Miranda

[The bootcamp] was a great experience. The curriculum was well balanced of theory and hands-on labs. The instructor really helps us move from topic to topic and we are able to gain a certain level of knowledge that we need to become practitioners of these tools. Also, the opportunity to share in the experience with the other students was very rewarding.

Read more “Gemma Miranda”

Inter-American Investment Corporation
Andres de Frutos Zambrano 1

Andres De Frutos Zambrano

My experience being a Data Science Dojo student has been pretty awesome. Everyone’s been amazing. Raja keeps us engaged; it’s a lot of participation. At times you’re kind of out of your comfort zone and it can be a little bit tough. But what differentiates Data Science Dojo is that Raja doesn’t teach the specific tools and the skills, but he gives you the theory.

Read more “Andres De Frutos Zambrano”

Expression Networks
Russell Roefer

Russell Roefer

The atmosphere was a really fun experience, and we have people from all different fields, and even different countries coming here. So I think the bootcamp is suited for everyone really, as long as you’re willing to learn.

Read more “Russell Roefer”

Patrick Cronin

Patrick Cronin

What I really like about the Data Science Dojo training is that it focuses on that conceptual foundations that help you actually understand what knobs you’re turning and tuning to actually become a better data scientist.

Read more “Patrick Cronin”


Nicholas Noyer

My experience was great. I felt encouraged to collaborate with my peers, everybody was really nice. The instructors are really great; they’re hovering around waiting to help, so that was fantastic.

Read more “Nicholas Noyer”

James Maze

James Maze

I would recommend this bootcamp because I’ve gone through it as somebody who had a basic understanding of machine learning and data science concepts and now after the five days, I feel much more confident in my ability to go out and build and operationalize machine learning and data science based solutions for my customers.

Read more “James Maze”

Market Intelligence Analyst
Khalid Alkhorayef

Khalid Alkhorayef

I think that, what I learned here actually equipped me more or better to be honest, the science behind data science and the machine learning algorithms became more sensible and I’m able to engage with them more frequently and confidently. I know what I’m going to try to do with my job right now from what I learned and I’m actually excited to do so.

Read more “Khalid Alkhorayef”

Elm Company
Sanjay Jejurikar

Sanjay Jejurikar

Well thought out curriculum, promoted good discussion, passion for teaching and keen on making sure everyone understands the foundational concepts without rushing through. great pre- videos, resources, pre-configured experiments to speed up walk-throughs.

Read more “Sanjay Jejurikar”

InPods Inc
Dipjyoti Das

Dipjyoti Das

It was a great experience coming here and learning about the whole data science landscape and how it can be applied in our job. I got a good sense about what business metrics to think about while building a model, what evaluation techniques can be used to improve the model etc. I had a great time interacting with my fellow attendees as well and learning about them.

Read more “Dipjyoti Das”

Brighthouse Financial
Elizabeth Burke web

Elizabeth Burke

It just seems like I don’t have the whole picture and being here this week has really helped me understand what’s out there and what modern methods exist. I think the biggest benefit I saw from the camp was actually being able to discuss how we use data, what are our obligations toward the data, and what makes us really good at achieving the thing that we want to achieve instead of just saying “oh well, I use machine learning!”.
Read more “Elizabeth Burke”

Media Research Analyst
Pavan Shah

Pavan Shah

Before I [attended] this program, I was not very sure whether it would fit in for me because I did not have any experience in terms of programming. But then, coming here and experiencing it, even a non-programmer, I was able to keep up with the program. No issues at all with it.

Read more “Pavan Shah”

Bruno Gutierrez Varela 1

Bruno Gutierrez Varela

One of the things you do when you get out of the bootcamp is to try to apply everything. And having the real feeling of doing that part on your own, and then coming back and asking questions to the teachers or the instructors is really helpful and I think it really improves your skills.

