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Upskilling S&P 500 manufacturing company's global team of managers, and engineers​

Learn how Data Science Dojo enabled an S&P500 major manufacturing company – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial pumps and valves, with a customized data science upskilling program for its global team of executives from manufacturing, engineering, operations, supply chain, and product management.
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Data literacy. Delivered!​

No. of Trainees

Attendees trained in virtual instructor-led training, over a period of one week.

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Total hours of training delivered by industry experts

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Attendees completed all the course requirements including the end of the training team project.

Product Ideas

Ideas from attendees, working in groups, to solve company-specific issues, delivered as a direct result of the training.

Our data science upskilling program equipped participants with various academic backgrounds, roles, and experiences to understand technical terms like data pipeline, data quality, and machine learning. Participants collaborated with others from different functions to identify problems solvable with a data-driven approach. The training developed their data science skills and empowered them to engage with technical stakeholders, unlocking the data potential in their organization.

Upskilling S&P 500 manufacturing company's global team of managers, and engineer
I found the approach of introducing machine learning through the Titanic example to be awesome. It was a simple problem yet served the purpose of explaining the fundamentals in very simple terms. The process of connecting with real-world solutions helped us understand the topics very well. Moreover, all the presentation sessions were informative and gave us opportunities to explore. The material was in-depth, and I am still going through the details, so it needs more time. I would like to thank Raja for sharing his expertise and being approachable and friendly.
Program Participant
Manager, Operations Data Analytics (Global Operation Excellence Org.)