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Top 9 AI conferences and events in USA – 2023

October 10, 2023

AI conferences and events are organized to talk about the latest updates taking place, globally. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in every field is reflected by the rise of its worth in the global market. The global market for artificial intelligence (AI) was worth USD 454.12 billion in 2022, and it is projected to reach approximately USD 2,575.16 billion by 2032.


AI conferences in USA

Why must you attend AI conferences and events?

Imagine embarking on a journey through the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where every step brings you closer to the future. Attending global AI-related virtual events and conferences isn’t just a box to check off; it’s a gateway to navigating through the dynamic currents of new technologies.

A Glimpse into the future: Want to be like a scientist who predicted the rise of machine learning back in 2010? They are often seen at these events, absorbing the latest in AI, which eventually led to their groundbreaking research in neural networks.

These gatherings are not mere events; they’re a sneak peek into the future of AI, offering fresh insights and developments straight from the minds of experts across academia, industry, and government.

Building bridges: Think of a young developer who attended an AI conference back in 2019. Little did they know that a casual conversation during a networking session would lead to a collaborative project that transformed their career.

These events are more than just webinars and presentations; they’re a vibrant marketplace of ideas, where professionals from various facets of AI converge, explore collaborations, and even stumble upon new career paths.

Learning from real-world applications: Who doesn’t want to revolutionize their manufacturing process by integrating AI, a strategy learned from a case study at an AI conference.

These events often showcase how AI is being practically applied across diverse sectors – from enhancing healthcare diagnostics to optimizing financial algorithms and beyond.

Sharpening your axe: We come across people often who transitioned from a traditional IT role into an AI specialist? Their secret was the myriad of workshops and tutorials at these conferences, which equipped them with the skills to navigate through the AI-driven workplace.

These events are not just knowledge-sharing platforms; they’re an educational hub, offering hands-on opportunities to enhance your skills and prepare for the future of work.

AI events and conferences are about peering into the future, building connections, learning from practical applications, and honing skills to navigate through the AI-empowered landscape. It’s a journey where we collectively steer towards a future, where AI is not just a tool but an extension of our innovative spirit.


Role of AI for leading professionals

Here are some specific examples of how attending AI events and conferences can help individuals and organizations to learn and adapt to new technologies:

  • A software engineer can gain knowledge about the latest advancements in natural language processing by attending an AI conference. This knowledge can be utilized to create new and innovative software applications.
  • A marketing manager can acquire insights on how AI is applied to enhance customer targeting and personalization by attending an AI event. This knowledge can be employed to generate more effective marketing campaigns.
  • A manufacturing company can discover how AI can enhance production efficiency and quality control by attending an AI conference. This knowledge can be utilized to implement new AI-powered technologies in the factory.
  • A government agency can learn how AI can improve public services and infrastructure by attending an AI event. This knowledge can be utilized to develop new AI-powered initiatives.

As AI continues to transform our world, it is more important than ever to learn about and adapt to this new technology. Attending AI-related virtual events and conferences is a great way to do this.

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Top AI conferences and events around the world in 2023

Here are some of the top AI-related virtual events and conferences held around the world in 2023:

1. Generative AI and Data Storytelling (Virtual event | 27th September – 2023)

A virtual event on generative AI and data storytelling. The event is hosted by Data Science Dojo and will be held on September 27, 2023. The speaker is Andrew Madson, a data analytics leader and educator. The event is for anyone interested in learning about generative AI and data storytelling, including business leaders, data scientists, and enthusiasts.

Link to event -> Generative AI and Data Storytelling

Here are some of the key takeaways from the article:

  • Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as text, images, and music.
  • Data storytelling is the process of using data to communicate a story in a way that is engaging and informative.
  • Generative AI can be used to create data visualizations and other forms of data storytelling that are more effective and engaging than traditional methods.

The event will cover a variety of topics related to generative AI and data storytelling, including:

    • What is generative AI and how does it work?
    • How can generative AI be used for data storytelling?
    • Case studies of how generative AI is being used in the real world
    • Q&A with the speaker

If you are interested in learning more about generative AI and data storytelling, I encourage you to attend this event. It is a great opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and to network with other professionals who are interested in these topics.

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2. AI and Big Data Expo – North America (May 17-18, 2023):

This technology event is for enterprise technology professionals interested in the latest AI and big data advances and tactics. Representatives from Google AI, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other top firms attended the event as main speakers. Over 10,000 people from all over the world attended the event.

Link to event -> AI and big data expo NA 

TopicsResponsible AI, Ethical AI, AI Against Hackers, AI Led Personalization, Data Monetization, Data Quality Management, Enterprise Adoption of AI, The Augmented Workforce, The Rise of AIOps, Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation


  • How to build a responsible ai program
  • Ethical considerations in ai development
  • Using ai to detect and prevent cyberattacks
  • Ai-powered personalization for the modern customer
  • Data monetization strategies for ai
  • Ensuring data quality for ai success
  • Enterprise adoption of ai: case studies and best practices
  • The augmented workforce: how ai is transforming the way we work
  • The rise of AIOps: how ai is revolutionizing it operations
  • Embracing AI to drive digital transformation


3. IMPACT 2023- The Data Observability Summit (Virtual event – November 8)

  1. Focus on Data and AI: The summit will illuminate how contemporary technical teams are crafting impactful and performant data and AI products that businesses can rely on.
  2. Data Observability: It emphasizes the concept of data observability, which involves monitoring and managing data systems to ensure reliability and optimal performance.