Read more “Bruno Gutierrez Varela”

Banco Itaú
Sherry Soong

Sherry Soong

One of my favorite parts was actually meeting a bunch of people who are so passionate about data analysis, it’s kind of self-indulgent of us to talk about a job all the time, because in our own companies I don’t think your co-workers are regularly so interested in what you do, but here, everybody wants to talk about their job or what potentially they want to do next, or what potentially they want to do next, kind of just seeing that so many different people from different locations and sectors and even job capacities.

Read more “Sherry Soong”

Accent Gold Solutions
Tonna Agim

Tonna Agim

I think what I loved the most was just how it was very interactive. People would ask you questions, concepts that I thought I understood, just from the different angles the questions were coming from and how the instructor was addressing them, I really felt like I grasped it, that I got the opportunity to really ask questions myself. So that definitely is a huge difference from just watching YouTube videos.

Read more “Tonna Agim”

Shyam Srikumar v2

Shyam Srikumar

Truly immersive experience. The 5 days transform you into a data scientist. Great curriculum as in selection of topics, progression in topics, mix of practice vs lecture, mix of complexity vs practical use and finally the kaggle competition. Raja was a great trainer and very affable. I enjoyed learning the math behind decision trees, random forest and linear regression. I am now confident to make the switch to Data Science!

Read more “Shyam Srikumar”

NTT DATA Americas – Mercury Marine
Marco Viets 1

Marco Viets

I was looking for a data science class because I have a specific customer project where I would need all these skills, and then I looked at the outline of the course and there were very interesting topics that matched what I needed and also the Azure Machine Learning part was very good. It is very challenging: first thing is we are doing it 10 hours a day including homework and the material, of course, is very intense and it is challenging, definitely. I did learn something from my peers; we are working on this Kaggle competition and of course you are looking at your neighbors–what are they doing, how to they get better results, or where are they standing– so it’s a good atmosphere. I would recommend this bootcamp because of this very professional nature of it, everything is well prepared and very professional. Raja is doing a very good job in explaining all the topics and also responds very well to questions and such things.

Read more “Marco Viets”

Bright Skies GmbH
Deep Patel

Deep Patel

I feel like I was definitely challenged, and at the beginning of the 5 days I was very scared, I’d say, because it was a lot of information and very fast. But at the same time, when I kept getting the information, I felt like it didn’t stick but at the same time it did, and I was able to apply it right away. The pre-bootcamp materials definitely helped me get ready because I had no prior experience with Python, R, anything with machine learning, or anything else. Coming from something like Java and C++ and using R, I feel really good now. Data Science Dojo was so much better, everything was way fluid; they gave everything I needed, you guys helped me out whenever I asked. It was the perfect experience in what I would say for someone who hasn’t ever touched codes or anything, I think this was still an amazing experience.

Read more “Deep Patel”

Jay Yamakawa 1

Jay Yamakawa

The atmosphere provided to us was very welcoming and not at all intimidating. Everyone was very helpful and understanding!

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded people and the chance for some supervised learning. Read more “Jay Yamakawa”

Trader Joe’s
Jorge A. Suárez Velandia

Jorge A. Suárez Velandia

What I enjoyed most about the bootcamp is it provided me an introduction of data science in my field of interest – smart cities, transport issues.

Read more “Jorge A. Suárez Velandia”

Volvo Bus Corporation
Josh Walker 2

Josh Walker

I came into this course as someone who will be doing more certifications in machine learning development as an update to my college work many years back. I wanted to see data science from outside of the ML perspective, and this course provided a really nice groundwork of data science, and gave me a nice appreciation for where data science and ML design both differ and converge.

Treatment of necessary topics in a short period of time was very good. There was enough information to provide some foundation and allow continued growth outside of the bootcamp. As a dev and math person, I enjoyed the regression and many of the principles discussed in the first half of the bootcamp. Read more “Josh Walker”

Faysal Hussein 1

Faysal Hussein

Data Science Dojo is a platform that can help you to be Passionately Curious. After completion of Bootcamp, the statement “It depends” will have different meaning for you.

