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Alyshai Nadeem
| September 2

Are you interested in learning more about the IoT? Do you want to network with people working in IoT? Here is a list of 10 IoT conferences and events that can help you learn more about new research and developments, and help you network and meet recruiters or project owners.

The ongoing development of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a major driver of digital transformation and cutting-edge innovations.

Data processing, data visualization, and many other techniques are just a few of the innovative technologies that may be combined to create new possibilities and solutions that demand improved integration and collaboration. 


IoT conferences Asia
IoT Conferences Asia – Data Science Dojo

1. 4th Asia IoT Technologies Conference– Beijing, China

Scheduled to be held in Beijing, China, from 6th to 8th January 2023, the Asia IoT Technologies Conference, sponsored by Beijing Huaxia Rongzhi Institute of Blockchain (BJIB), co-sponsored by Beijing University of Technology (China) and the Faculty of Information Technology (BJUT, China). 

The conference will focus on core technologies and IoT solutions and IoT applications to promote the integration of IoT and the economy for industrial and economic purposes. 

The conference features a broad range of programs and talks on the latest developments in the field. The main aim of the conference is to deepen the understanding of the masses and take the necessary actions to accelerate the adoption of IoT with an emphasis on diverse topics across the IoT landscape. 

More details regarding the conference can be found here. 

2. International Conference on Innovations in Data Analytics, ICIDA – Kolkata, India 

Taking place on November 29–30, 2022, the International Conference on Innovations in Data Analytics ICIDA will be organized by International Knowledge Research Foundation in collaboration with Eminent College of Management and Technology (ECMT), West Bengal, India. 

The main aim of the conference is to bring together innovators, academics, and business specialists in the fields of computing and communication at one place. The conference also aims to inspire young scholars to learn about newly created avenues of research at an international academic forum. 

More details regarding the conference can be found here. 


3. Asia IoT Business Platform: Southeast Asia 

Taking place in different cities in Southeast Asia from October to December, the Asia IoT Business Platform aims to serve public and private organizations to enable their access to and exchange of knowledge on development and innovation in the B2B sector. 

The conferences help create partnerships within the tech and IoT sectors and help provide better collaborations between public and private organizations. 

The AIBP conferences and exhibitions also promote market research and access gained via the creation and implementation of business growth strategies. 

You can learn more about the conferences here. 


4. IoT India Expo – India 

The IoT India Expo will be held from the 27th to the 29th of March 2023 and will feature numerous companies working in IT, enabling them to enter a new market more quickly and with more accurate data through the adoption of modern technologies. 

For anyone in the IT sector, the event is a good place to network and talk about the future of technology because it is the premier enterprise event for IoT, Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Cyber Security, and Cloud. 

More details regarding the expo can be found here. 


5. Cloud Expo Asia, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

One of the leading IoT events in Asia, Cloud Expo Asia, Is expected to be held from October 12th to 13th October 2022. 

The main aim of the event is to connect people from academia and professionals with experts in the field to find sustainable solutions and services that can help accelerate digital transformation. 

With multiple conferences, shows, speaker sessions, and much more lined up, the event focuses on a large variety of topics. 

More details can be found here. 


6. IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) – Yokohama, Japan 

One of the events organized by the Multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiative WF-IOT will take place from the 26th of October till the 11th of November. 

The conference highlights the latest developments in IoT, business, and the private and public sectors. 

The main aim of the forum is to promote the development and promotion of IoT for society’s and humanity’s benefit, as well as to promote the ethical and responsible use of IoT applications and solutions to improve human lives. 

The theme of the event this year is ‘Sustainability and the Internet of Things.’ 

More details can be found here.

7. Internet of Things World, Asia – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

From edge computing to digital transformations, the Internet of Things World covers all aspects of IoT. The event is expected to be held tentatively in October. 

The main aim of the event is always to teach professionals, industrialists, and academics, the importance of monetizing IoT and how it can effectively impact business models. 

More details can be found here.

