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6 Best AI Newsletters to Subscribe in 2024

July 10, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), staying informed about the latest advancements, tools, and trends can often feel overwhelming. This is where AI newsletters come into play, offering a curated, digestible format that brings you the most pertinent updates directly to your inbox.

Whether you are an AI professional, a business leader leveraging AI technologies, or simply an enthusiast keen on understanding AI’s societal impact, subscribing to the right newsletters can make all the difference. In this blog, we delve into the 6 best AI newsletters of 2024, each uniquely tailored to keep you ahead of the curve.

From deep dives into machine learning research to practical guides on integrating AI into your daily workflow, these newsletters offer a wealth of knowledge and insights.


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Join us as we explore the top AI newsletters that will help you navigate the dynamic world of artificial intelligence with ease and confidence.

What are AI Newsletters?

AI newsletters are curated publications that provide updates, insights, and analyses on various topics related to artificial intelligence (AI). They serve as a valuable resource for staying informed about the latest developments, research breakthroughs, ethical considerations, and practical applications of AI.

These newsletters cater to different audiences, including AI professionals, business leaders, researchers, and enthusiasts, offering content in a digestible format.

The primary benefits of subscribing to AI newsletters include:

  • Consolidation of Information: AI newsletters aggregate the most important news, articles, research papers, and resources from a variety of sources, providing readers with a comprehensive update in a single place.
  • Curation and Relevance: Editors typically curate content based on its relevance, novelty, and impact, ensuring that readers receive the most pertinent updates without being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.
  • Regular Updates: These newsletters are typically delivered on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly), ensuring that readers are consistently updated on the latest AI developments.
  • Expert Insights: Many AI newsletters are curated by experts in the field, providing additional commentary, insights, or summaries that help readers understand complex topics.


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  • Accessible Learning: For individuals new to the field or those without a deep technical background, newsletters offer an accessible way to learn about AI, often presenting information clearly and linking to additional resources for deeper learning.
  • Community Building: Some newsletters allow for reader engagement and interaction, fostering a sense of community among readers and providing networking and learning opportunities from others in the field.
  • Career Advancement: For professionals, staying updated on the latest AI developments can be critical for career development. Newsletters may also highlight job openings, events, courses, and other opportunities.

Overall, AI newsletters are an essential tool for anyone looking to stay informed and ahead in the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence. Let’s look at the best AI newsletters you must follow in 2024 for the latest updates and trends in AI.

1. Data-Driven Dispatch


data-driven dispatch - AI newsletters
Data-Driven Dispatch


Over 100,000 subscribers

Data-Driven Dispatch is a weekly newsletter by Data Science Dojo. It focuses on a wide range of topics and discussions around generative AI and data science. The newsletter aims to provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring the readers fully understand the various aspects of AI and data science concepts.

To ensure proper discussion, the newsletter is divided into 5 sections:

  • AI News Wrap: Discuss the latest developments and research in generative AI, data science, and LLMs, providing up-to-date information from both industry and academia.
  • The Must Read: Provides insightful resource picks like research papers, articles, guides, and more to build your knowledge in the topics of your interest within AI, data science, and LLM.
  • Professional Playtime: Looks at technical topics from a fun lens of memes, jokes, engaging quizzes, and riddles to stimulate your creativity.
  • Hear it From an Expert: Includes important global discussions like tutorials, podcasts, and live-session recommendations on generative AI and data science.
  • Career Development Corner: Shares recommendations for top-notch courses and bootcamps as resources to boost your career progression.


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Target Audience

It caters to a wide and diverse audience, including engineers, data scientists, the general public, and other professionals. The diversity of its content ensures that each segment of individuals gets useful and engaging information.

Thus, Data-Driven Dispatch is an insightful and useful resource among modern newsletters to provide useful information and initiate comprehensive discussions around concepts of generative AI, data science, and LLMs.

2. ByteByteGo


ByteByteGo - AI newsletters


Over 500,000 subscribers

The ByteByteGo Newsletter is a well-regarded publication that aims to simplify complex systems into easily understandable terms. It is authored by Alex Xu, Sahn Lam, and Hua Li, who are also known for their best-selling system design book series.

The newsletter provides insights into system design and technical knowledge. It is aimed at software engineers and tech enthusiasts who want to stay ahead in the field by providing in-depth insights into software engineering and technology trends

Target Audience

Software engineers, tech enthusiasts, and professionals looking to improve their skills in system design, cloud computing, and scalable architectures. Suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Subscription Options

It is a weekly newsletter with a range of subscription options. The choices are listed below:

  • The weekly issue is released on Saturday for free subscribers
  • A weekly issue on Saturday, deep dives on Wednesdays, and a chance for topic suggestions for premium members
  • Group subscription at reduced rates is available for teams
  • Purchasing power parities are available for residents of countries with low purchasing power


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Thus, ByteByteGo is a promising platform with a multitude of subscription options for your benefit. The newsletter is praised for its ability to break down complex technical topics into simpler terms, making it a valuable resource for those interested in system design and technical growth.