Instructors’ passion on trying to put everyone in one page, regardless of their technical or domain experience. If you even don’t know anything about coding or Machine learning. You can tell others that RandomForest is MIGHTY. Thumbs up DAVE :) Read more “Faysal Hussein”

Marcus Wyche

Marcus Wyche

So far my experience has been great as a Data Science Dojo student. Each day Raja and Dave have been very helpful in explaining all the various different concepts to me and the rest of the students in the class, and they do a great a job of providing real world examples and how they relate to data science. I do feel like I’m going to get to apply what I’ve learned to my current job after the 5 days in bootcamp, and I feel like I could take some of the things I’ve learned and definitely be able to solve any issues that I have. I think this bootcamp is best suited for individuals who want to add machine learning to their current skillset but are also working professionals–coming out for a week is much easier than maybe going to some bootcamp or taking off work for months on end, trying to learn these things yourself.

Read more “Marcus Wyche”

Synergist Computing
Serge Grenier

Serge Grenier

I’m not from the IT industry, I’m an engineer with a PhD; I’m essentially an Excel and Word user, so I’m from the extreme end of the spectrum as far as a participant to this thing. I think there is a lot of benefit in terms of eliminating bad data and how to treat with missing data also. I thought the professors were excellent, they were very good presenters and were extremely competent. I like the fact that the instructor presented some good examples also; I can see that these guy have a lot of work experience. There is a lot of material and I can’t wait to go back to spend time trying to analyze the amount of data that I have. I see a bit of untapped potential for engineers, people like me, and corporations that do not work in the IT world. People who process lots of data with real products, I think there is a lot of potential.

Read more “Serge Grenier”

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium
Peter Shih 1

Peter Shih

I’ve been doing a lot of self studying, since I studied Biology so it’s a little outside of my major. And I personally use Data Camp. Doing a lot of self studying, you don’t get the same motivation and you don’t get the same insights that you get at Data Science Dojo where I found that there were key concepts that I knew theoretically, but I couldn’t piece two and two together which really makes a difference. I also found that working with the group of people here and working on problems together really helped. I would recommend this bootcamp because it really taught me the skills I needed and allowed me to have the confidence to move forward and apply the data science technology.

Read more “Peter Shih”

The Hospital for Sick Children
Jerry Hartanto

Jerry Hartanto

Highly recommended – compresses a lot of foundational information in a short time to cover the maths, the intuition/theory, and some practical applications.

What I enjoyed most amount the bootcamp is the coverage of the math, the intuition, and the mechanics of how the data science works. Read more “Jerry Hartanto”

Integrated Business Development Group (LinkedIn Group)
Ludson Leon web

Ludson Leon

Instructors kept an easy going vibe and promoted interaction while teaching some terse subjects. I loved the passion and willingness to explain as much as needed for intuitions.

Read more “Ludson Leon”

Danish Sayed 1

Danish Sayed

I learnt a lot from the instructors during the bootcamp. I think the bootcamp is for everyone like the motto says. I feel that data science is way of thinking things through, rather than just a job. It as a solution to something. I am a whole different person after the bootcamp.

Read more “Danish Sayed”

Data Analyst - UF Health
Nate Gosselin web

Nate Gosselin

Phuc and Dave were amazing. I also like that the focus was on understanding the topline intuition of the different approaches and teaching us how to find the packages that will let us take advantage of data science immediately.

Read more “Nate Gosselin”

Director, Product Management – Flatiron Health
Fredric Cheung web

Fredric Cheung

Data Science Dojo was the best boot camp I have attended hands down! The courses, content, and instructors made a very complex space seem digestible – I can’t wait to begin applying what I learned!

I really enjoyed that during the bootcamp, the instructors made every concept feel like it was easy to learn by abstracting some of the details that could make it daunting. The approach to learning, where we first understood the context of how this is applied, then moved to theory, then moved to examples really helped solidify my understanding. Read more “Fredric Cheung”

Consultant – Jounce Media
Aidan Waine

Aidan Waine

The pre-work was very helpful in calibrating expectations. The daily sessions were a well-balanced mixture of theory, practical applications, hands on exercises and interactive discussion, in a comfortable environment with an inspiring cohort. Great learning experience, thanks!

