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CEO & Founder at 
The Large Language Models bootcamp has been a game-changer for me. I returned to delve deeper into machine learning and AI, and the immersive week-long format provides a unique learning experience. The bootcamp’s structured approach and diverse tools introduced, from chatbots to qualitative information, empower you to tackle problems effectively. I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of applying these techniques in our production environment, making it an invaluable investment.
Microsoft-Data Science Dojo
Software Engineer at 
I attended the boot camp with the goal of diversifying my problem-solving approach and incorporating Large Language Models (LLMs) into my toolkit. As someone passionate about Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), I was particularly excited about exploring use cases in content moderation and observability. The most thrilling revelation for me was the multi-step problem-solving approach that mirrors human thinking, offering limitless applications with creative usage of LLMs. The bootcamp’s hands-on exercises, especially for those without a coding background, are well-structured, allowing quick ramp-up and focused learning. I now feel empowered to tackle complex challenges at work with the knowledge gained from this enriching experience. Highly recommended for anyone keen on problem-solving and expanding their skill set!”
Analyst at 
Coming from a linguistics background, the Large Language Model Bootcamp provided me with cutting-edge insights into language and data science. The week was filled with informative sessions, inspiring presentations, and diverse discussions in the classroom. Now equipped with practical knowledge, I’m excited to implement these learnings at Starbucks. Whether you’re well-versed in development or just starting with Python, this boot camp caters to diverse skill levels, making it a highly recommended experience.
ICF Washington State (ICFWA)
Software Engineer at 
Top-notch speakers, hands-on workshops, and great networking. A wonderful experience for anyone in tech looking to break into the newest technologies.
ICF Washington State (ICFWA)
Software Engineer at 
A talented team working on the forefront of bleeding edge technology. Their breadth of knowledge and expertise is on display during every session and I feel energized to take my learning and apply them.
Data Architect at 
Thank you for providing and compiling the material in such a way that makes simple.
Software Engineer at 
In my 25-year IT career, this has been one of the most enjoyable learning experiences. The real-world insights from presenters and industry professionals like Redis, Stripe, Whylabs, and ZenML were invaluable, especially in the context of deploying LLMs. I’ll recommend this course to my professional network seeking a comprehensive introduction to Generative AI and Large Language Models in an enterprise setting. Kudos to the Data Science Dojo Team for a job well done! Many thanks.
Analyst at 
The Data Science Dojo LLM Bootcamp is a hands-on experience, delving into LLMs and their real-world applications. Expert instructors provide a comprehensive framework with a practical focus, enabling you to fine-tune, evaluate, deploy, and monitor LLM applications. Access extensive resources such as coding labs, Jupyter notebooks, and projects. This course offers substantial upskilling for those pursuing domain-specific LLM projects. Enroll now to learn and apply your knowledge.
utah uni
Professor at 
Attending this bootcamp exceeded my expectations. Instructors were highly knowledgeable and adept at simplifying complex topics. The hands-on learning approach significantly enhanced my understanding of LLMs. It was an enlightening and empowering experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking LLM knowledge.
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Data Scientist at 
The Large Language Model bootcamp was extremely informative, timely, and well run. It was a good networking opportunity, and great way to learn about groundbreaking technologies from people running into real-world problems while deploying AI in the field. The hands-on nature of the bootcamp ensured that knowledge learned was knowledge retained. Highly recommended.