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AI startups

Alyshai Nadeem
| September 1

From managing your cash flow to making lending decisions for you, here is a list of 15 fintech startups using Artificial Intelligence to enhance your experience.

1. Affirm is changing the way people buy stuff 

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Affirm is a consumer application that grants loans for purchases at various retailers. The startup makes use of multiple machine learning algorithms for credit underwriting and happens to be the exclusive buy now, pay later partner for Amazon. 

Max Levchin, the co-founder of PayPal, along with Nathan Gettings, Jeffrey Kaditz, and Alex Rampell introduced Affirm in 2012 to the world. 

Affirm also partnered with Walmart in 2019, allowing customers to access the app in-store and on Walmart’s website. 

Founded: 2012 

Headquarters: San Francisco 

Website: Affirm Official Site

2. HighRadius is automating financial processes

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Fintech startup, HighRadius provides a Software-as-a-Service company (SaaS). The startup makes use of AI-based autonomous systems to help automate Accounts Receivable and Treasury processes. 

HighRadius provides high operational efficiency, accurate cash flow forecasting, and much more to help companies achieve strong ROI. 

Founded: 2006 

Headquarters: Houston, Texas 

Website: HighRadius Official

3. SparkCognition is building smarter, safer, and sustainable solutions for the future

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

SparkCognition focuses on creating AI-powered cyber-physical software for the safety, security, and reliability of IT, OT, and the IoT. The startup builds artificial intelligence solutions for applications in energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance, aerospace, defense, and security. 

The startup’s work in the financial sector enables businesses to improve analytical accuracy, minimize risks, accelerate reaction time to fluctuating market conditions, and sustain a competitive advantage. 

Previously, SparkCognition enabled a fintech startup to use a machine learning model to detect fraud with 90% accuracy, saving the company over $450K each year. 

Founded: 2013 

Headquarters: Austin, Texas 

Website: SparkCognition Official

4. ZestFinance helps cut losses and increase revenue

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo
ZestFinance Logo

Another popular name in the financial AI industry, ZestFinance enables companies by helping them increase approval rates, cut credit losses, and improve underwriting using machine learning. 

Moreover, the startup helps lenders predict credit risk so they can increase revenues, reduce risk & ensure compliance. 

The main aim of the startup is to grant fair and transparent credit access to everyone and build an equitable financial system. 

Founded: 2009 

Headquarters: Burbank, California. 

Website: ZestFinance

5. Upstart investigates the financial background and gives you a lower rate of lending

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Based on a very cool concept, Upstart first checks your education and job history, then helps understand more about your future potential to eventually get the user a lower rate for lending. 

According to the startup itself, they look beyond a person’s credit score for personal loans, car loan refinance, and small business loans.  

Founded: 2012 

Headquarters: San Mateo, California 

Website: Upstart 

6. Vise AI is the financial advisor of the future.

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

An AI-driven asset management platform, Vise AI is built and designed specifically as a financial advisory platform.  

The startup builds hyper-personalized portfolios and automates portfolio management. Moreover, they aim to enable financial advisory across businesses so they can focus on developing their clients and growing their businesses. 

Founded: 2019 

Headquarters: New York 

Website: ViseAI 

7. Cape Analytics helps avail accurate insurance quotes

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Cape Analytics combines machine learning and geospatial imagery to help identify property attributes that allow insurance companies to provide clients with accurate quotes. 

The main aim of the startup is to provide property details to combat any risks associated with climate, insurance, and real estate. 

Founded: 2014 

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States 

Website: Cape Analytics 

8. Clinc is revolutionizing conversational AI, one bank at a time.

ao startups

Clinc develops intelligent personal financial assistants. The platform enables personal and instant answers to any common or complex questions. 

Inspired by conversational AI, Clinc focuses on revolutionizing conversational AI at some of the biggest banks in the world. The startup utilizes NLP which understands how people talk, powering exceptional customer experiences that build loyalty and generate ROI. 

Founded: 2015 

Headquarters: Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Website: Clinc

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9. Sentieo is centralizing financial research tools into a single platform

finance startups logo

Sentieo is an AI-powered financial research startup that develops and distributes a range of systems across the financial world.  