Read more “Aidan Waine”

Lance Dooley 1

Lance Dooley

What I enjoyed most about the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp is the global view of the Data Science topic.

Read more “Lance Dooley”

Software Engineer – Accenture Federal Services
Taylor Dove web

Taylor Dove

Both instructors, Phuc and Dave, were extremely passionate about the material they were teaching and it showed. They also displayed a great amount of industry knowledge and are obviously very experienced in the tools and techniques they teach. I could definitely trust that the material they chose to present was the material that would be most useful to me in terms of applying data science to techniques in my current career. They were also both very good at explaining extremely complex concepts in laymen’s terms and the teaching style was definitely conducive to a collaborative atmosphere in the classroom and among the students.

Read more “Taylor Dove”

Financial Analyst – TreeHouse Foods
Ameya Dhaygude 2

Ameya Dhaygude

I have been doing data science for over 6 years now. I wanted a refresher on the latest data science trends, and this bootcamp exceeded my expectations by delivering more than I expected. This bootcamp also gave me pointers to think about some traditional data science concepts in a completely different way. I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who would like to be a successful data scientist.

Read more “Ameya Dhaygude”

Data Scientist
Victoria Butsky 1

Victoria Butsky

I attempted to take a couple courses online however they don’t necessarily give you the same discussion and the same inside as to the field as a whole and the subtleties of what you’re doing and the ethics behind it which I really liked about Data Science Dojo they really gave me that kind of insight and the discussion is what really made it dynamic.

Read more “Victoria Butsky”

Data Analyst –
Eldon Prince

Eldon Prince

What I enjoyed most about the Data Science Dojo bootcamp was the enthusiasm for data science from the instructors.

Read more “Eldon Prince”

Senior Principal Data Scientist – Dell
Nida Faud

Nida Fuad

You’d think that it’s a beginner’s course but it really isn’t. I felt extremely challenged most days, I was just sitting there scratching my head certain days, but the good thing about all of our Senseis is that they’re very resourceful. You can ask them anything and they usually can give you an answer for what you were doing wrong, and what you need to do, where you need to concentrate. I would definitely recommend this course because I think it gives you the tools to do a lot of your work extremely fast, compared to what we currently do because we do have to clean up a lot of our data using visual bases or just running filters, and I think that whole process in R or Azure would be so much faster.

Read more “Nida Fuad”

Inspection Data Coordinator – Syncrude Canada LTD
Brazos Lackey

Brazos Lackey

The instructors were amazing! I think that they were very personable. I was able to learn more during this bootcamp than I was able to learn on my own in the past few months online.

Read more “Brazos Lackey”

Market Analyst – Koch Energy Services
Ben Gawiser

Ben Gawiser

Highly valuable course condensed into a single week. Enough background is given to allow one to continue their learning and training on their own.

Good energy from the instructors. It is clear that they have real industry experience working on problems.

Read more “Ben Gawiser”

Software Development Manager III – Amazon
Bayo Olubayo Adekanmbi web

Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi

I recommend Data Science Dojo because of its practicality. Because it is very hands on, it’s very intensive, very practical, very relevant, and more importantly it is student focused.

Read more “Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi”

Chief Transformation Officer – MTN Nigeria
Augusto Gesualdi

Augusto Gesualdi

Instructors (especially David Langer) managed to bring data science topics to a noticeably diverse audience in a way that, at least for me personally, was greatly enriching. I could frame my previous knowledge of algorithms and tools, and helped me articulate them in practical workflows.

Read more “Augusto Gesualdi”

Product Strategy Analyst – OLX Group
Omar Ali 1

Omar Ali

After this crash-course on the fundamentals of predictive analytics, I can now confidently implement predictive models at work. Because of this bootcamp, I have a solid understanding of machine learning and extremely useful algorithms to get started. I also have a great basis for where to continue learning and benefit my skills in predictive analytics and machine learning. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone with a strong passion for data science to attend.

Read more “Omar Ali”

Predictive Diagnostics Analyst – EDP Renewables
David Herman

David Herman

The bootcamp really solidified what I learned through Coursera and self study. Nothing compares with talking to the instructors here, and it’s not so long that my employer would balk against me taking the time.

