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Upskilling Fortune 500 financial company's Enterprise IT team ​

Learn how Data Science Dojo enabled a Fortune 500 finance company in improving the skillset of their Enterprise Information Technology Services team through a tailored Python-based data science upskilling program, boosting team productivity.
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Upskilling delivered. Productivity boosted! ​

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Attendees trained in virtual instructor-led training, over a period of 6 weeks.

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Total hours of training delivered by industry experts.

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Attendees completed all the course requirements including the mandatory hands-on Python coding exercise.

The Enterprise Information Technology Services team only had a basic understanding of SQL and Python programming prior to the upskilling program. After completing the program, participants developed practical skills in Python-based data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization. The customized program provided the opportunity to apply newly acquired skills to real-world challenges, resulting in a deeper understanding of data science concepts. Additionally, the program offered a strong foundation in the Python programming language, enabling participants to efficiently manipulate and analyze data.

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The course material surpassed my expectations, providing a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of data analytics and machine learning concepts. The instructors were experts in their fields, keeping everyone engaged throughout the course, while the flexibility of the course was appreciated, especially the addition of the Deep Learning section. Though I had some background knowledge in quantitative finance and data analysis, this course taught me practical applications of concepts. I’m eager to stay engaged with DSD for future webinars and training in this rapidly growing field. Thank you!
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Business Analyst, Enterprise IT Services- Infrastructure