Learn to build large language model applications: vector databases, langchain, fine tuning and prompt engineering. Learn more

Large Language Models for Everyone

Large Language Models for Everyone | Data Science Dojo
Large Language Models for Everyone | Data Science Dojo
Beginner's Guide to Creating High-Performing Models using Fine-Tuning, RLHF, and RAG
12 +
months acess to learning platform

No technical skills required

Large language models course is designed for anyone interested in getting started with large language models and generative AI without all the math and programming.

Product managers and leaders, startup founders, software developers, consultants, legal professionals, doctors, journalists, compliance officers, business executives can attend.


A lay-person’s overview of how generative AI and large language models work, common terminologies, risks and challenges.


Understand how machines see and read. Intuitive understanding of the foundations of machine learning, AI and generative AI.


An introduction to how images, text, audio and video are converted into vectors.

Vector Databases

Understanding how embeddings are stored, optimized and retrieved using vector databases.

Mechanics of Generative AI

Understand how generative AI and large language models work. An intuitive overview minus all the math and programming.

Prompt Engineering

Understanding prompt engineering and the role prompt engineering plays in getting the most out of large language models.

Retrieval-Augmented Generation

RAG is one of the most popular paradigms for LLM applications. Understand the rationale for RAG, how it is implemented and why it is so popular.


Understand fine tuning and how it is different from RAG. Discuss when RAG or fine tuning may be the right choice for building LLM applications.

Risks and Challenges

Discuss the risks and challenges in adoption of large language models for enterprise. Learn about RLHF, prompt hacking/jailbreaking, guardrails, AI and data governance.

Enterprise Architectures

Overview of a canonical enterprise LLM application architecture and all the moving parts.


More than just a course

This large language models course is not technical, but we have included a lot of resources, just in case. 

Access hundreds of coding exercises, sandboxes, free tutorials and other bonus learning material.

Watch tutorials or practice coding in browser-based Jupyter notebooks and inline code runners. We call our learning platform a complete learning ecosystem.

Every attendee gets a dedicated compute and storage pre-configured with relevant libraries and packages.

In addition to the in-class exercises, attendees receive Python and R code samples that have been pre-tested.

All software licenses, subscriptions, tools, and computing resources are included. For Guru package, LLM API keys are also included.

Get help from course staff, share ideas and discuss with your peers.

Dozens of other short courses and coding exercises are included in the registration.

Join the exclusive community of 11,000+ alumni globally. Dicuss, collaborate, and expand your network.


In collaboration with

We have partnered with some of the foremost names in industry to bring this course to you.


Learn from practitioners with extensive industry experience in building generative AI and large language models applications at large scale.
Instructor Raja Iqbal from Data Science Dojo, guiding participants through the LLM Bootcamp.

Raja Iqbal

Founder & CEO

Instructor Luis Serrano from Serrano Academy, guiding participants through the LLM Bootcamp.

Luis Serrano

AI Scientist & Popularizer

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May 7th , 2024

9am-2pm Pacific


$ 249
  • Live Instuctor-led training
  • Direct access to instructor
  • 25+ hands-on coding exercises
  • Online coding sandboxes
  • Access to private community of learners
  • Restricted access to learning platform


$ 399
  • Everything in Dojo plus
  • Verified certificate with 1 CEU
  • 100+ hands-on coding exercises
  • Bonus learning material (one year)
  • Recording of live sessions (one year)
  • Online coding sandboxes (one year)

Earn a Verified Certificate

Earn a verified certificate from The University of New Mexico Continuing Education:

  • 1 Continuing Education Credit (CEU)
  • Acceptable by employers for reimbursements
  • Valid for professional licensing renewal
  • Verifiable by The University of New Mexico Registrar’s office
  • Add to LinkedIn and share with your network
Large Language Models for Everyone | Data Science Dojo

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  The course is designed for all backgrounds and industries.

No worries. All sessions are recorded and made available for you to view in the learning platform.

The live session is 4 hours. You can learn at your own pace afterward.

All Guru package registrations receive a 12-month access to the learning platform.

Any software licenses, tools, and computing resources are included in the registration fee. Guru package includes API keys for LLM usage.

Yes. Additionally, Guru package includes a verified certificate with 1 Continuing Education Credit.  A transcript can be requested from the University of New Mexico registrar’s office.

The live instructor-led sessions are 4 hours long. There is a lot more learning material available before and after the live session.

Yes. We encourage learners to bring a lot of questions. We also have dedicated class forum and teaching assistants who can answer questions outside of the live sessions.

Instructors will ensure that all questions are addressed promptly

You can request a full refund at least three business days before the start date of the training.

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