Read more “David Herman”

Data Engineer – Scorpion
Patrick Standard 1

Patrick Butler

After 5 days, I can definitely say that I’m ready to get started on applying some data science techniques to my position. Admittedly, I even started doing it half way through the bootcamp. So, one of the great things about Data Science Dojo is that we are using an hands-on approach, actually getting into the code and creating things that I can take back and use on a day to day basis.

Read more “Patrick Butler”

Director of Data & Analytics – 2060 Digital
Emily McKinney

Emily McKinney

I think this bootcamp is actually really well designed for a lot of different people in different situations. Someone in my situation I’m looking to escalate and incrementally improve stuff that I already do at my job. I think it’s been really effective at doing that and it does a good job of being appealing and applicable to a wide range of backgrounds.

Read more “Emily McKinney”

Data Analyst & Technology Advisor – Equilo
Satakarni Bommuluri

Satakarni Bommuluri

Online courses are flexible and that is good, but the thing is it is not only the motivation factor but it is also the confidence factor. So, what I’m learning can I really apply it, because there is no human discussion or interaction there. So then, mix those both here at data science dojo, in one week, it gives a complete platform for you. That’s why I recommend it.

Read more “Satakarni Bommuluri”

Business Intelligence (BI) Architect – Norfolk Southern Corporation
Doug O’Donnell

Doug O’Donnell

Thanks for a great bootcamp! I feel that I have the knowledge to immediately create a predictive model in production.

Read more “Doug O’Donnell”

Director of Data Solutions – TrueSense Marketing
cedric williams

Cedric Williams

I was trained data science three years ago, but because I’m the only data scientist at my position in my company I wanted to find an intensive bootcamp that would sharpen my skills. Most bootcamps are 12 weeks, three months, or a grad degree and I didn’t really need all that. Even though the last experience was a great one it was longer to get my certification through, this one here. Because I’m not going online, because I’m right in front of an instructor – and an instructor who actually has practical real-world experience working with clients – I can get a better answer to what is GINI or why is accuracy more important than specialization or recall, or vice versa, versus sometimes when I’m online the instructor may go over but there is no reinforcement or ability for you to as your questions.

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Director of Marketing Analytics – PHE
Himesh Shah

Himesh Shah

Data Science Dojo did a great job building the right curriculum that focuses both on depth and breadth. And it just gives you the right level of information so that you can go back and apply that to your day to day work.

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Principal Data Science Manager – Microsoft
Sriharsha Pasupuleti

Sriharsha Pasupuleti

Data Science Dojo, like any other course, they are doing a better job at making us aware that we are not going to make the students who are coming here data scientists. We are going to give them enough tools to build what is necessary to go ahead with their careers and that is exactly what has happened at Data Science Dojo.

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Data Analyst
Jon Butler

Jon Butler

I just finished the 5 day bootcamp, and I cannot emphasize enough the value I gained this week. Phuc and Raja cracked open the black box of machine learning and predictive analytics in a way that enabled me to learn quickly, while increasing my passion to learn more.

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Business Intelligence Developer – Scentsy
Marais Lombard web

Marais Lombard

It was challenging it’s a lot of material to take in within a week. A wide range of topics were covered and the training doesn’t stop here. This just gives us the tools now to better understand what we need to do next. I think to me the learning and the direction really starts after the bootcamp. Before I joined the bootcamp I didn’t necessarily know all of the different aspects and elements of data science and predictive modeling, now that I have a better sense of it I know where I need to personally focus on based on the subject matter of that I’m dealing with.

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Vice President of Network Services
Andrew Berman web

Andrew Berman

I thought the bootcamp provided a fantastic overview of data science and data engineering and gave me the base tools needed to dive into this discipline.

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Manager – Carlisle & Company
Priscilla Mannuel

Priscilla Mannuel

I definitely feel I learned a lot from Data Science Dojo and taking from what I learned I definitely can build upon it and I will definitely be participating in a lot more Kaggle competitions and start building my portfolio using what I learned from Data Science Dojo.

