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Upskilling world's leading non-profit scientific society's team​

Discover how Data Science Dojo’s data science upskilling program helped one of the world’s leading non-profit scientific and academic publishers boost their team’s data and analytics literacy. The program targeted a diverse range of professionals, including product managers, software engineers, editorial directors, UI/UX designers, and IT managers.
Annual Budget

$500+ Million



Upskilling delivered. Analytics enhanced!​

No. of Trainees

Attendees trained in virtual instructor-led training, over a period of one week.

Graduation Rate

Attendees completed all the course requirements including in-class activities, knowledge checks and quizzes.

Total Training Hours

Total hours of training delivered by industry experts

The upskilling program equipped the participants with the ability to comprehend data analytics and machine learning terms upon its completion. The program was tailored to encourage collaboration between team members, enabling them to work together effectively. By engaging in the program with colleagues from different functional areas, the participants were able to discuss and exchange ideas on how to implement analytics and machine learning into their unique business processes.

Upskilling world's leading non-profit scientific society's team
The instructors were highly supportive of discussions, enabling us to share our ideas and comments. What impressed me the most about the program was the opportunity to interact with other participants and engage in discussions with key stakeholders from our organization about analytics and machine learning, and their application to our specific business. The content was detailed and provided a thorough understanding of machine learning principles and their functionality.
Program Participant
Editorial Director, Proprietary Journals