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This blog aims to introduce you to 5 free courses offered by the Data Science Dojo, that can give your data science career a head start

Do you know what skills it takes to get into top data science companies?  A good start to a data science career requires you to be equipped with the tools and techniques currently being used in the industry. Below I have mentioned 5 free courses that will help to get a jump start on your career in data science. 

free courses by data science dojo
Top 5 free courses of data science

A journey from data to diamonds - Data Mining Fundamentals 

Living in a world where everyone is in a rat race for data collection, one should be aware of the fact that just having data is not enough. Your data is probably garbage for your machine learning algorithm. However, a data scientist gives meaning to that data. If you are willing to pursue a data science career path, 70% of your job might just be cleaning and understanding data and making sense of it. This is also called data mining.  

Learn more about Data Mining in this video:

Data Mining Fundamentals” gives you a nice starting point in your job. It takes you on a brief journey of looking at different data types and understanding different issues with the data. Later you get a look into feature engineering and pre-processing that helps to extract the most meaningful information out of the data and that is to be used in machine learning models. Then you jump into the evaluation metrics and statistical methods that provide us with an essential toolkit for extracting meaning from your data. Lastly, you will learn about some useful visualizations that you will need to fully understand your data.  

The clouds that rain data - Introduction to Azure Machine Learning  

We live in a world where machine learning is not just about dummy datasets or solving small-scale problems anymore. Industries are working with ever-changing real-time data that has millions and millions of entries. When working with such large data, it is almost impossible to store and work with it locally. This opens the doors to the world of big data. One of the key skills employers look for in a data science candidate is familiarity with big data and cloud computing.  

The course “Introduction to Azure Machine Learning” provides you with a gateway into the world of big data. You will explore end-to-end data science projects, cover summary statistics and data transformation, and build a machine learning model in Azure ML.  

Data scientists are the new fortune teller - Time Series Analysis and Forecasting  

Have you ever searched the internet for weather predictions for the current week? It is very accurate these days, but it wasn’t always the same case. Data science has given the field of forecasting an immense opportunity to grow. All data consultancies work on the principles of forecasting and future prediction. If you want to pursue a career as a consultant, then time series analysis and forecasting are tools that will put a gold star on your resume.  

The course “Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Python” helps you get your hands dirty with algorithmic implementations for forecasting using Python. It will give you an introduction to the libraries that are commonly used for forecasting and run you through the whole pipeline that is followed in its course.  

Upgrade your Python skills with Introduction to Data Science with Python.  

Getting your hands dirty with R - Beginner R Programming  

When data scientists walk into an interview, they are expected to walk in with a toolkit. A toolkit that would allow them to build their career. One of the most widely used programming languages in the data science industry is R. R provides one of the best environments for statistical computing with a lot of packages making it very easy and convenient to work with data and use algorithms.  

The course “Beginner R Programming” starts with you creating your first program in R. Then it walks you through the variables, objects, control statements, and functions in R covering all the fundamental knowledge of the subject you would need.  

Data science career with NLP - Introduction to Text Analytics with R  

If a company decides to evaluate the reviews about one of its products. The problem is that there are maybe 100k of them. How do you think they will evaluate them? How do you think a data scientist will address this problem? If you decide to choose a data science career path toward natural language processing, analyzing text and converting words to numbers would be one of your major tasks.  

The course “Introduction to Text Analytics with R” familiarizes you with textual data in the context of machine learning. You will explore different ways to process your data and learn different techniques to prepare it to be used in machine learning models.  

Have you taken these free courses yet?

These data science free courses will guide you on the path of being a functional data scientist. However, if you are interested in exploring the entire data science pipeline and getting a hands-on experience with data mining to big data analytics, you must check out the “Data Science Bootcamp” offered by Data Science Dojo. 


August 31, 2022

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