We’re seeking a talented, creative, and dynamic Product Manager responsible to to carve the way for our online platforms. You’ll play a key role in developing new product lines, initiatives, support the rapid growth of our audience, and create ambitious road maps for our products.

We expect this leader to work creatively and pragmatically to conserve resources and guide the online platforms from inception to completion. You should be analytical, creative, and a team player with a familiarity of working in a start-up environment. You’ll be supported to take risks and tackle big ideas, as long as you can effectively align your ideas to our larger company goals. You should also have experience with product management techniques, understanding the dynamics of customers who have a passion for learning data science, and to be flexible enough to prioritize your goals in an ever-changing business environment.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible to create product road maps with feature updates, milestones and timelines
  • Responsible to create and deliver presentations towards new product strategy and future road map
  • Determine customers’ needs and desires by specifying the research needed to obtain market information
  • Recommend the nature and scope of present and future product lines by reviewing product specifications and requirements; appraising new product ideas and/or product or packaging changes
  • Run daily calls and report team progress
  • Develop a partnership strategy, grow a network of partners and build a prosperous partnerships practice for the company
  • Create proposals and negotiate strategic partnerships
  • Define metrics of success and measure product progress
  • Find instructors to initiate new course creation and build course portfolio for the online platforms.
  • Provide leadership and innovation in product management
  • Write a go-to-market summary and introduce it to the rest of the company
  • Develop product brand strategy and refine product materials

Ideal Applicants Have

  • A degree in Business administration, Entrepreneurship, Communications or related field
  • 3+ years product development experience in a supervisory capacity
  • Excellent networking skills
  • Ability to impact and influence product strategy without authority, drive cross group collaboration, successfully advocate for customers and apply critical thinking and creative solutions in a dynamic highly ambiguous working environment.
  • Experience using quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions and recommendations, to build product lines, and to monitor and measure progress against goals.
  • Strong sense of pride and personal accountability for the end-to-end product/service quality, completeness, and resulting in good quality user experience.
  • Self-starter with a proven ability to work in fast-paced environment; possesses a “whatever it takes mentality,” able to quickly and easily adapt to changing mandates and priorities.
  • Must demonstrate a sense of urgency around critical priorities, but work calmly, independently and effectively under pressure.