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David Blauvelt

The Data Science Dojo is a great introduction to Data Science and they provide the tools that enable you to hit the ground running! David BlauveltNIU


Zeshan Qureshi

Before coming to this class, I didn’t know anything about Data Science. They clarified all of my confusion and give us ample amount of information and exposure to build on. I highly recommend DSD to everyone who is either trying to get in Data Science world or trying to advance their career. I will be […]


Bulent Baskus

I really enjoyed the bootcamp. Topics that are mentioned at the bootcamp can be practically used in our daily jobs. It opens the minds of the new data scientists. Bulent BaskusLead Consultant at STMLinkedIn


Lauren Toth

Data Science Dojo is a great week-long crash course on data science and machine learning. There’s enough breadth and depth to give you a 10,000-foot view of the field while also walking away with some more specific theory, feature engineering techniques, and insight into what the Amazon’s and Netflix’s of the world do with their […]


Britany Selhorst

Great experience. The focus was on how to take what you learn at the bootcamp and employ it your own work environment. I walked out feeling confident in my ability to create and deploy predictive models. Britany SelhorstEngineering Simulation and Data Analyst at NGA


David Wechsler

Data Science Dojo is absolutely the best training class I’ve ever taken! They have truly taught us “how to fish” – they’ve given us the training we need