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Top 8 AI content generators to elevate your content strategy

April 30, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a dominant tool in today’s digital world. It has revolutionized industries in various aspects, and content strategy is no different. Since the modern business world is in constant need of engaging and creative content, it can become a time-consuming and redundant task.

However, AI content generators have altered the way we interact, process, and understand content these days. These AI tools are software applications that use algorithms to understand and process different modes of content, including textual, visual, and audio data.


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What is an AI content generator?

It is an AI-powered content-generation tool that leverages the many aspects of artificial intelligence to create content. With rapid advancements in AI, these tools now have enhanced capabilities. They are not restricted to written content but can create multimodal output.

These AI content generators act as super assistants for content creators, assisting them in brainstorming ideas and developing ideas. Thus, these tools are designed to save time and generate high-quality content.


Importance of AI content generators
Importance of AI content generators – Source: Analytics Vidhya


In this blog, we explore some of the top AI tools for content strategy available today.

Top 8 AI tools to elevate your content strategy

As we navigate AI for content creation, let’s explore the different tools that can assist you in producing and strategizing different types of content.


8 top AI tools for content creators - AI for content creation
8 top AI tools for content creators


The most common type of content is the written word in our communication. It can range from long texts like novels and essays to short forms like poems and social media posts. It can contain numbers, letters, punctuation marks, and other symbols to convey the relevant information.

Some useful AI content generators for producing textual content include:


It is an AI-powered writing assistant that acts as a real-time editor for the content you write. Grammarly focuses on the grammar, punctuation, and clarity of your content, making it a valuable asset in creating refined and error-free content.


Grammarly - AI content generator
Grammarly – an AI content generator


The best part of this tool is its easy accessibility across multiple platforms. It can be added as an extension to your browser, becoming accessible across various applications and websites. Hence, it is a versatile tool for content creators.

If you are using Grammarly as a free AI content generator, its features are limited to handling basic punctuation errors, creating sentences, and checking for spelling errors. For detailed insights into the tone, style, and rewriting of sentences, you can choose its paid premium version.


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Previously known as Jarvis.ai, it is an AI text generator to aid your content creation process. It is particularly useful in creating long-form content like blogs and articles. Jasper.ai also offers AI-powered templates to aid you in kickstarting the writing process.


Jasper.ai - AI content generator
Jasper.ai – an AI content generator


Moreover, it also enables its users to improve their content. The tool is useful to maintain a consistent brand voice in all your content, focusing on tone and language. It can also tailor your content to your target audience, enhancing the impact of the content you create.

Unlike Grammarly with limited access to some features as a free AI content generator, Jasper.ai only offers 7-day free trials for its ‘Creator’ and ‘Pro’ pricing plans. While the former is designed to cater to the content requirements of a single business, the latter can manage content and campaigns for multiple brands.


While many writing AI tools are available in the market today, Copy.ai is focused on creating marketing content. It makes it a powerful tool to create captions, headlines, social media posts, and much more, ensuring the content grabs your audience’s attention.


Copy.ai - AI content generator
Copy.ai – an AI content generator – Source: Copy.ai


The AI tool can also differentiate between the varying tones and styles of content across different social media platforms. It empowers it to reflect that difference in the content creation process, ensuring that its user’s content stands out in the rapidly evolving social media world.

If you’re looking for an AI text generator to streamline your marketing content creation, Copy.ai is a strong contender. It provides user-friendly tools and marketing-specific features to help you craft effective and attention-grabbing marketing copy.

Copy.ai also offers multiple pricing plans, including its use as a free AI content generator with limited access. Other plans include ‘Pro’ and ‘Team’ plans, each offering greater access to the tool for content generation.


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While these tools are useful AI text generators, they are limited to handling the textual form of content. Another common use for AI content generators is for producing visual content. It refers to any information that is distributed in the form of images, graphics, or videos.

This medium of content generation is particularly useful for grabbing attention, communicating ideas quickly, and enhancing the overall impact of a message. In the world of AI content generators, some of the of the leading options for visual content include:


The basic idea of this tool is to create images using textual descriptions. Its effectiveness lies in its ability of natural language processing (NLP) to accurately convert textual prompts to visual images.


Midjourney - AI content generator
Midjourney – an AI content generator – Source: Midjourney


The ease of generating varying images also promotes artistic exploration, allowing designers to refine the final idea through iterative prompts in Midjourney. It is a useful tool for artists, designers, and marketers to create unique visual content to stand out in the digital world.

Midjourney allows you to work with your own images as well, accentuating the styles and aesthetics as per your needs. It offers four pricing plans, catering to a wide range of user requirements, with its ‘Basic’ plan starting off at a monthly subscription of $10.


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Developed by OpenAI, it is a text-to-image generation tool, with its third version currently out in the market. While DALL-E original released in 2021 was a powerful tool for image generation, it was not publicly available for use.


