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“In remote companies, thought leader guest speaker series fuel the collective intelligence, empowering teams to tackle complex challenges with confidence.” 

Picture this: a gathering of brilliant minds, each speaker a luminary in their respective field, stepping onto the virtual stage with a treasure trove of insights into the other. That is the perfect description of the Thought Leaders Unplugged series hosted by Data Science Dojo. 

What is Thought Leaders Unplugged? 

Introduced by our HR (Human Resources) team, our Thought Leaders Unplugged is a series that features exceptional individuals who have achieved remarkable success in their tech careers and lives. This is not your average lecture or mundane online seminar.  

Thought Leaders Unplugged
Thought Leaders Unplugged

Thought Leaders Unplugged is an experience like no other. It is like a high-voltage TED Talk meets a rock concert, where expertise meets excitement, and learning becomes a head-banging, mind-expanding adventure. 

Why do we host Thought Leaders Unplugged?

It all boils down to investing in employee development. The series is an initiative by the Data Science Dojo team which believes in investing in their employees’ personal and professional growth. We recognize that the hard work of our employees is the key to the success of the organization, and they are committed to providing the resources and opportunities necessary for their employees to thrive. 

A bird-eye view of Thought Leaders Unplugged 

Insights from Thought Leaders:  

Through Thought Leaders Unplugged, we invite renowned individuals from technology and data science fields to share their stories, insights, and perspectives with our team. These thought leaders often come from diverse backgrounds and have achieved success in a variety of fields, including business, technology, social entrepreneurship, and the arts. 

Candid Conversations:  

The sessions are usually held in an MS Team meeting, an informal call, allowing for an open and candid conversation between thought leaders and attendees. This informal approach enables our team to ask questions and engage with the speakers in a meaningful way, providing a unique learning experience that cannot be found in a classroom or lecture hall. 

Thought Leaders Unplugged is an example of how Data Science Dojo invests in its employees’ personal and professional development. 

The Speakers:  

The series seeks exceptional people in their circles who have inspired them and are leaders because of what and how they have achieved success. The organizers of Thought Leaders Unplugged are committed to holding one session monthly, featuring exceptional individuals who have achieved immense success in their lives and careers.  

So far, we have had the pleasure of hosting Ayisha Bashir, Principal Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft, and Ali Siddiqui, Chief Strategy Officer, as guest speakers. Both graciously shared their personal stories and valuable insights with the attendees. Most recently, Ahmed Ayub, the co-founder of Airlift, shared his experiences in an upcoming session which was a massive success.

Moreover, the recordings of these sessions are readily available, allowing anyone interested to explore the themes and key takeaways from each inspiring talk. By continuing to host these sessions, we are providing a valuable opportunity for young professionals to learn from successful individuals and be inspired to reach their own goals. 

Enriching Lives Through Learning:  

Furthermore, these sessions are a wonderful way to learn, get inspired, and connect with people who are passionate about what they do. It is always a pleasure to see companies invest in their employees’ personal and professional growth, and DSD’s Thought Leaders Unplugged is a fitting example of that.

Feedback for DSD’s Thought Leaders Unplugged series 

In a nutshell, our guest speakers are inspiring professionals who set a benchmark for Team DSD. It is awe-inspiring to witness individuals who originated from humble beginnings and persevered toward success. Whether it is their relatable life scenarios or their navigational strategies, our team gains a wealth of knowledge from them. 

DSD’s Thought Leaders Unplugged initiative has received positive feedback from our employees. The team genuinely appreciates the speakers, the themes they discuss, and how relatable they are. As young professionals, they find valuable guidance and a clear path to follow. 


In a remote–first company like Data Science Dojo, thought leaders are the catalysts that transform ideas into impactful actions.

DSD’s Thought Leaders Unplugged is an excellent initiative that offers a unique learning experience to our young and experienced professionals. It provides the team a platform to connect, learn, and be inspired by successful thought leaders, empowering them to achieve their own goals and contribute to the success of their organization. 


June 5, 2023

The Future of Data and AI conference by Data Science Dojo was a resounding success, featuring over 28 industry experts and offering a diverse range of expert-level knowledge and training opportunities. The two-day virtual conference consisted of panel discussions, Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, workshops, and tutorials, making it an excellent platform for learning and networking with fellow data scientists. 

There is no denying that virtual conferences have become the new normal in the world of data science and AI, thanks to the pandemic’s impact. However, it has also opened up new possibilities for connecting and engaging with people from around the world who may not have been able to attend in-person events.

The Future of Data and AI conference by Data Science Dojo is a prime example of how virtual conferences can provide an immersive experience, with opportunities for learning, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

Data dreams come true: 5 reasons why the Future of Data and AI conference was a smashing success!

The conference provided attendees with insights into the latest trends in data science and artificial intelligence, giving them the opportunity to learn from experienced speakers and data scientists. With the next conference scheduled to be held in July, here are some reasons why data scientists and enthusiasts should attend: 

Inside scoop of Future of Data and AI conference
Inside scoop of the Future of Data and AI conference

1. Learning opportunities:

The Future of Data and AI conference offers a wide range of learning opportunities, including expert-led workshops, tutorials, and panel discussions. Attendees can learn from the best in the industry and gain insights into the latest trends and technologies in data science and AI. 

2. Networking:

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with fellow data scientists and industry experts from around the world. Attendees can connect with like-minded individuals, share their experiences, and build long-lasting relationships. 

3. Experienced speakers:

The conference features experienced speakers and data scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of data science and AI. The speakers come from diverse backgrounds and industries, offering attendees a broad perspective on the subject. 

4. Data Science Dojo experts:

Data Science Dojo’s own experts, who have years of experience in the field, will also be speaking at the conference. Attendees can learn from their experiences and ask them questions in the AMA sessions. 

5. Virtual conference:

Attendees have the option to attend the conference virtually, depending on their preferences and circumstances.  

Read more about the top Data Science conferences around the world 

Insights and innovations galore: Highlights from the conference

The first day featured panel discussions, including a keynote speech by Raja Iqbal, then expert insights on “Data Storytelling in Action,” which highlighted the importance of effectively communicating insights derived from data. The first day also included discussions on topics such as “Automating Data Science Jobs” and “The Role of Ethics in AI”. 

The second day of the conference had panel discussions and tutorials on digital ethics, graph analytics, and the chief data officer role. Additionally, the conference included a variety of sessions on emerging trends and technologies in data science and AI, including low-code or no-code platforms that automate data analysis tasks 


The upcoming conference is in July and will be more addressed towards developments and the future of various fields around us so more focused on the applications of these very skills which will make the conference a must-attend for all those wanting to pursue a career in data science 

Wrapping up

The Future of Data and AI conference by Data Science Dojo is an excellent opportunity for data scientists and enthusiasts to learn from experienced speakers and network with like-minded individuals. With a wide range of learning opportunities and experienced speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries, attending the conference can help attendees stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in data science and AI.

April 17, 2023

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