8. EAI International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems – Vietnam 

The International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems focuses on the current state of AI and 6G Convergence in Models, Technologies, and Applications related to IoT. 

The conference also highlights any issues pertaining to IoT Networks for Smart Cities, Next Generation Networks Infrastructures, and Optical Spectrum–LiFi. 

Further details can be found here.

9. International Conference on Internet of Medical Things (ICIMT) – UAE 

The International Conference on the Internet of Medical Things (ICIMT) focuses on exchanging experiences and research findings within the Internet of Medical Things. 

The conference gives researchers, practitioners, and educators a world-class interdisciplinary forum on which to present and debate the most recent advancements, concerns, and trends on the Internet of Medical Things. 


10. IEEE International Conference on IoT and Blockchain Technology – India 

The conference that led to revolutionizing the IoT industry, reevaluating business structures, and IoT, covers interoperability, data, and service mashups. 

Moreover, the development of open platforms and standardization across technological levels is also focused on throughout the conference. 

More details regarding the conference can be found here. 

 Find similar IoT conferences

Was this list helpful? Let us know in the comments below. If you would like to find a similar conference in a different area, click here. 

If you are interested in learning more about machine learning and data science, click here. 

Alyshai Nadeem
| August 26

Confused about which machine learning conferences you should attend? Here are our top 10 picks for the remaining months of 2022.

For aspiring data scientists, machine learners, and researchers, conferences are a great way to network, highlight their own work, and learn from others. This article highlights the top 10 machine learning conferences that you should attend if you are in Asia or are planning to visit soon.

1. ACAIT 2022: The 6th Asian Conference on Artificial Intelligence Technology – Changzhou, China

Taking place in the southern Jiangsu province of China, on the 4th of November, the ACAIT is a joint endeavor of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), and Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT).

The conference invites significant and original research work from the world of artificial intelligence. The main aim of the conference is to provide an international forum for researchers to share their ideas and achievements in the field of artificial intelligence.

The conference covers all major topics from AI-related brain and cognitive sciences to machine Cognition and Pattern Recognition, Big data and knowledge engineering, Robotics, swarm intelligence, and even the Internet of Things.

Further details regarding the conference can be found here.

2. 4th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2022) – Hyderabad, India

Taking place between 12th to 14th December in Hyderabad, India, the ACML abides by the post-pandemic laws and will be conducted virtually, as well as allow in-person interactions.

Focusing on theoretical and practical aspects of machine learning, the conference encourages researchers from around the globe to join and be a part of the conversation.

The conference will cover general machine learning topics such as supervised learning and reinforcement learning, and even dive deeper into Deep Learning, Probabilistic Methods, theoretical frameworks, and much more.

Further details regarding the conference can be found here.

3. The 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics – Gyeongju, Republic of Korea

One of the most popular conferences on natural language processing and computational linguistics, COLING is expected to be held on October 12-17, 2022, in Gyeongju, South Korea.

The conference has been held every year since 1965. Participants from both top-ranked research centers and emerging countries attend this conference as it provides equal opportunities to researchers from educational institutes and academia, as well as from the corporate sector.

COLING focuses on all aspects of natural language processing and computation.

Not only is this one of the most prestigious conferences on NLP and computational linguistics, but it is also heavily sponsored by names such as LG Electronics, Hyundai, Google, and Apple, among many others.

Further details regarding the conference can be found here.

4. IROS 2022: International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems – Kyoto, Japan

One of the flagship conferences of the robotics community, IROS is one of the world’s oldest forums for the global robotics community to explore intelligent robots and systems. Held every year in Kyoto, Japan since 1987, the conference will be held on 23-27 October.

Not only does the conference feature numerous research works from various international authors, but the conference also includes workshops and training, as well as multiple guest lectures by professionals in academia and industry.

Further details regarding the conference can be found here.

5. ACCV 2022: The 16th Asian Conference on Computer Vision

The Asian Conference on Computer Vision (AACV) 2022 focuses on computer vision and pattern recognition and will be held on 4-8 December in Macau, China.

