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Data Science Consulting Services

Harness the potential of your data with our cutting-edge services that enable your business to become predictive, secure and autonomous.
Data Science Consulting Services

Your Trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner

Microsoft Solutions Partner | Data Science Dojo
With a proven track record of delivering Microsoft-funded projects in multiple countries, we are committed to providing services tailored to your unique needs.

Drive Growth and Innovation in Your Business with Us

Here’s a variety of services we provide to our clients.

Data Strategy

A data strategy is crucial for a business to stay competitive. We specialize in providing guidance to companies initiating their journey by developing data strategies and roadmaps. Our services include:

Machine Learning

We help businesses understand and leverage machine learning to solve business challenges. Our services include:

Data Engineering

We help businesses build robust big data pipelines and data warehousing solutions. Our services include:

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI services allow businesses to leverage the power of AI to unlock insights, improve operations, and transform customer experiences. Our services include:

Our Capabilities

We can help you access the power of real-time analytics by building your data pipelines and integrating them into your data visualization software. We have experience with Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Plotly, Grafana, and many more. We can also build dashboards right into a custom UI. 

We automate multi-step business process workflows that are normally done manually to save time and reduce error. This ensures processes are consistently followed and can provide guidance to the user from start to finish. This streamlines the process end-to-end and connects all the data you need throughout each process. Having this connected process will lead to making more informed decisions by using insights collected from data gathered during the process. 

Using the most advanced tools and techniques we build chatbots that people actually use. Including language translation, speech to text and text to speech accessibility features. Our chatbots are intelligent and able to engage in conversation in a natural way. Chatbots are commonly used across all industries for a myriad of purposes. Our chatbots help users interact with services or apps through text, graphics and/or speech. 

From facial recognition to object detection to spatial analysis and everything in between. We utilize the world’s most cutting-edge tools to build your solutions. Through computer vision we can help you boost content discoverability, automate text extraction, and analyze video in real-time. With computer vision we can label data like objects, concepts, text descriptions, and images. We can also use computer vision to moderate adult, mature and offensive content. These services can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. 

Do you know you have data ‘out there somewhere’, but can’t get to it? Let us build you a data pipeline aggregating all your data sources, validating your data quality and integrating it into one single source of truth. Aggregating data and governing it can be one of the biggest internal challenges for companies today when it comes to technology. We can extract your data from all different kinds of sources, funnel it into a data management platform, validate that data, clean it and prepare it for use in any service or application you want. 

Want to know where your data is, who has access and what it’s being used for? We can help you setup your data governance solution, create access levels, monitor usage and create backups. We can perform automated data discovery, lineage identification and classification of your data. We create data maps to help you visualize your data assets and their relationships for more effective data management. We also provide a glossary with business and technical search terms to aid in data discovery and dashboarding of the overall data picture in your organization. 

Have a lot of sensor data and don’t know what to do with it? We’ll integrate it into your data pipeline to extract real-time analytics, trigger workflows or send notifications. We’ve got you covered for every scenario. We can ingest data from your IoT devices through any common communication protocol like HTTP. Once we have that data, we can analyze it and use it to trigger automated actions. We can also visualize this data through alerting dashboards and send alerts, notifications and messages in any form desired like SMS, automated phone call, email, Teams message, PagerDuty, etc. 

Let us build you a tool that reads in written or typed forms and extracts the data to be used by other applications or entered into storage. Both hand-written and typed forms are capable of being analyzed and the text extracted and input into another system (or systems). This is great for companies that have a lot of pdf or image style forms saved electronically or physically and want to transfer that data into a modern database or 3rd party tool. This is also great for field agents who prefer to use a pen and paper. When they turn in their forms, they can be scanned and automatically entered into a database. 

Do you want your customers to find what they’re looking for on your site? We can build you a solution that lets them do just that. We can take any data you have and create a knowledge store for you. We can extract text, images, brands, objects, sentiment, and lots of other properties from your data. Once we have the data from your documents, we can index it and make it searchable. Just think about being able to use this internally to search for a PowerPoint from 4 years ago where you only remember one picture, word or phrase that was in it. This can also be used to extract measurements, features and text from legacy engineering drawings or blueprints. We help you get rid of the internal “insider” knowledge and make it accessible to everyone in the company. 

We build predictive analytics and forecasting models to help you get ahead. We can then integrate them into your existing environment or continue to host them ourselves. The models help you make predictions about the future based on events in the past. We’ve created models for the healthcare, finance, energy, public sector, manufacturing, retail, media, and education industries just to name a few. We’ll first assess your goals and data and let you know if we think it’s viable. After that we’ll work together to develop and tweak the model to help you get the wins you’re looking for. We can then also use that information in automated workflows if needed. 

