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Mastering Data Science: The Impact of LLMs


LLMs: Redefining Data Science Methodologies

As technology progresses, the synergy between foundational data science principles and the capabilities of LLMs grows increasingly significant. This live session aims to spotlight the essential skills data scientists require to adapt and excel amidst these evolving dynamics. Through practical demonstrations, Srik Gorthy, Senior Data Scientist at Bytedance Inc., will underscore the enduring relevance of data science fundamentals and elucidate the symbiotic relationship between traditional data science skills and the innovative applications of large language models, unveiling their combined influence on shaping the future of this field.


  • Learn how LLMs are changing data science and why data science is still essential
  • Identify which data science skills are becoming crucial in the LLM era
  • Understand how combining data science techniques with LLMs can enhance your strategic planning
  • Discover which tasks LLMs can automate and which ones they can’t, through practical examples
Srik Gorthy
Srik Gorthy

Senior Data Scientist at Bytedance Inc.

Srik Gorthy is a Data Scientist with over a decade of experience building innovative end-to-end solutions across various industries. His work spans from enhancing user safety at ByteDance (TikTok) and Google to automating semiconductor validation at AMD, as well as founding his music start-up. With a strong foundation in data science, deep learning, NLP, and entrepreneurship, he excels in applying technical and business skills to solve complex challenges.


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