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25 best places to work as a Data Scientist across the globe

Data Science is a hot topic in the job market these days. What are some of the best places for Data Scientists and Engineers to work in?

To be honest, there has never been a better time than today to learn data science. The job landscape is quite promising, opportunities span multiple industries, and the nature of the job often allows for remote work flexibility and even self-employment. The following post emphasizes the top cities across the globe with the highest pay packages for data scientists.

Industries across the globe keep diversifying on a constant basis. With technology reaching new heights and a majority of the population having unlimited access to an internet connection, there is no denying the fact that big data and data analytics have started gaining momentum over the years.

Demand for data analytics professionals currently outweighs supply, meaning that companies are willing to pay a premium to fill their open job positions. Further below, I would like to mention certain skills required for a job in data analytics.


Being one of the most used programming languages, Python has a solid understanding of how it can be used for data analytics. Even if it’s not a required skill, knowledge and understanding of Python will give you an upper hand when showing future employers the value that you can bring to their companies. Just make sure you learn how to manipulate and analyze data, understand the concept of web scraping and data collection, and start building web applications.

SQL (Structured Query Language)

Like Python, SQL is a relatively easy language to start learning. Even if you are just getting started, a little SQL experience goes a long way. This will give you the confidence to navigate large databases, and obtain and work with the data you need for your projects. You can always seek out opportunities to continue learning once you get your first job.

Data visualization

Regardless of the career path, you are looking into, it is crucial to visualize and communicate insights related to your company’s services, and is a valuable skill set that will capture the attention of employers. Data scientists are a bit like data translators for other people who exactly know what conclusions to draw from their datasets.

Best opportunities for a data scientist

Have a look at cities across the globe that offer the best opportunities for the position of a data scientist. The order of the cities does not represent any type of rank.

salary graph
Average Salary of a Data Scientist in US Dollars
  1. San Jose, California – Have you ever dreamed about working in Silicon Valley? Who hasn’t? It’s the dream destination of any tech enthusiast and an emerging hot spot for data scientists all across the globe. Being an international headquarters and main offices of the majority of American tech corporations, it offers a plethora of job opportunities and high pay. It may interest you to know that the average salary of a chief data scientist is estimated to be $132,355 per year.
  2. Bengaluru, India – Second city on the list is Bengaluru, India. The analytics market is touted to be the best in the country, with the state government, analytics startups, and tech giants contributing substantially to the overall development of the sector. The average salary is estimated to be ₹ 12 lakh per annum ($17,240.40).
  3. Berlin, Germany – If we look at other European countries, Germany is home to some of the finest automakers and manufacturers. Although, the country isn’t much explored for newer and better opportunities in the field of data science, it seems to be expanding its portfolio day in and day out. If you are a data scientist, you may earn around €11,000, but if you are a chief data scientist, you will not be earning less than €114,155.
  4. Geneva, Switzerland – If you are seeking one of the highest paying cities in this beautiful paradise; it is Geneva. Call yourself fortunate, if you happen to land a position as a data scientist. The mean salary of a researcher starts at 180,000 Swiss Fr, and a chief data scientist can earn as much as 200,000 Swiss Fr with an average bonus ranging between 9,650-18,000 Swiss Fr.
  5. London, United Kingdom – One of the top destinations in Europe that offers high-paying and reputable jobs in London. UK government seems to rely on technologies day in and day out, due to which the number of opportunities in the field has gone up substantially, with the average salary of a Data Scientist being £61,543.

I also included the average data scientist salaries from the 20 largest cities around the world in 2019:

  1. Tokyo, Japan: $56,783
  2. New York City, USA: $115,815
  3. Mexico City, Mexico: $32,487
  4. Sao Paolo, Brazil: $45,891
  5. Los Angeles, USA: $120,179
  6. Shanghai, China: $66,014
  7. Mumbai, India: $29,695
  8. Seoul, South Korea: $45,993
  9. Osaka, Japan $54,417
  10. London, UK: $56,820
  11. Lagos, Nigeria: $48,771
  12. Calcutta, India: $7,423
  13. Buenos Aires, Argentina: $40,512
  14. Paris, France: $37,861
  15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: $54,191
  16. Karachi, Pakistan: $6,453
  17. Delhi, India: $20,621
  18. Manila, Philippines: $47,414
  19. Istanbul, Turkey: $30,210
  20. Beijing, China: $72,801
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