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Data Science Dojo Affiliate Program

Get paid instantly by promoting our top-rated training programs.

Unlimited Benefits with Continued Support

Data Science Dojo gives you the unique opportunity where you can spread the word about the best data science trainings and get benefits as a result. Our marketing team, equipped with the latest tools, provides you continued assistance. Our attractive commission rates, combined with our trusted training programs, increase your chances of earning more. Track your progress with a dedicated dashboard and move up the ladder, getting more benefits along the way.

Key Benefits

Unlimited Commission

Earn an unlimited commission, depending on the referrals.

Each Sale Pays

Every single sale is valuable — not letting your efforts go to waste.

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Tier-Based Rewards

Climb the ladder to get more and better commission rates.

Trusted Programs

Promote top-quality trainings, already trusted in the market.

Stress-Free Process

Join the program in simple steps, free of any hassle.

Continued Support

Maximize your earning potential with our amazing support.

How It Works

Sign Up

Generate your unique affiliate ID and URL by signing up as an Affiliate Partner.

Promote the Programs

Promote our training programs using your website, blog, or social media.

Get Paid

Earn commission with every successful purchase made via your affiliate link.

Climb the Ladder

Move up the tier to earn more benefits and get up to USD 1300 for a single sale.


Data Science Dojo Affiliate Program is an online channel in which Data Science Dojo pays promoters and advertisers only for results, such as a visitor making a purchase. This “pay-for-performance” model is, in essence, the modern version of the “finder’s fee” model, where individuals who bring in new customers to Data Science Dojo are rewarded.

You can sign up for the Affiliate Program through our online registration. The Data Science Dojo Affiliate Program has tools that will allow you to track your sales and earn commissions on the purchases that you generate through your links. You may join the Data Science Dojo Affiliate program here.

Yes! You can login to your personalized affiliate dashboard any time to review your performance and commissions.

We offer commissions on the valid purchases of all of our training programs. Restrictions may apply.

Yes! If the user makes multiple purchases while using your unique affiliate link, you are eligible for multiple commissions.

If your friend clicks on your unique affiliate link when signing up for our training programs, they can use any email address to register for their new account.

Note: Your friend’s primary email address may remain marked as ”pending” on your referral status page because they used a different address to sign up. But rest assured, you’ll get your reward, and so will your friend.

Our cancellation policy allows customers to cancel their registration 7 days before the start of the training program. If the customer cancels his registration within the cancellation period (even though they have completed the registration process), you will not be entitled to any commission.   The customer, however, will get a full refund.

We will payout your commission amount as soon as the customer has completed the course.

Commission Payment Methods:

  • ACH (3-5 Business Days)
  • Check (Subject to local postal delivery times)
  • PayPal
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