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About | Mission | Data Science Dojo
About | Mission | Data Science Dojo
About | Mission | Data Science Dojo
About | Mission | Data Science Dojo


In the last few years, Data Science Dojo has gained global recognition, owing to our quality of instructions and unique approach to data science. We are always updating our curriculum to meet the needs of the market and to equip our learners with advanced skills.
With the help of our instructors and mentors, we are constantly striving to develop a culture where data science is used to support the community. We support non-profits and organize free learning events throughout the year, thus giving back to the community.
Our mission is to make data science easier, more practical, and accessible to everyone.


Data science is often considered a highly specialized field only for engineers and statisticians. We are here to change this concept. We believe that data science is for everyone. In the world of today, everyone needs to learn the practical side of data science.We do not create data scientists. Instead, we enable all learners to extract actionable insights from data. Our trainings contain the right mix of theoretical concepts and hands-on experience, ensuring success in the real world.Our vision is a community of mentors, students, and professionals committed to unleashing the potential of data science together.

About | Vision | Data Science Dojo
About | Vision | Data Science Dojo

Our Story

Data Science Dojo was founded in 2013 but it was a free Meetup group long before the official launch. With the aim to bring the knowledge of data science to everyone, we started hosting short Bootcamps with the most comprehensive curriculum.
In 2019, the University of New Mexico (UNM) added our Data Science Bootcamp to their continuing education department. Since then, we’ve launched various other trainings such as Python for Data Science, Introduction to Power BI and Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders.
So far, we have provided our services to more than 10,000 individuals and over 2500 organizations.

We Just Keep Growing

Our global community and our course catalog get bigger everyday. Check out our latest numbers as of  June 2021

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