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Catalyzing digital transformation for a Fortune 500 FMCG company

Learn how Data Science Dojo is helping a Fortune 500 FMCG company achieve its digital transformation goals with a large-scale, multi-year data science upskilling program for its global operations workforce.
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Data literacy. Delivered!

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Attendees trained in virtual instructor-led training, over a period 2 years

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Total hours of training delivered by industry experts

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Attendees completed all the course requirements including the end of the training project

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Ideas from attendees to solve company-specific issues delivered as a direct result of the training

At the end of this upskilling program, the participants were able to interpret, explain, and use technical terms such as data pipeline, data quality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data governance, data and analytics products. The end of the training project to develop a new data and analytics product for their business provided the participants an opportunity to reflect on their learning and start working with a data-driven mindset.


FMCG companies, across different product categories, invest heavily in digital transformation. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) in decision-making, is no longer seen as a nice-to-have capability in the FMCG industry.

The client is a global major in the FMCG industry. Their products are sold in over 180 countries. The client is in the middle of a massive companywide digital transformation endeavor. The client has identified operations and supply chain management as key functional areas for a data-led change for their business. The client is trying to leverage cloud and data technologies to improve decision-making across a range of areas, from more intelligent internal financial processes to optimization of manufacturing facilities and product innovation.

The client realized that the successful implementation of digital transformation is not as much a technology challenge as it is a data literacy challenge!


The client wanted to implement a rapid, large-scale data science upskilling program so that managers and decision-makers in their operations workforce could utilize available data to streamline business processes and improve business decision-making.

The client's Learning and Development (L&D) team started considering training solutions from different providers but identified some challenges. The L&D team wanted to address these challenges before they could select a training provider and launch their upskilling program.

100+ courses are available in the market, but not one is relevant enough!

Wading through catalogs with 100+ courses and still not finding a relevant upskilling program was a problem client was already struggling with. It was important for the client to let the course participant understand that AI/ML was already being used in their company, within their day-to-day processes. The client was looking for a highly relevant data science literacy program that could be customized to include their internal AI/ML use cases.

Lack of engagementresulting in poor course completion rates

Not having a training program that is engaging enough to motivate participants to complete the program was another pain point client was struggling with. The client wanted an upskilling program that provided an engaging and motivating learning experience that helped participants learn new skills through practice, feedback, and reflection.

Two-way learning is needed, not a one-way information overload

The client was looking for an upskilling program that promised absorption, retention, and application of the learning. Data and analytics being a fairly technical subject, the client wanted to provide a two-way exchange between an expert instructor and the participants.

Large-scale upskilling

The client was looking for a training partner with a proven track record in data science training with a capacity to train close to 1000+ participants per year.


Data Science Dojo developed a customized data science curriculum with technical depth calibrated to participants’ backgrounds and learning needs.

Relevant, engaging, and customized curriculum

Customized content was developed via an iterative process and in collaboration with the client’s subject matter experts. Client's internal use cases in data and analytics were integrated into the curriculum with a refresher course, practical exercises, interactive self-paced content on LMS, and in-class activities during live instructor-led training.

Seamless integration of company-specific use cases

Our team of expert data scientists actively worked on identifying AI/ML use cases in the customer’s operations that could be included in the curriculum. To validate learning, practical exercises and in-class activities were designed. At the end of the training, attendees were required to reflect upon their learning and submit data and analytics product ideas to solve company-specific business problems.

Live in-person training delivered by industry experts

The program was delivered live by practicing data science experts from Data Science Dojo and from other leading companies such as Nike, Facebook, and Microsoft. Live training provided participants an opportunity for a two-way exchange with the expert instructors as well as the other participants in the class. The highly engaging environment made absorption, retention, and application of the learning possible and encouraged participants to complete the program.

Exclusively built learner analytics portalforthe client

Real-time learner analytics and training feedback were provided to the client team via a reporting portal exclusively developed for the client.

Exclusively built LMS forthe client

The course was hosted on a secure learning management system (LMS) exclusively developed for this client and accessible to participants with a single sign-on. Learners were able to access their pre-work, learning material, class recording, quizzes, and homework even after the training was complete.

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Catalyzing digital transformation for a Fortune 500 FMCG company | Dats Science Dojo
Extremely knowledgeable facilitators who knew what they were talking about and answered all questions well. A very good introduction to the topics which created my interest to learn more. Live sessions with the possibility to ask questions and discuss within the group were great. The real-world examples that the facilitators gave were extremely helpful. I really liked the idea of creating my own data and analytics business use case.
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