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Research Engineering Fellow – FDA
Michael Loehlein web

Michael Loehlein

Data Science Dojo is an amazing intro to data science. You can do the free stuff online but being able to have in person discussion on topics that may not be familiar or easily understood is worth the time and money. The five day format is a great length to learn enough to start but not to long as to make it difficult for a person to attend due to work and family obligation. The three instructors are friendly and want to help. I would recommend to anyone looking for an introduction to the topic.

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Manager – PenFed Credit Union
Alejandro Wolf Yadlin

Alejandro Wolf Yadlin

If you have a lot of experience in data science or if you have no experience in data science, you can still benefit from the bootcamp because it will give you the time to focus on all the conceptual underlining and learning the new tools and learning everything in a very organized way. It gives you a very good frame of reference for the field.

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Principal Scientist Bioinformatics – Seattle Genetics
Vishal Arora web

Vishal Arora

I was looking for data science courses and tried to learn them on my own using online courses and books. It was not a good experience. Then I found about the Data Science Dojo 5 days immersive bootcamp online. I looked at the course outline, it was perfect and I did not have to be away from my work for long. I must say I made a right choice. I am more confident about working on a data science project right away.

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Technical Project Manager – Unisys
Heejoong Kim web

Heejoong Kim

If you already kind of have one foot in the field in the sense that you’re already working with data in some form or fashion then it would be helpful to attend Data Science Dojo for learning the basic knowledge enough knowledge to apply it and get meaningful results out of it to start with.

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Senior Data Analyst
Ryan LaBrie

Ryan LaBrie

It was a fun experience. It was a tiring experience. I love the challenge, you know. I haven’t programmed for 15 or more years as far as a formal programming language. I haven’t done that a long time and I was able to follow along no problem. After this course I truly believe just about anyone can learn some data science techniques in order to help their business.

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Associate Professor – MIS – Seattle Pacific University
Vang Xiong web

Vang Xiong

This boot camp is set up in a way were anybody can come in and learn something. You’re going to get something out of it. They try to educate us and prep us ahead of time so by the time we get in we can just start rolling. I think this experience is more interactive just because of that it it’s a lot better. When I was taking the Coursera course, even though the videos were often very good and the materials were really good there just wasn’t that connection and so it was hard to understand it. This course kind of brought it all together for me from all the different things I’ve picked up along the way it just kind of glued it together and so far it’s been a great experience.

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Data Engineer – When I Work
Marko Topalovic 2

Marko Topalovic

I came to the Data Science Dojo because I wanted to broad my knowledge because i already have some knowledge in machine learning but I wanted to learn what is out there and I can apply maybe on my research. I got more confidence because previously there were so many things that I just heard about but now I know how it looks like to use these techniques, I don’t know if I have enough knowledge to build a whole system from scratch but I at least have guidelines how should I do this

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Innovation Mandate VLAIO – Postdoctoral Researcher – KU Leuven
Kevin Hillaker web

Kevin Hillaker

Attending DataScienceDojo was a smart move. The pre-work and boot camp have allowed me to better understand what it takes to be successful in the field, and some of the pitfalls to watch out for as a new practitioner. With this new found information, I believe I am now on a trajectory to develop a domain specific methodology.

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Data Engineer – Data Management & BI – Nexteer Automotive
Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Overall this course is about the best I’ve been on. It covered an immense amount of material in the best way possible: hands on and with intensely. You are given the tools to progress on your own in the field of data science. If you want to be empowered with skills very few other people have, you need to take this course.

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General Financial
Eytan Bensoussan

Eytan Bensoussan

What was great about Data Science Dojo was that the credibility was clear in terms of the background of the staff and the faculty, and the kind of alumni that have come from there. The idea that it took a week’s worth of time was very practical for me. And then finally the very hands-on nature that both complements theory but actually uses tools to apply it was exactly what I was looking for.

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Co-Founder and CEO – NorthOne
Amina Tariq

Amina Tariq

I’ve taken a whole bunch of courses actually in data science. I took a bunch online and I took a few in person, but none of them really gave me the confidence that I needed to sort of tackle a huge data project on my own from beginning to end.