However, in previous iterations of the summit, speakers have included prominent voices in data engineering and analytics. The event will be conducted online, making it accessible to a global audience. Additionally, there are opportunities for in-person talks in various cities like New York City, Boston, London, and the Bay Area.

Link to event -> IMPACT 2o23

Key topics covered

IMPACT brings together the data community to showcase the latest and greatest trends, technologies, and processes in data quality, large-language models, data and AI governance, and of course, data observability. The event is expected to cover various aspects related to data platforms, data governance, data contracts, and generative AI, focusing on designing effective data and AI products

4. AI4 2023 – Las Vegas (August 7-9, 2023):

This event is focused on the ethical and responsible development and use of AI. Speakers included experts on AI ethics, law, and policy, as well as representatives from industry and academia. The event was attended by over 5,000 people from around the world. The next event is scheduled for AUGUST 12-14, 2024, in MGM GRAND, LAS VEGAS.

Link to event -> AI4

Topics: AI ethics, AI law and policy, Responsible AI development, AI for social good


    • The Ethical Implications of AI
    • AI Law and Policy: The Current Landscape and Future Trends
    • Developing Responsible AI Systems
    • AI for Social Good: Case Studies and Best Practices

5. Live! 360 Tech Events – Orlando ( November 12-17, 2023)

Live! 360 orchestrates a confluence of IT, Developer, Data, and Cybersecurity communities, offering a plethora of real-world insights and training across a spectrum of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions. This event uniquely amalgamates 6 co-located conferences, presenting a rich tapestry of expert education, training, and networking opportunities.

Link to event -> Live! 360

Topics: The event will delve into a wide range of topics including SQL Server, Visual Studio, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, .NET, and more, providing insights into Microsoft Tech and IT.


Participants can tailor their conference experience by selecting from an impressive array of over 170 sessions, 16 hands-on labs, and several in-depth workshops to meet their specific needs.

Catering to a wide audience, whether you’re a developer, IT Pro, DBA, security specialist, or Data Scientist, and irrespective of your team size or experience level, Live! 360 curates’ content and learning paths to suit virtually every IT role and team configuration.


6. World AI Summit – Amsterdam (October 11-12, 2023):

This event is focused on the impact of AI on businesses and society. Speakers included CEOs, CTOs, and other senior executives from leading companies, as well as government officials and academics. The event was attended by over 10,000 people from around the world. The event took place in Taets Art and Event Park | Amsterdam Noord.

Topics: Impact of AI on businesses, Impact of AI on society, AI for digital transformation


    • How AI is Transforming Businesses
    • The Impact of AI on Society: Good, Bad, and Ugly
    • AI for Digital Transformation: Strategies and Case Studies

7. AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit – San Jose (September 14-15, 2023):

This event is focused on the latest developments in AI hardware and edge AI. Speakers included representatives from companies such as Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm, as well as leading academic institutions. The event was attended by over 3,000 people from around the world. The next event is scheduled for 10-12 September 2024 in Signia by Hilton, San Jose.

Link to event -> AI hardware and edge summit

Topics: AI hardware for the cloud-edge continuum, Edge AI, TinyML, Extreme edge


    • The Next Generation of AI Hardware
    • Edge AI: Challenges and Opportunities
    • TinyML for the Edge
    • Extreme Edge AI: Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

8. AI Accelerator Summit – Boston (October 19, 2023):

This event is focused on the latest developments in AI hardware and software infrastructure for the cloud-edge continuum. Speakers included representatives from companies such as Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm, as well as leading academic institutions. The event was attended by over 2,000 people from around the world.

Link to event -> AI Accelerator Summit

Topics: AI hardware infrastructure for the cloud-edge continuum, AI software infrastructure for the cloud-edge continuum, AI for machine learning operations (MLOps)


    • The Future of AI Hardware Infrastructure
    • AI Software Infrastructure for the Cloud-Edge Continuum
    • AI for MLOps: Automating the AI Development Lifecycle

9. The AI Summit – New York 2023 (December 6-7, 2023):

This event is focused on the latest trends and developments in AI, with a focus on business applications. Speakers included CEOs, CTOs, and other senior executives from leading companies, as well as experts on AI technology and strategy. The event was attended by over 5,000 people from around the world.

Link to event -> AI Summit Newyork 2023

Topics: AI trends for business, AI applications for business, AI for business transformation


    • The Top AI Trends to Watch in 2023 and Beyond
    • AI Applications for Business: Case Studies and Best Practices
    • AI for Business Transformation: How to Get Started

These are just a few of the many top AI-related virtual events and conferences held around the world in 2023. For a more comprehensive list, please visit the websites of the event organizers listed above

Participate in AI conferences and events today

These events help in adapting to new technologies by offering a first-hand look at the latest tools, techniques, and solutions in AI, ensuring that one’s skills and knowledge are continually refreshed and relevant in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Thus, global AI events are an indispensable resource for continuous learning, networking, and navigating through the transformative journey of AI technology.

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