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Top 10 blogs of 2022 from Data Science Dojo

Author image - Ayesha
Ayesha Saleem

December 28

At Data Science Dojo, we publish blogs every day to keep our audience updated and informed about current industry trends. Here are the top 10 blogs of 2022, based on page views/traffic. Have a look at the top 10 blogs that you should not miss reading before the year-end.

1. Types of statistical distributions

Statistical distributions help us understand a problem better by assigning a range of possible values to the variables, making them very useful in data science and machine learning. Here are 7 types of distributions with intuitive examples that often occur in real-life data. In this blog, we will be going over diverse types of data, the common distributions for each of them, and compelling examples of where they are applied in real life.

Read the complete blog here: Types of statistical distributions


2. Machine learning roadmap

Find out how to achieve in this challenging profession, where to start your machine learning adventure, and what kinds of projects you may take on along the road.

In today’s fast-paced and always evolving industry, the skill sets and supplementary knowledge linked to data science are all wonderful tools and resources. Where is the greatest place to study and learn more about machine learning, then?

You may improve your skills and learn everything there is to know about machine learning by using the roadmap provided in this article.

Read full blog here: Machine Learning roadmap


3. Rule-based chatbot in python

In this article of the chatbot series, we learn how to build a rule-based chatbot and discuss the business applications of them. In this part of the series, we’ll be taking you through how to build a simple Rule-based chatbot in Python. Chatbots have become extremely popular in recent years and their use in the industry has skyrocketed.

Read the complete blog to learn more about it: Rule based chatbot in Python


4. 32 datasets to uplift your skills in data science

In this blog, we have compiled a collection of 32 data sets for you to exercise and develop your data scientist skills. For your convenience, the data sets below have been organized by increasing level of difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). We urge that you experiment with all of the different data sets we’ve supplied.

Learn more the datasets in this blog: Datasets to uplift your data science skills


5. 50 data science jokes

Fun learning data science is the missing factor for dedicated data scientists. This blog article compiled the best statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning jokes. In this blog, we have collected the funniest jokes around four key areas in the tech industry.

Read and laugh at your favorite jokes here: 50 data science jokes


6. Explanation of machine learning algorithms

This article has reviewed the top eight Machine Learning algorithms that will assist you in receiving and analysing input data in order to predict output values within an acceptable range. Machine learning algorithms are challenging and time-consuming to understand. This blog helps you to gain a quick understanding with these ML algorithms.

Read the full blog here: Machine Learning algorithms explanation 


7. Big data ethics and 10 controversial data science experiments

Data science experiments are typically utilized to not only answer questions a business may have but helps businesses to create those questions, to begin with. This blog compiles a list of some of the most controversial data science experiments that have raised questions about the use (and misuse) of big data.

Read the full blog here: Big data ethics and controversial data science experiments

8. Top data science memes

To help our fellow data scientists or anyone who may be planning on joining the ranks, we have compiled a list of memes from Reddit to brighten your day. So, if you ever need a break from training your model or just from life in general, bookmark this article and go over the list.

Read the complete blog here: Data science memes and jokes


9. Data science roadmap – A comprehensive career guide

This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive data science roadmap that can aid your learning, helping you succeed in a world loaded with data. Since now you have the know-how of what skills you already possess, the roadmap in this blog can help you understand where you stand & what effort is needed for you to reach the endpoint.

Read the complete blog post here: Data science roadmap


10. Top 12 free Data Science crash courses

Data science is an emerging field. Just a single program or bootcamp cannot help you to excel within the domain of data science, engineering, and analytics. You will have to keep learning and update your skillsets with short courses like Python for Data Science to remain competitive in the job market.

This blog includes a list of free crash courses that can help you acquire a number of skills like Power BI, SQL, MLOps, and many others.   

Read the complete blog here: Top 12 free data science crash courses


Stay updated with more informative blogs in 2023

At Data Science Dojo, we love to keep our community engaged with the latest discussion topics and trending innovations in the tech industry with the help of regular blogs. For 2023, we have queued a number of exciting topics to introduce you to and benefit our audience to stay a step ahead in their professional and personal learnings.


Author image - Ayesha
Written by Ayesha Saleem

I am a Digital Content Creator at Data Science Dojo. From years of affiliation with tech organizations, I pen down ideas, using research to benefit readers every day.

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