We build voice-enabled apps that allow your employees or customers to communicate with almost anyone on the planet in whatever way they want to. We can analyze and transcribe text, we can translate text into over 100 languages automatically, and we can read text aloud for those with accessibility concerns. This technology can be used for many scenarios including in-store information collection, healthcare dictation, chatbot accessibility, data labelling for computer vision, voice verification to recognize a specific person’s voice, activate an IoT device, hands-free scenarios, and many more. Almost any way you could think to use it, we can probably do it – just ask. 

Got a team that needs trained on the latest tools? Let us help you get your team up and running by providing world class training on the most important tools and platforms available today. Our team of world-class data scientists and engineers can train your team on the latest cloud tools or tried and true data science principles. We offer standard trainings for technical teams and business teams alike, adjusting the content to our audience. We can also work together to develop specialized content just for your organization or team. We can deliver training virtually through an instructor, self-paced through our learning platform and can even deliver in-person if that’s needed. Reach out and let us know if you’d like more information. 


Component Creation

This is when we build you a solution that will fit into your existing pipeline. We test it and after you approve it, we hand it off to you for deployment and maintenance.

End-to-End Solution Building

We create all the components of your ideal end-to-end solution. We test it, validate it and after you sign off we hand it off to you to implement and maintain.

Fully Managed Services

This is when we build, test, validate and deploy your solution for you. We also maintain it for as long as you’d like. Fully managed services are a great way speed up growth.

Customer Success Stories

If you would like to learn more about our expertise and some of the successful projects we have completed for our clients, explore a selection of our case studies below.
Transforming Financial Inquiry Handling with Azure and OpenAI | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo

Financial Institution

Transforming Financial Inquiry Handling with Azure and OpenAI
AI-Powered Campaign Content Generation for a Fashion Brand | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


AI-Powered Campaign Content Generation for a Fashion Brand
AI-Powered Personalized Ad Generator for Automotive Company | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


AI-Powered Personalized Ad Generator for Automotive Company
Azure and OpenAI Transforming the Insurance Industry | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


Azure and OpenAI Transforming the Insurance Industry
Streamlining Data Management and Empowering Data-Driven Decisions at a large pharmaceutical company | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


Data-driven Decisions: Streamlining Management at a Pharmaceutical Giant
Accelerating Data Governance and Analytics | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


Azure Demo Showcase: Data Governance & Analytics for Korean Manufacturer
AI-Based Recommendation System for Workforce Migration | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


AI-Based Recommendation System for Workforce Migration
Revolutionizing Migration Oversight | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


Revolutionizing Migration Oversight: A Grants Management System
Automate HIPAA Identifier extraction to optimize patient lookup for a medical equipment company | Data Science Services | Data Science Dojo


Automated HIPAA Identifier Extraction and Patient Lookup System

Try Our Interactive Machine Learning Demos

Our Machine learning can enhance how users feel about your product. Also, we ensure that the assistance of AI is accessible to everyone. Have a look at these AI demos which you can find impacting your daily life

Our Azure Marketplace Solutions Catalog

jupyter_Data Science Dojo

Our Jupyter Instance gives you an effortless coding environment in the cloud

Grafana_Data Science Dojo

Query, visualize, and understand your data no matter where it’s stored with Grafana

promethus_Data Science Dojo

Turn your metrics into insights with real-time monitoring and alerting of your data

radis_Data Science Dojo
Redis for AI and ML

A cache for real time end to end solutions with instant infrastructure scaling

Apache Airflow | Data Science Dojo
Apache Airflow

Utilize its power to observe and control data pipelines and complex workflows

Neo4j | Data Science Dojo

A NoSQL graph database management system which offers uncompromised performance

Kibana | Data Science Dojo

Exploring data indexed in Elasticsearch for root cause analysis and diagnostics

Redash | Data Science Dojo

Easily make and share engaging dashboards by querying, presenting, and analyzing the data

RabbitMQ - Data Science Dojo

A cross-platform, lightweight and open source message brokering solution

Apache Cassandra | Data Science Dojo
Apache Cassandra

NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data

Red Hat Ansible Tower | Data Science Dojo
Red Hat Ansible Tower

An enterprise framework for building and operating IT automation at scale

Zabbix | Data Science Dojo

Observe your network & other IT configurations with enterprise-class monitoring solution

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