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Securing AI Systems


The future is powered by AI, but is its security assured?

This pivotal question forms the cornerstone of our upcoming webinar, focusing on the critical need to strengthen AI systems. As Artificial Intelligence increasingly impacts our daily lives and future opportunities, ensuring the integrity of its systems becomes essential. This live talk promises to be a turning point, emphasizing the importance of robust security measures across the entire range of Artificial Intelligence, from development to implementation.

By combining actionable strategies and insights from expert Dr. Sumi Singh, our aim is to equip engineers and leaders with the essential tools and knowledge to implement foundational security measures.

What you’ll learn:

  • Master advanced techniques to protect AI data
  • Implement strategies to secure the engineering workflow and anticipate and mitigate risks early
  • Adopt and apply industry-leading best practices to cultivate a security-first mindset in Artificial Intelligence development
Dr. Sumi Singh- Securing AI Systems
Dr. Sumi Singh

Founder and CEO, Generative AI Labs

Dr. Sumi Singh is a leading figure in AI security and innovation. With a background spanning academia, research, and industry, she drives AI/ML initiatives at global Fortune 200 companies and collaborates with diverse industries to revolutionize their AI landscapes. Dr. Singh’s expertise is recognized globally, with notable contributions in research, authorship, and speaking engagements at prestigious institutions like Harvard University and international forums such as UNICEF and IEEE.


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