3. The Rundown AI


The Rundown AI - AI newsletters
The Rundown AI


Over 600,000 subscribers

The Rundown AI is a daily newsletter by Rowan Cheung offering a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). It is a popular source for staying up-to-date on the latest advancements and discussions.

The newsletter has two distinct divisions:

  • Rundown AI: This section is tailored for those wanting to stay updated on the evolving AI industry. It provides insights into AI applications and tutorials to enhance knowledge in the field.
  • Rundown Tech: This section delivers updates on breakthrough developments and new products in the broader tech industry. It also includes commentary and opinions from industry experts and thought leaders.

Target Audience

The Rundown AI caters to a broad audience, including both industry professionals (e.g., researchers, and developers) and enthusiasts who want to understand AI’s growing impact.

There are no paid options available. You can simply subscribe to the newsletter for free from the website. Overall, The Rundown AI stands out for its concise and structured approach to delivering daily AI news, making it a valuable resource for both novices and experts in the AI industry.


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4. Superhuman AI


Superhuman AI - AI newsletters
Superhuman AI


Over 700,000 subscribers

The Superhuman AI is a daily AI-focused newsletter curated by Zain Kahn. It is specifically focused on discussions around boosting productivity and leveraging AI for professional success. Hence, it caters to individuals who want to work smarter and achieve more in their careers.

The newsletter also includes tutorials, expert interviews, business use cases, and additional resources to help readers understand and utilize AI effectively. With its easy-to-understand language, it covers all the latest AI advancements in various industries like technology, art, and sports.

It is free and easily accessible to anyone who is interested. You can simply subscribe to the newsletter by adding your email to their mailing list on their website.

Target Audience

The content is tailored to be easily digestible even for those new to the field, providing a summarized format that makes complex topics accessible. It also targets professionals who want to optimize their workflows. It can include entrepreneurs, executives, knowledge workers, and anyone who relies on integrating AI into their work.

It can be concluded that the Superhuman newsletter is an excellent resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest developments in AI, offering a blend of practical advice, industry news, and engaging content.

5. AI Breakfast


AI Breakfast - AI newsletter
AI Breakfast


54,000 subscribers

The AI Breakfast newsletter is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive yet easily digestible summary of the latest developments in the field of AI. It publishes weekly, focusing on in-depth AI analysis and its global impact. It tends to support its claims with relevant news stories and research papers.

Hence, it is a credible source for people who want to stay informed about the latest developments in AI. There are no paid subscription options for the newsletter. You can simply subscribe to it via email on their website.

Target Audience

AI Breakfast caters to a broad audience interested in AI, including those new to the field, researchers, developers, and anyone curious about how AI is shaping the world.

The AI Breakfast stands out for its in-depth analysis and global perspective on AI developments, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in staying informed about the latest trends and research in AI.



TLDR AI - AI newsletters


Over 500,000 subscribers

TLDR AI stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read Artificial Intelligence. It is a daily email newsletter designed to keep readers updated on the most important developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related fields. Hence, it is a great resource for staying informed without getting bogged down in technical details.

It also focuses on delivering quick and easy-to-understand summaries of cutting-edge research papers. Thus, it is a useful resource to stay informed about all AI developments within the fields of industry and academia.

Target Audience

It serves both experts and newcomers to the field by distilling complex topics into short, easy-to-understand summaries. This makes it particularly useful for software engineers, tech workers, and others who want to stay informed with minimal time investment.

Hence, if you are a beginner or an expert, TLDR AI will open up a gateway to useful AI updates and information for you. Its daily publishing ensures that you are always well-informed and do not miss out on any updates within the world of AI.

Stay Updated with AI Newsletters

Staying updated with the rapid advancements in AI has never been easier, thanks to these high-quality AI newsletters available in 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an AI enthusiast, or a curious novice, there’s a newsletter tailored to your needs.

By subscribing to a diverse range of these newsletters, you can ensure that you’re well-informed about the latest AI breakthroughs, tools, and discussions shaping the future of technology. Embrace the AI revolution and make 2024 the year you stay ahead of the curve with these indispensable resources.


While AI newsletters are a one-way communication, you can become a part of conversations on AI, data science, LLMs, and much more. Join our Discord channel today to participate in engaging discussions with people from industry and academia.


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