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Hear what our alumni say about our data science training.
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The examples given by the instructors were really helpful in cementing the data science concepts. Also, interactive classes with code and like minded people helped a lot.
A very good boot camp. It was intense but was very well conducted.The topics were very relevant and the instructors were more than helpful. This boot camp gives a good start to concepts of data science. Where and how can we apply and get started with it.
I had taken ML and AI in Undergrad and looking at the curriculum made me wonder.. how can 2 semesters worth of class fit in 5 days? I’ll tell you .. you focus on theory and directly use off the shelf library and have learnt enough to command the parameters.
Great hands on introduction to machine learning and data engineering. Taught in a very simplified yet useful manner that will set you up with a strong base understanding that you can leverage immediately for practical gains at work. Great job guys!
The hands on approach in conjunction with the very well designed curriculum made learning data science easy and enjoyable.It combines applicability without sacrificing the theoretical knowledge to understand the concepts.This bootcamp gives you all the tools, and tells you how to use them. They aren’t wrong when they say “data science for everyone”
I have attended many training’s and courses on Data Science but this one was the game changer for me. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
Sometimes we understimate our capabilities and get scared with all the messing buzzwords around us. This bootcamp is a fast-paced way to learn data science ecosystem from the scratch and step into bigger ambitions.
Having worked and learning some of the machine learning algorithms in Grad School. I never appreciated how easily these can be explained and with immediate hands on usage helps to understand even better. Best thing which I liked about was Kaggle competition.
The bootcamp was a great blend of theory and hands-on labs. The ability to work through the exercises with knowledgeable, patient instructors was invaluable.
Overall this course is about the best I’ve been on. It covered an immense amount of material in the best way possible: hands on and with intensely. You are given the tools to progress on your own in the field of data science. If you want to be empowered with skills very few other people have, you need to take this course.
Raja is very good as an instructor, and manages to get good participation out of the group.
This was an excellent class that covered a lot of valuable material on the key concepts of data exploration, feature engineering, and machine learning as well as of the use of the associated tools/technology. The 5 days was a perfect duration for the program.
Whether you are a seasoned data scientist or just getting exposure to the discipline, I highly recommend participating in a DataScienceDojo bootcamp. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, passionate and sincere in their delivery of core data science concepts. You will gain a strong appreciation for the art of data science that goes beyond just running “R-packages” by way of the instructor’s commitment to give you the insight on how to build robust generalizable models and an understanding of how the algorithms work. Their enthusiasm for the subject is contagious and the bootcamp is very engaging and stimulating having just the right amount of coverage and depth. The bootcamp and the supplemental material (including post-bootcamp courses) will give you a strong foundation from which to grow and develop.
The Data Science Dojo team, via their passion for training, tremendous depth of domain knowledge and supportive attitudes delivered a great learning environment.  By support, I mean they induced thought, back and forth discussion and tested assumptions along the way.