Do you want to work in an engaging role at the intersection of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and human computer interaction? Data Science Dojo is looking for a creative individual who wants to redesign online learning.

As the Interactive Content Developer Intern with Data Science Dojo, you will have the opportunity to work closely with subject matter experts and other content developers to create dynamic online learning experiences for our top-rated data science and machine learning training courses.  You’ll be supported to take risks and tackle big ideas while working towards our mission to make data science accessible to everyone. You should be analytical, creative, and above all a team player.

Data Science Dojo is a unique workplace that invests heavily in employees and growth. Being one of the foremost data science companies globally, Data Science Dojo ensures that our clients and customers get the best services and products. Our mission is to make data science accessible to everyone through our learning platform. Our teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower people around the world to use data science in effective ways. Click here to read more about the data scientist career path at Data Science Dojo.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with a content developer in the field of data science to transform existing curriculum into interactive learning content using cutting edge web technologies
  • Review learning materials and create clear visuals and assets to support content development
  • Develop short form learning content to be shared with the world
  • Assist with the development of courses including learning objectives, lesson planning and evaluation
  • Prototype new content delivery ideas including interactive videos, VR and AR

Ideal Applicants Have

  • Previous design experience including familiarity with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Experience developing eLearning courses or building content used within online learning environments
  • Any formal or informal teaching experience such as TA positions, tutoring, mentoring
  • Knowledge of UX concepts and user testing software including
  • Experience with video post-production and codecs used in web settings
  • Familiarity with WordPress and front-end web languages (i.e. HTML 5, CSS, JS)

Basic Qualifications

  • A recent grad or current college student working towards a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Human Computer Interaction.
  • An exceptional ability to convey messages both in writing and in person
  • Strong sense of pride and personal accountability for the end-to-end product/service quality, completeness, and resulting in good quality user experience
  • Self-starter with a proven ability to work in fast-paced environment; possesses a “whatever it takes mentality,” able to quickly and easily adapt to changing mandates and priorities

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