Sentieo is a financial intelligence platform that aims to centralize multiple financial research tools into a single innovative Ai-powered platform. Sentieo helps analysts save time but also discover alpha-driving insights. 

Founded: 2012 

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA 

Website: Sentieo

10. CognitiveScale is industrializing scalable Enterprise AI

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Pioneering the concept of ‘AI engineering,’ CognitiveScale aims to industrialize scalable Enterprise AI development and deployment. 

The startup makes use of its award-winning Cortex AI Platform to empower businesses. The startup helps implement trusted decision intelligence into business processes and applications for better customer experience and operational efficiency. 

Founded: 2013 

Headquarters: Austin, Texas 

Website: CofnitiveScale

11. Kyndi is building the world’s first Explainable AI platform

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

AI company Kyndi is trying to build the world’s first Explainable AI platform for governments and commercial institutions.  

The startup hopes to transform business processes by offering auditable AI solutions across various platforms. It is built on the simple policy that higher-performing teams can produce trusted results and better business outcomes. 

Founded: 2014 

Headquarters: San Mateo, CA 

Website: Kyndi

12. NumerAI is bridging the gap between the stock market and Data Scientists

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Another startup transforming the financial sector is NumerAI. The startup aims to transform and regularize financial data into machine learning problems for a global network of Data Scientists. 

Given the inefficiency of the stock market concerning developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the startup recognized that only a fraction of the world’s Data Scientists have access to its data and create solutions to combat that. 

Founded: 2015 

Headquarters: California Street, San Francisco 

Website: Numerai 

13. Merlon Intelligence is one of the startups that provide financial security through AI

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Fintech startup, Merlon Intelligence, helps banks by mitigating potential risks and controlling money laundering across multiple platforms. 

The startup makes use of AI to automate adverse media screening. This helps business and financial analysts focus on quicker, more accurate, real-time decisions. 

Founded: 2016 

Headquarters: San Francisco, California 

Website: Merlon Intelligence 

14. Trade Ideas’ virtual research analyst helps with smarter trading

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Trade Ideas built a virtual research analyst that can sift through multiple aspects of business and finances, including technical, fundamental, social, and much more. The virtual assistant sifts through thousands of trades every day to help find the highest probability. 

The startup makes use of thousands of data centers and makes them play with different trading scenarios every single day. 

Founded: 2002 

Headquarters: San Diego County, California 

Website: Trade Ideas

15. Datrics is democratizing self-service financial analytics using data science

Top 15 AI startups developing financial services in the USA | Data Science Dojo

Fintech startup, Datrics helps democratize self-service analytics as well as machine learning solutions by providing an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. 

Datrics provides a no-code platform that can easily generate analytics and data science. The startup makes use of data-driven decision-making that allows enterprises to make better use of their financial service analytics. 


Headquarters: Delaware, United States 

Website: Datrics

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Is there any other AI-based fintech startup that you would like us to talk about? Let us know in the comments below. For similar listicles, click here.

Alyshai Nadeem
| August 30

Healthcare is a necessity for human life, yet many do not have access to it. Here are 10 startups that are using AI to change healthcare.

Healthcare is a necessity that is inaccessible to many across the world. Despite rapid developments and improvements in medical research, healthcare systems have become increasingly unaffordable.

However, multiple startups and tech companies have been trying their best to integrate AI and machine learning for improvements in this sector.

As the population of the planet increases along with life expectancy due to advancements in agriculture, science, medicine, and more, the demand for functioning healthcare systems also rises.

According to McKinsey & Co., by the year 2050, in Europe and North America, 1 in 4 people will be over the age of 65 Source). Healthcare systems by that time will have to manage numerous patients with complex needs.

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Here is a list of a few Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups that are trying their best to revolutionize the healthcare industry as we know it today and help their fellow human beings:

1. Owkin aims to find the right drug for every patient.

owkin logo

Originating in Paris, France, Owkin was launched in 2016 and develops a federated learning AI platform, that helps pharmaceutical companies discover new drugs, enhance the drug development process, and identify the best drug for the ‘right patient.’ Pretty cool, right?

Owkin makes use of different machine learning models to test AI models on distributed data.

The startup also aims to empower researchers across hospitals, educational institutes, and pharmaceutical companies to understand why drug efficacy varies from patient to patient.