The biennial international conference is sponsored by the Asian Federation of Computer Vision and provides like-minded individuals an opportunity to discuss the latest problems, solutions, and technologies in the field of computer vision and other similar areas.

The conference proceedings are published by Springer as Lecture Notes. Moreover, the award-winning papers are invited for publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV).

More details on the conference can be found here.

6. The 29th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP 2022), New Delhi, India

One of the leading international conferences in the fields of pattern recognition, neuroscience, intelligent control, information security, and brain-machine interface, the ICONIP will be held in New Delhi, India on 22nd -26th November 2022.

It is the annual flagship conference organized by the Asia Pacific Neural Network Society (APNNS), which strives towards bridging the gap between educational institutions and industry.

The conference provides an international forum for anyone working in neuroscience, neural networks, deep learning, and other similar fields.

The conference is divided into four categories: Theory and Algorithms, Computational and Cognitive Neurosciences, Human-Centered Computing, and other machine learning applications.

Further details on the conference can be found here.

7. The 19th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI) – Shanghai, China

A biennial international conference, the PRICAI focuses on AI theories, technologies, and their applications in areas of social and economic importance, specifically focusing on countries in the Pacific Rim. Held since 1990, PRICAI will take place on 10-13th November, in the financial hub of China – Shanghai.

The conference focuses on all things related to AI, machine learning, data mining, robotics, computer vision, and much more.

Further information regarding the conference can be found here.

8. The 4th International Conference on Data-driven Optimization of Complex Systems (DOCS2022) – Chengdu, China

Focused on data-driven optimization, learning and control, and their applications to complex systems, DOCS 2022 will be held 23-25th September, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

The conference focuses on topics ranging from data-driven machine learning, optimization, decision-making, analysis, and application.

Further details on the conference can be found here.

9. The 9th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA) – Shenzhen, China

Widely recognized as a dedicated flagship annual conference, the International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA) will be held in Shenzhen, China on the 13th –16th of October 2022.

The conference not only focuses on computing and information/intelligence sciences but also considers their relationship with statistics, and the crossover of data science and analytics.

An interesting aspect of this conference is that it is a dual-track conference with both a research track and an application track. Further details regarding these different tracks can be found here.

While more details on the conference can be found here.

10. The 5th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (ICoIAS 2022) – Dalian, China

The ICoIAS conference focuses on intelligent autonomous systems that play a significant role in multiple control and engineering applications.

The conference will be held on 23-25 September at the Dalian Maritime University, Dalian, China, in collaboration with Tianjin University, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, and The Institution of Engineers, Singapore.

The conference focuses on distinct aspects of intelligent autonomous systems. Moreover, IEEE fellows from all over the world are expected to attend the conference as guest speakers.

For further information regarding the conference, click here.


Was this list helpful? Let us know in the comments below. If you would like to find similar conferences in a different area, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about machine learning and data science, click here.

Data Science Dojo
Nathan Piccini
| July 22
Data science conventions are a great way to learn more and to build professional connections. Here are 8 data science conventions to attend in 2020.

2020’s finally arrived and it brought along quite a few conferences covering big data, data analytics, machine learning, and everything to do with data science. Here’s a list of 8 data science conventions to attend in 2020. I’ve tried to make them different than the list I made for 2019, as most conferences tend to occur every year, but some are too good to pass up.

List of data science conventions for 2020

Now you can find a conference for 2020 based on the region of the world you’re in. Take a look at the lists I made for:

  • Asia
  • North America
  • Europe (coming soon)
  • Middle East/Africa (coming soon)
  • Latin and South America (coming soon)

1) The data science conference

This conference is mentioned first because it is completely vendor, sponsor, and recruiter free. It’s the conference without distractions. There’s no selling, only learning.

Going into the second half of its fourth year, 2019’s conference was held in Boston, and the conference moves locations from year to year, although, from their records, you can almost expect it to take place in Chicago at least once every year. 2019’s speaker list included data behemoths, such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, while also mixing in speakers from the University of Chicago and USC. This fits right along with the rave reviews it received from attendees, saying the conference is for professionals, by professionals.

