Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders

A remote course designed to introduce a business first approach to data science and instill the use of data-driven decision making.

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Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders is designed to help leaders understand the value in data and their data science team. We will take students through the data lifecycle, highlighting data science and machine learning tools and techniques all from a business and product development perspective.

Collaborative Remote Learning

Just like our remote data science bootcamp, this data science course is available wherever you prefer to learn. By using modern-day collaboration tools, students learn and chat with instructors and partners to work through real-world problems and understand outcomes. This is not a self-paced course. Every class is taught live and office hours are available daily for instructors and teaching assistants to answer all your questions.
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After completing this data science course, each new alumnus will receive a certificate of completion co-sponsored by the University of New Mexico as well as 5 continuing education units.

What you will learn

Digital Transformation: Understanding the landscape and challenges This module will focus on helping business leaders understand how modern companies are using cutting-edge techniques in AI and big data to gain a competitive advantage and some of the challenges that they face.
Modern machine learning libraries are a blessing and a curse. Their ease of use has shifted the focus of data scientists from problem solving to technology. In this module we will focus on developing a problem-solving mindset to using technology instead of the other way around.
There is a lot of hype around machine learning tools and techniques. What most people don’t realize is that data always beats algorithm. In this module we will be discussing the 80/20 rule in data science and how good data is always the most important part of a data science pipeline.

“In God we trust. All others bring data”

Metrics (key performance indicators) are the lifeblood for a data-driven organization, but most organizations define too many non-actionable and irrelevant metrics. In this module, we will discuss the common pitfalls in evaluating success and understand how they can be avoided.

Going back to the basics, this module will focus on building a high-level understanding of some popular machine learning techniques and how they can be leveraged to solve different types of business problems.
Now that we understand the value of good data, we need to understand how to make sure that our data is indeed good. This module will introduce attendees to the concept of data governance and the business risks to not having a strong data governance policy.
Implementing a strong data governance policy can seem to be a very challenging task for an up and coming digital organization. However, modern big data tools make implementing such a policy a relatively easy. In this module, we will focus on understanding how to effectively use these tools for data governance.

There's more to your data

According to MIT Sloan Management Review, leaders too often make the mistake of seeing data too narrowly — as something relegated to IT and data science teams. This can lead companies to overlook data’s transformative potential and underinvest in critical areas such as people, processes, and culture.

Our bootcamp alumni work at these companies

What our students say

Ryan Eaton - University of California, Davis

I came to the bootcamp with a background in scientific data analysis hoping to broaden my understanding of predictive models and machine learning. Data Science Dojo surpassed my expectations through combination of in-person, discussion-oriented classes and practical, hands-on exercises. Modules on feature engineering and cross-validation techniques I found especially useful. From day one it was obvious that emphasis would be on algorithms and rationale underlying the predictive models covered over intricacies of the particular functions/libraries used to generate them. Though I had no trouble figuring out how to code to train and test models after working through the well-documented detailed exercises. All-in-all, Data Science Dojo is a strong choice for the student wanting to understand machine learning fundamentals.

Ryan Eaton
Staff Research Associate

Javier Beverinotti - Inter-American Development Bank

This bootcamp is excellent. I recommend it 100%. The professor in charge is very patient and he really knows the topics. A great experience.

Javier Beverinotti
Lead Economist

Ottmar Figueroa R. - IOM - UN Migration

Very comprehensive, excellent balance of theoretical understanding (the why behind the how) and practical application of concepts. Congratulations to all the team making the online cohort happen, it was a GREAT experience!

Ottmar Figueroa R.
Senior ICT Officer a.i. - Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Andrew Choi - Care1st Health Plan

It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention

Andrew Choi
Program Analyst

Zainab Al Lawati - Petroleum Development Oman

It was the best training I've ever attended. The 5 days were packed with knowledge, great discussion, and hands-on experience. The learnings were also solidified by the additional exercises provided for practice. Despite the fast pace and the intensity, it was easy to follow and never boring :D

Zainab Al Lawati
Software Engineer

Chee Tong Leow - Apple

Very insightful course and actionable immediately after taking the course to start exploring my ML model.

Chee Tong Leow
Senior IT Manager

Rockel Marquis - MedStar Health

This training was an all around great experience. Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning are complex but this training was presented in a way that anyone with basic business or technical skills can easily understand and apply the concepts.

Rockel Marquis
Ambulatory Data & Reporting Analyst

Emmanuel Tachie-Menson - ARB Apex Bank Ltd

I would absolutely recommend this bootcamp for pretty much anyone who works, even in a bank, because I just think that the content is fabulous. You just get to understand the whole landscape in data science. I would absolutely recommend Data Science Dojo!

Emmanuel Tachie-Menson
System Analyst

Harris Thamby - Microsoft

It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention.

Harris Thamby

Akshita Garg - Microsoft

I liked that the home works were not too hectic and the topics were covered in such a simple language which was very well understandable. I really loved the overall training and the way concepts were covered in such a short time.

Akshita Garg
Program Manager

Emily Paynter - Hamilton Medical Center

As a complete beginner, I was a little nervous that I would be behind or lost. The information was presented in such a way that is accessible to everyone. I feel like I completed an entire semester course in only 5 days. This was a great bootcamp!

Emily Paynter

Andrew Donate - United States Air Force

Excellent training! If you truly want to learn about data science and machine learning, this is the program to attend!

Andrew Donate

Edwin Agbenyega - University of New Mexico

I appreciate how much effort was placed in making the resources available. All the teachers and assistants were very helpful and took time to address all the problems we had. It was also a very practical bootcamp since we got to participate in a kaggle datascience contest during the week. Overall, this was an awesome bootcamp!!

Edwin Agbenyega
Institutional Researcher

Robert Taylor - University of New Mexico

I attended the Data Science Dojo data science bootcamp in Albuquerque, NM in October 2019. This was an outstanding learning experience.

Robert Taylor
Research Scientist 3 - Clinical and Translational Research

Sarun Prabhat Luitel - University of New Mexico

I had taken ML and AI in Undergrad and looking at the curriculum made me wonder.. how can 2 semesters worth of class fit in 5 days? I'll tell you .. you focus on theory and directly use off the shelf library and have learnt enough to command the parameters.

Sarun Prabhat Luitel
Programmer Analyst

Daniel De Francisco Cabral - University of New Mexico

I really liked it. It exposes you to many different tools and the online material is great.

Daniel De Francisco Cabral


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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders is taught with a “no code” approach. The curriculum is taught from a business and product development perspective to help managers and business leaders understand data science methods/concepts and work more efficiently with their data science team. Whereas the data science bootcamp is highly technical and focuses on practicing each concept taught.
This course, like all our courses and bootcamps, is taught live. Courses are completed in 5 days, 3 hours/day, and conducted remotely. Classes are taught live, and you can expect to spend an additional 1-2 hours outside of class every day on assignments.
You can find a summary in the “What You’ll Learn” section of this page, or you can request the curriculum here, and have it land in your inbox. The document covers the curriculum in detail, as well as learning objectives. It can also be helpful to schedule a call with one of our advisors to go through the curriculum with you and answer any questions as they come up.
Yes! You will receive a certificate from the University of New Mexico as long as you meet the attendance criteria.
We try to keep each cohort around 20 students to make sure we have a healthy student:instructor ratio. Each class will have a minimum of 3 instructors/TAs available, with one lecturer leading the module.
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