Read more about this startup, here.

2. Overjet is providing accurate data for better patient care and disease management.

overjet logo

Founded by PhDs from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and dentists from Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 2018, Overjet is changing the playground in dental AI.

Overjet makes use of AI to make use of dentist-level understanding of the subject for the identification of diseases and their progression into software.

Overjet aims to provide effective and accurate data to dentists, dental groups, and insurance companies so that they can provide the best patient care and disease management.

You can learn more about the startup, here.

3. From the mid-Atlantic health system to an enterprise-wide AI workforce, Olive AI is improving operational healthcare efficiency.

OliveAI logo

Founded in 2012, Olive AI is the only known AI as a Service (AIaaS) built for the healthcare sector. The premier AI startup utilizes the power of cloud computing by implementing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and automating systems that accelerate time to care.

With more than 200 enterprise customers such as health systems, insurance companies, and a growing number of healthcare companies. Olive AI assists healthcare workers with time-consuming tasks like prior authorizations and patient verifications.

Find out more about Olive AI, click here.

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4. Insitro provides better medicines for patients with the overlap of biology and machine learning.

insitro logo

The perfect cross between biology and machine learning, Insitro aims to support pharmaceutical research and development, and improve healthcare services. Founded in 2018, Insitro promotes Machine Learning-Based Drug Discovery for which it has raised a substantial amount of funding over the years.

According to a recent Forbes ranking of the top 50 AI businesses, the HealthTech startup is ranked at 35 for having the most promising AI-based medication development process.

Further information on Insitro can be found here.

5. Caption Health makes early disease detection easier.


caption health

Founded in 2013, Caption Health has since been a top provider of medical artificial intelligence. The startup is responsible for the early identification of illnesses.

Caption Health was the first to provide the FDA-approved AI imaging and guiding software for cardiac ultrasonography. The startup has helped remove numerous barriers to treatment and enabled a wide range of people to perform heart scans of diagnostic quality.

Caption Health can be reached out here.

6. InformAI is trying to transform the way healthcare is delivered and improve patient outcomes.

InformAI logo

Founded in 2017, InformAI expedites medical diagnosis while increasing the productivity of medical professionals.

Focusing on AI and deep learning, as well as business analytics solutions for hospitals and medical companies, InformAI was built for AI-enabled medical image classification, healthcare operations, patient outcome predictors, and much more.

InformAI not only has top-tier medical professionals at its disposal, but also has 10 times more access to proprietary medical datasets, as well as numerous AI toolsets for data augmentation, model optimization, and 3D neural networks.

The startup’s incredible work can be further explored here.

7. Recursion is decoding biology to improve lives across the globe.

recursion logo

A biotechnology startup, Recursion was founded in 2013 and focuses on multiple disciplines, ranging from biology, chemistry, automation, and data science, to even engineering.

Recursion focuses on creating one of the largest and fastest-growing proprietary biological and chemical datasets in the world.

To learn more about the startup, click here

8. Remedy Health provides information and insights for better navigation of the healthcare industry.

Remedy logo

As AI advances, so does the technology that powers it. Another marvelous startup known as Remedy Health is allowing people to conduct phone screening interviews with clinically skilled professionals to help identify hidden chronic conditions.

The startup makes use of virtual consultations, allowing low-cost, non-physician employees to proactively screen patients.

To learn more about Remedy Health, click here.

9. Sensely is transforming conversational AI.

sensely logo

Founded in 2013, Sensely is an avatar and chatbot-based platform that aids insurance plan members and patients.

The startup provides virtual assistance solutions to different enterprises including insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals to help them converse better with their members.

Sensely’s business ideology can further be explored here.

10. Oncora Medical provides a one-stop solution for oncologists.

oncoro medical logo

Another digital health company, founded in 2014, Oncora Medical focuses on creating a crossover between data and machine learning for radiation oncology.

The main aim of the startup was to create a centralized platform for better collection and application of real-world data that can in some way help patients.

Other details on Oncora Medical can be found here.


With the international AI in the healthcare market expected to reach over USD 36B by the year 2025, it is only accurate to expect that this market and specific niche will continue to grow even further.

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Was there any AI-based healthcare startup that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. For similar listicles, click here.

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