DALL-E 3 - an AI content generator
DALL-E 3 – an AI content generator – Source: OpenAI


While DALL-E 2 was released in 2022 with enhanced image generation capabilities, offering greater control in the process, DALL-E 3 was released in 2023. It creates more realistic and high-quality images and allows its users to expand and modify aspects of a generated image.

For instance, for the same prompt given to both DALL-E 2 and DALL-E 3, the image quality and attention to detail improves significantly. Let’s take a look at an example shared by the OpenAI.


Common Prompt: An expressive oil painting of a chocolate chip cookie being dipped in a glass of milk, depicted as an explosion of flavors.


For the above prompt, DALL-E 2 produced the following image:


AI content generator - DALL-E 2 - results
Image generated using DALL-E 2 – Source: OpenAI


The same prompt when given to DALL-E 3 resulted in the following:


AI content generator - DALL-E 3 - results
Image generated using DALL-E 3 – Source: OpenAI


These results are a clear representation of the growing capability of DALL-E as it transitioned from its second to third variation. It is proof of the advancing role of generative AI in content generation.

It offers enhanced capabilities with higher-quality results in each iteration of the tool. With its powerful image generation process, it is blurring the lines between human imagination and what AI can create visually.

However, do take note that Midjourney is not a free AI content generator, you can visit their pricing plans for further details.


It is among the popular AI tools used for designing today. Its user-friendly interface enables the users to create impressive visual content without extensive graphic design experience or knowledge. Moreover, Canva offers a wide range of templates, design elements, and editing tools to customize designs and create more personalized visuals.


Canva - an AI content generator
Canva – an AI content generator – Source: Canva


Its extensive library provides assistance in the design process. With its feature of real-time collaboration, the tool is useful for both individual users and teams. It empowers users to create high-quality visuals for various needs, from social media marketing to presentations and educational resources.

Like Grammarly, Canva is also a free AI content generator with limited access to its multiple features. Moreover, its pricing plans include three more variations in the form of ‘Pro’, ‘Teams’, and ‘Enterprise’ plans.


This unique tool allows you to create AI-generated videos by creating and using human-like avatars. These avatars can participate in the videos actively and deliver your message in multiple languages. Moreover, it also leverages its text-to-speech functionality that enables the avatars to speak the text provided.


Synthesia - an AI content generator
Synthesia – an AI content generator – Source: Synthesia


Synthesia is a powerful AI tool that opens doors for creative and efficient video production. It’s a valuable asset for marketers, educators, businesses, and anyone who wants to leverage the power of video content without the complexities of traditional filming methods.

Some of its common use cases include learning and development, sales and marketing, customer service, and information security. Synthesia has developed three main categories in its pricing plans to cater to a diverse range of users.


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So far, we have looked at multiple AI text generators and visual content creators. However, content is often generated in the form of audio. It is a versatile form of content to deliver valuable information, educate, and entertain. Some of its variations include music, podcasts, audiobooks, and much more.

The world of AI content generators also expands into this category of producing audio content. Let’s take a look at one such tool.


It is a text-to-speech AI tool that is used to create realistic-sounding human voices for your content. Using Murf, you get access to a library of diverse AI-generated voices. It also offers customization of the speech, allowing you to adjust the speaking pace or add emphasis to specific words.


Murf - an AI content generator
Murf – an AI content generator


Some common uses of Murf include video narrations, podcast intros, audiobooks, or presentations. Hence, it is a useful tool to generate high-quality audio content across various formats in a cost-effective manner. Some of its mainstream users include educators, marketers, podcasters, and animators.

It supports text-to-speech generation in around 26 languages and also conducts weekly demos to familiarize people with the use of features of Murf. It is a 45-minute live session that is designed to help you get started with this AI content generator.

While Murf is available as a free AI content generator tool with limited access, its pricing plans include various categories for its diverse user base.

These are some of the leading AI tools for content creation, assisting the process of textual, audio, video, and visual generation. Each tool offers its own unique features to improve the content generation process, enabling content creators to develop more effective strategies.



Future of AI for content creation

While AI streamlines the process and makes it more effective, it is expected to also contribute to improved creativity of the process. AI can become a major participant in content creation, co-creating content for a wide range of audiences.

Moreover, using AI content generator tools will offer better personalization, enabling organizations to develop more tailored content that caters to the preferences and emotional needs of the market.

These AI tools present user-friendly software for users to manipulate and get innovative in the content creation process, leading to the democratization of content generation. AI translation will also break down language barriers, allowing creators to reach global audiences effortlessly.

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While we continue to create innovative content with these tools, we must understand that ethical considerations around copyright, bias, and job impact require careful attention. Hence, AI collaboration is bound to quicken the pace of content generation while enhancing its quality and creativity but done responsibly.

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