This is a great program which sort of introduces you to all the different tools and techniques that are out there and also teaches you some of the best practices because that’s pretty important in a real-life situation. That is something that I don’t think a lot of theoretical classes can offer.

I really liked the instructors the energy that both Phuc and Raja brought to the classroom was really important, especially for a course like data science, which can be kind of dry when other people teach it. So, I felt like their method of instruction was extremely engaging. It was a lot of fun.

There was a lot of laughter in class actually and we had a great time getting to know each other in the classroom. The other students that I met came from very different backgrounds so it was very interesting to get some insight into what kind of problems they’re working on. So, I just found that we learned just as much from the discussion that we’re happening then from the actual slides and the material.

You get to learn from these experts who have done machine learning and data science and their day jobs and they can tell you exactly what it’s like in the real world. So, I think that’s pretty useful if that’s the kind of experience you’re looking for. Read more “Amina Tariq”

Senior Operations Analyst, Product – Influitive
Mohamed Almoghalis

Mohamed Almoghalis

Learn the basics, practice, and experience how IT firms take Data Science and Machine Learning theory into action. Use this knowledge in your business environment. Read more “Mohamed Almoghalis”

VP of Technology – IDRIVE KSA (Co-founder)
Michael Atlin

Michael Atlin

I came to the bootcamp because I had tried to learn machine learning and data science techniques on my own from books and online classes, but I had trouble finding the time to work through math, and even when I did, I didn’t really understand what I was doing. Now I’ve got a much better understanding of what I’m doing, I’m unstuck, and ready to dive in!

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Software Development Manager – Hubdoc
Marcos Lacayo web

Marcos Lacayo

My name is Marcos Lacayo. I am from Nicaragua. I’m an entrepreneur and in health care. I started a company called Estación Vital. I looked into, you know, masters and doctorate, and this and that. With the curriculum that I saw at Data Science Dojo pretty much this is exactly what I needed to really see, to really understand the data, and predict real and direct targeted advertising.

It’s not an easy boot camp it’s mind-blowing. I mean anybody who wants to do this, be ready, be mentally ready. You have to be ready to learn what will change the world because I think data science is going to be a tool that every single person will need – either you’re marketing, you’re in health care, you are in the military, or whatever aspect in the world, you will need the tip of the iceberg of data science.

It’s an open space, I mean everybody talks to each other. We interact, we network, we share experiences, what we do, what we like, what we don’t like. So I think it’s a good mix. I think it’s better to start from little and until you – it’s like an iceberg, you know? Starting at the tip and then go down to see what you needed to understand everything. And this is exactly what it was. The Data Science Dojo gives you everything that gives you the tip of the iceberg.” Read more “Marcos Lacayo”

President and Founder – Estacion Vital
Lance Milner web

Lance Milner

The instructors were very good. The instructors are very useful and they were able to kind of bring things to a very wide audience. So there are some people in the class who had very little data science experience and some who had graduate degrees in statistics. And also they provide a lot of resources so, for the things that I didn’t know in R and I didn’t see the examples for, the books that we were given were very useful.

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Data Scientist and PCS Engineer – Intel

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Digital Marketing

The roadmap laid by Data Science Dojo has been able to help fuel my growth which in turn fuels the growth of my company.

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Patrick Butler
Digital Marketing Strategist, 2060 Digital

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Education Technology

We went from having very limited information to suddenly have very targeted outreach to the customer and in the end, that not only turned into increased business.

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Michael Hernandez
Director of Account Management for Clinical Assessment at Pearson Education

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Business Financial

Data Science Dojo was effective in forcing me to level up quickly and rigorously, there’s nothing like being in a room for five days learning data science.

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Eytan Bensoussan
Founder and CEO

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Data Science Dojo has been an incredible opportunity for me to be able to take some of my baseline skills and to build on them and to get some ideas on things that we can incubate over the next years of Breaking Ground.

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Jacky Sawyer
Director of Data Services, Breaking Ground

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