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Private Bootcamps

You have a team that already understands your company. We’ll enhance their skills and transform them into being able to extract actionable insights from your company’s data.

  • Hosted at a location convenient to you
  • Caters to a large group of employees from the same organization
  • Includes our popular five-day curriculum

Customized Training

We understand that your business is unique. Customize the curriculum to deepen your team’s data science capability, be it a particular domain or a technology that you want to focus on.

  • Comprehensive needs assessment
  • Dedicated support for designing a training that meets your needs
  • Includes industry and company specific datasets and projects

Trusted by Industry


The bootcamp really solidified what I learned through Coursera and self study. Nothing compares with talking to the instructors here, and it’s not so long that my employer would balk against me taking the time.

David HermanSenior Developer at ScorpionLinkedIn

Data Science Dojo is a great week-long crash course on data science and machine learning. There’s enough breadth and depth to give you a 10,000-foot view of the field while also walking away with some more specific theory, feature engineering techniques, and insight into what the Amazon’s and Netflix’s of the world do with their big data.

Lauren TothSystems Engineer, Future Technical Leaders Program at Northrop GrummanLinkedIn

Data Science Dojo is a great place to learn data science. The instructors are extremely skilled and passionate about teaching. The class generally consists of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences and also from different geographies. They help us understand the basics very clearly and also visualize the key concepts. They focus on solving business problems using analytics. These instructors also have many popular videos on YouTube. I am looking forward to their advanced class in the future!

Kunal ParekhSenior Analytic Scientist at Verisk AnalyticsLinkedIn

I did not have any background in computer science or programming, but I had always wanted to start learning data science. Participating in the bootcamp was definitely a great decision, considering its shorter period and lower cost compared to other coding bootcamps. At the same time, the bootcamp ensures that you understand the connection of data science elements, such as statistics and programming. This is the part that you cannot fully learn from online courses, and the true value of this course.

Tomoyuki ShikataStudent at Georgetown UniversityLinkedIn

This was one of the best training classes I’ve ever attended. The pace was brisk and the content very useful. We were doing data analysis from day one! I will be using these newly acquired skills at work as soon as I get back to the office.

Victor MartinezPrincipal Engineer at NXP SemiconductorsLinkedIn

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