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For a 21st-century professional, having proven analytical skills is increasingly important. Companies all over the world have started to push data scientists to participate in leading data science competitions. Businesses now emphasize that all their employees gain analytical skillsets, regardless of their department.

One of the best ways to prove that you have a strong grip on analytics and data science skills is to take part in reputable competitions that test these to show your employer that you have the required skill set.  

There are many events these days for data science professionals, so it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are worth your time. If you are not sure where to begin, or which ones to take part in, here are a few notable ones to help you get started. 


Data Science Competitions
Participating in data science competitions – Data Science Dojo


1. Kaggle 

Kaggle is the most popular platform for practicing data science skills. It hosts multiple popular datasets, and regularly has competitions where anyone can participate to build the best machine learning models with data set and compete against others working on the same dataset.

You can learn more about Kaggle competitions on our blog here: Insightful Kaggle competitions and data science portfolios | Data Science Dojo 


 Read more about Kaggle Competitions in this blog by


2. IBM Call for Code 

The IBM call for code competition asks for contributions across several different areas in order to solve real world challenges. There are currently 4 areas in 2022 where you can get involved and build solutions:

The Global Challenge, open source projects, racial justice, and deployments. You can find out more on the call for code page here: Call for Code | Tech for Good | IBM Developer  


3. Machine Hack: 

Machine hack is a community that hosts competitions or hackathons for data science and AI enthusiasts. There are a wide variety of challenges available from the data science pipeline, from machine learning to data visualization. You can also win cash prizes for some of the challenges. 


4. DataCamp: 

DataCamp has weekly competitions on their website. Each event has a cash prize associated with it as well. You can submit your solutions, and vote on the best solutions from other participants as well 


5. DrivenData: 

DrivenData provides a platform for data scientists who want to make a social impact with their work. The challenges on the platform focus on solving social issues through data science.

These challenges include things like predicting public health risks at restaurants, identifying endangered species in images, and matching students to schools where they are likely to succeed. The winning code gets a prize, and gets published under an open-source license for others to benefit as well 


Are you excited to participate in data science competitions?

All of the above-mentioned data science events allow you to gain hands-on learning of data science skills. It offers a platform for the learner to improve their problem-solving skills and prove their abilities in a competitive market.

Not only does participating in these competitions help you stand out, but they also let you brainstorm innovative ideas for the future.


Written by Arham Noman

September 29, 2022

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