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Upskilling S&P 500 semiconductor company's global analytics team​

Learn how Data Science Dojo enabled an S&P500 major semiconductor company’s global enterprise analytics team through a bespoke data science upskilling program that helped them learn how to work with data pipelines and build machine learning models without the need to learn to code, using Dataiku Data Science Studio, accelerating their analytics delivery.
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Upskilling delivered. Analytics accelerated! ​

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Attendees trained in virtual instructor-led training, over a period of one week.

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Attendees completed all the course requirements including the mandatory hands-on exercises in the Dataiku Data Science Studio.

Our customized data science upskilling program enabled participants from the global analytics team to learn and practice critical data science skills, including data exploration, transformation, visualization, and building predictive models using the drag-and-drop visual interface of Dataiku Data Science Studio. The code-free approach provided a hassle-free opportunity to put learning into practice, without the need to learn code. The bespoke upskilling program enabled collaboration between team members with different skill sets, as non-technical stakeholders were able to participate in the modeling process, accelerating their analytics deliverables.

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We partnered with Data Science Dojo for this program because we wanted a data science upskilling program that did not rely on coding or scripting. This is why we chose to use Dataiku Data Science Studio as the training platform. Our goal was to help participants gain a solid understanding of theory and apply their learning through hands-on practice, using the visual processors and drag-and-drop capabilities of Dataiku DSS to complete all labs and exercises.
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