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Upskilling product managers from an insurance sector startup​

Learn how Data Science Dojo provided a customized data science upskilling program to a startup in the insurance brokerage industry. This program helped the company’s product managers develop an intuitive understanding of fundamental statistical concepts, leading to increased organizational productivity and collaboration.
Annual Revenue

$50+ M

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Upskilling delivered. Agility boosted! ​

No. of Trainees

Attendees trained in virtual instructor-led training, over a period 1 month

Total hours of training

Total hours of training delivered by industry experts

Graduation Rate

Attendees completed all the course requirements including in-class activities, knowledge checks and quizzes.

The Product Managers participating in this upskilling program were experts in their business domains, but most of them lacked fluency in interpreting statistical significance, interpreting results of A/B tests, and differentiating between noise and signals in data. The customized upskilling program from Data Science Dojo, helped them address this skill gap. The program helped them develop an intuitive understanding of statistical concepts. As a result, the collaboration between product managers and analysts improved, leading to greater agility in the company’s business processes.

Upskilling product managers from an insurance sector startup
The instructor made a great effort to engage the audience and encourage participation, and the session provided a solid foundation of statistical concepts. In all the sessions, we had examples related to a broad range of our businesses that helped us apply the concepts effectively to our own work!
Program Participant
Associate Insurance Product Manager