Dates: May 14-15, 2020

Location: Chicago, IL

Venue: Gleacher Center

Early registration is now open.

2) useR! 2020

useR! 2019 took place a few weeks ago in Toulouse, France. So it’s understandable that I wasn’t able to find a whole lot of information about the 2020 conference.

Having said that, useR! has been taking place every year since it began in 2004. Conferences have occurred in both Europe and the United States. The most recent data science convention had an impressive list of keynote speakers,ranging from the CTO of RStudio to a Marine Data Scientist at NCEAS. If you’re interested in all things R, you should definitely check out this conference.

Dates: July 7-10, 2020

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Venue: TBA

Registraion opens January 15, 2020.

3) Women in analytics conference

The Women in Analytics Conference has a mission to “provide visibility to the women making an impact in the analytics space and provide a platform for them to lead the conversations around the advancements of analytical research, development, and application”.

The 2020 speaker list for this conference hasn’t been released yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get excited about it. Going into its fourth year, you’ll be able to learn about some of the hottest trends in analytics as well as network with students and working professionals.


Dates: June 3-5, 2020

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Venue: Greater Columbus Convention Center & Hyatt Regency Columbus

Registration is now open.

4) London AI finance summit

Specific to the financial sector, the London AI Finance Summit is out to show you the emerging trends of deep learning in Finance. You’ll hear talks from a variety of speakers. Previous speakers came from companies like Visa, Google Cloud, and Deutsche Bank, as well as from universities including Kings College London and the University of Oxford.

Dates: 31 March – 1 April 2020

Location: London, UK

Venue: Broadgate Business Center

Early-Bird passes are now available.

5) RE•WORK London AI summit

Because I’m a Marketing Manager, I’m going to be a little biased towards this one. Put on by RE•WORK, the London AI Summit includes AI in Marketing, AI in Retail and Deep Learning tracks. Last years list of speakers included people from Amazon, Vodafone, and Google Assistant. It’s hard not to get excited about the future AI has in the above mentioned fields, especially with personal assistants and consumer tracking. #reworkAI

Dates: September 24-25, 2020

Location: London, UK

Venue: TBA

Registration is still closed, but you can join the waitlist.

6) Think 2020

Hosted by IBM, Think 2020 is the premier conference for all things AI and computer science, especially if you’re interested in everything IBM is doing. You will have the opportunity to network with experts and industry leaders while listening to talks from some of the worlds most influential people in tech. At Think 2019, Joe Montana, Tony Hawk, and Tiffany Pham all gave talks that I would have loved to participate in. Out of all the conferences on this list, I believe Think 2020 will have the most interesting speaker list.

Dates: May 4-7, 2020

Location: San Francisco

Venue: TBA

Registration is now open.

7) SIGKDD 2020

SIGKDD 2020 is a conference on knowledge discovery and data mining. It’s one of the premier conferences “bringing together researchers and practitioners” from interdisciplinary backgrounds. Last year, in Anchorage, Alaska, there were two keynote speakers: Peter Lee of Microsoft Research and Cynthia Rudin from Duke University. This conference is focused more on discussion and workshops, as it’s main focus is to bring together data scientists to “discuss, address and advance the application of data science” for the betterment of society.

Dates: August 22-27, 2020

Location: San Diego, California

Venue: San Diego Convention Center

Registration has not opened yet.

8) AnalytiX – 2020

Alright, I’m not just putting AnalytiX here because I fell in love with Kyoto when I visited back in 2016. It’s because of their long list of confirmed speakers who are university professors. These professors aren’t all from the same country. Russia, China, Japan, and The Netherlands are only four of a diverse list. If you’re in Asia, make sure to give this conference a good look before traveling somewhere else.

Dates: March 5-7, 2020

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto)

Registration is now open.

Other conferences to consider in 2020


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