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A Hands-On Introduction to Retrieval Augmented Generation

Implementing Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) can be challenging for individuals new to the concept.

Are you finding it difficult to grasp the intricacies of implementing RAG? Enroll in our comprehensive course to gain hands-on experience and master the art of Retrieval Augmented Generation.



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6 Hours

Earn a verified certificate from University of New Mexico Continuing Education.
University of New Mexico | LLM Bootcamp | Data Science Dojo


Empower Your Search & Retrieval Skills:
  • Explore the rationale behind vector databases in modern AI.
  • Master popular options and discover efficient storage & retrieval techniques.
  • Get hands-on experience creating a vector store using various techniques.
Get Hands-On and Practical:
  • Implement advanced chunking strategies for improved retrieval accuracy.
  • Master multi-retrieval and re-ranking strategies for enhanced results.
  • Build your own multi-query retrieval model through hands-on exercises.
Cutting-Edge Knowledge and Techniques in LLM:
  • Master popular vector databases: unlock the heart of modern AI
  • Deep dive into advanced indexing: PQ, LSH, HNSW for efficient retrieval.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: gain crucial knowledge for cutting-edge AI.Why “Vector Databases”
Expertise in Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and Hybrid Search Techniques:
  • Master next-level accuracy: explore RAG and fine-tuning for LLMs.
  • Combine the best of both worlds: learn hybrid search with keywords and vectors.
  • Build secure and optimized RAG applications: master data, security, and cloud costs
Fine-Tune LLMs for Maximum Impact:
  • Discover and apply 7 powerful fine-tuning strategies specifically for RAG pipelines.
  • Create a RAG-based LLM application from scratch using provided code and resources.
  • Gain the skills to build secure, cost-effective, and enterprise-grade LLM applications.


Introduction to Vector Databases

  • Rationale for vector databases in modern AI
  • Overview of popular vector databases
  • Importance of efficient vector storage and retrieval

Advanced Indexing Techniques

  • Product Quantization (PQ), Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH)
  • Hierarchical Navigable Small World (HNSW)
  • Document Hierarchies and Knowledge Graphs for advanced indexing
  • Hands-on Exercise: Creating a vector store using various indexing techniques

Retrieval Methods

  • Advanced Chunking Strategies for improved retrieval
  • Multi Retrieval and Reranking strategies
  • Hands-on Exercise: Implementing Multi-query retrieval

Deep Dive into Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

  • Understanding RAG as more than a blend of embedding-based vector retrieval and large model generation technologies
  • Learn about the corrective RAG architecture
  • Enhancing the Accuracy of Large Language Models with Corrective Retrieval Augmented Generation (CRAG)
  • Addressing challenges in building production-ready RAG pipelines
  • Enhancing RAG pipelines with seven fine-tuning strategies for LLMs
  • Hands-on Exercise: Create a RAG based LLM application from scratch

Hybrid Search Techniques

  • Introduction to hybrid search: A combination of keyword-based and vector searches
  • Merging and re-ranking search results using the alpha parameter for weighting
  • Trade-offs in hybrid search strategies
  • Hands-on Exercise: Implementing a basic hybrid search model and understanding its impact on retrieval accuracy

Building Secure cost-effective enterprise RAG application

  • Data governance for enterprise LLM application
  • Document-level and chunk-level security
  • Cost management. Semantic caching.
  • Cloud infrastructure optimization
  • Recommended RAG architecture for enterprise-grade LLM applications
  • You will be provided:
    • All software and subscriptions needed for the course.
    • Code samples and companion Jupyter notebooks


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LLM Bootcamp provides hands-on experience with expert instructors, a comprehensive framework, and extensive resources for substantial upskilling.
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Comprehensive curriculum in generative AI, prompt engineering, and data retrieval. Excited about practical training opportunities.
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Instructor Harrison Chase from LangChain, guiding participants through the LLM Bootcamp.
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Raja Iqbal-Data Science Dojo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate upon completion?

Yes, you will get a certified upon completion.

How many Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) will I receive?

Yes, you will receive 0.6 CEU’s after completing the course. You will be able to request a transcript from the University of New Mexico by paying a fee of ten US Dollars.

How long does the course take to complete?

Our quickest learners have completed the course as quickly as in 6 hours.

What software and subscriptions are included in the registration fee?

An assortment of software subscriptions worth $500, enhancing the value of the program.

A repository of practice materials.

A 12-month unlimited access to all learning resources, allowing for continuous learning and review.

Are there prerequisites for enrollment?

No specific prerequisites are required. The course is tailored to accommodate participants with varying levels of programming knowledge, providing a comprehensive learning path.

Can I get support and guidance after the course?

Yes, Data Science Dojo provides ongoing support and guidance to the course participants even after the program ends. This includes access to a community of fellow participants and instructors who can help answer questions and provide further assistance.

If I have questions during the live instructor-led sessions or while working on homework?

Yes, our live instructor-led sessions are interactive. During these sessions, students are encouraged to ask questions, and our instructors respond without rushing. Additionally, discussions within the scope of the topic being taught are actively encouraged. We understand that questions may arise during homework, and to assist with that, we have a discord channel to help unblock students between sessions. Rest assured, you won't have to figure everything out by yourself – we are committed to providing the support you need for a successful learning experience.

Are the live sessions recorded for viewing later?

Yes, each live session is recorded and made available to students for review a few days after it has taken place.

How do I access the learning portal?

Once you are registered for the program, you will receive a few emails from us. One of those emails will contain steps to create your learning portal account and access the program content.

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