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Amanda ten Brink - BrandLoyalty

The data science bootcamp is an amazing way to improve your skills in data science and engineering! The content of the training and the trainers themselves are amazing. Now after the bootcamp I am very inspired to go back to my data and implement all the new knowledge I gained! The bootcamp of Data Science Dojo is one I will recommend to all who are interested in becoming skilled in the amazing field of data science!

Amanda ten Brink
Team Lead Consumer Insights & Sr. Consumer Research Expert

Floor Wijnen - IceMobile

Awesome bootcamp. Before the bootcamp I mostly considered myself a data analyst, but now feel I have the tools and basic knowledge to develop myself as data scientist. Lots of eye openers and a good balance between ‘wow, didn’t know that was possible’ and ‘yes I got this’ (I would say the balance was 85/15 for me). I would definitely recommend the bootcamp – with a warning to open R at least a couple of times before the bootcamp to make sure you get the full experience.

Floor Wijnen
Data Scientist

Andreas Schmidt - Alexander Thamm GmbH

A great all-in-one Data Science Event giving a great overview in state-of-the art techniques and technologies.

Andreas Schmidt
Senior Consultant Data Science & Project Manager

Hans Dekker - HZ University of Applied Sciences

If you are at the point that you were introduced to data science and are in need of the proper knowledge to take the next step, I would definitely advice DataScienceDojo bootcamp.

Hans Dekker
Principal Lecturer

Harm Bons - BDO Nederland

Intensive but great bootcamp!! It handles all the important topics of this moment, which you need to know and supports you to execute your job well!!

Harm Bons
Big-Data Architect, Research & Architecture

Michael Sikkema - ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

A very thorough introduction of many aspects of Data Science and Data Engineering in only one week. The course is supported by an easy to use  learning portal that is very rich in material. Furthermore, during the course you will download all the material  to your own laptop for re-reading and further learning at home after the course. The instructors know the subject very well and present and explain all subjects very well and patiently.

Michael Sikkema
Senior Business Analist (interim)

Agha Enmad Asif Khan - TELUS

Extremely good bootcamp whereby you get multiple flavors of data science from theory to the practical applications. An intensive one-week exercise with engaging instructors polishes your skills and enhances your understanding of Data Science.

Agha Enmad Asif Khan
Market Intelligence Manager

Cheng Wei Lee - SG Code Campus

Data Science Dojo provides a conducive environment into learning the basics of data science. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable of the nuances of the practices in data science and are incredibly enthusiastic. I would certainly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who is interested to delve into the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning but do not know where to begin. A side note though, be prepared to work hard!

Cheng Wei Lee
Principal Instructor/Developer

Ee Wa Tan - United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)

The past 5 days have totally changed my perception about statistics and maths and engineering – ok, anything that has to do with numbers. Now, I can confidently say that I am in love with looking at datasets – all i need to do is really to spend time exploring and engineer it to be a meaningful metadata. If only there are more lecturers and instructors like Phuc and Raja – back in those days when I was still working on my degree. Thanks for enlightening my journey and it is definitely just the beginning. Wishing great success to everyone in data science dojo bootcamp. You guys are awesome!

Ee Wa Tan
Vice President, Customer Onboarding, Group Retail Digital

Ganesh Meenakshisundaram - KLA-Tencor

The bootcamp is really great to get you started on Data Science. It’s equally good for someone coming from a statistics background or from a Computer Science background. Not only does it rapidly expose you to a lot of machine learning algorithms, but also covers the building blocks and the math behind it. So, you will get a better understanding of the impact of each tuning parameter that you pass to the the algorithm.

Ganesh Meenakshisundaram
Software Architect

Enrique Jr. Samson - Chi-X Global Technology (Philippines) Inc

The bootcamp was a an excellent introduction to the world of Data Science; comprehensive coverage of relevant topics, practical lab exercises, and very helpful follow up by trainers. I would definitely recommend to fellow learners.

Enrique Jr. Samson
Dev Manager

Mercia Wijaya - Grab

As someone with mathematics background doing management consulting, Data Science Dojo is exactly the training needed to bridge those two specialty: how to apply my mathematical knowledge in a real business setting.

Mercia Wijaya
Manager, Business Operations

Sana Salman - Telenor

Data Science Dojo was an insightful workshop that was an eye opener to the practical hands on best practices for data science. The amalgamation of tools and theory was handy and structured. The Kaggle bit was very interesting and was a motivation to work harder and better.

Sana Salman
Head of Data Sciences

Cory Engebretson - Corteva Agriscience

The bootcamp is great! It includes a lot of material in a short period of time and is a great start on learning data science. The pre-requisite webinars did a good job preparing me for the training. The instructors maintain a good balance between theory and practice in the classroom. I highly recommend this training as a start to using data science in practice.

Cory Engebretson
Informatics Manager | Scientific Computing & Engineering Leader

Agron Fazliu - Haufe-umantis AG

If you want to turbo charge your career using Data Science and Engineering – go for the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp.

Agron Fazliu
Head of Information Security

Niklas Andersson - Accenture|Ebay

Interesting discussions with very competent instructors who more than willingly offered to answer any questions during the breaks or even staying after 6 0’clock doing so.

Niklas Andersson
Data Scientist