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Top 12 free Data Science crash courses

October 20, 2022

In this blog, we will have a look at the list of free Data Science crash courses to help you succeed in Data Science


With more and more people entering the field, data science and data engineering are surely amongst the topmost emerging areas of work in the 21st century. Higher salaries, perks, benefits, and demand has made it a field of interest for 1000s of people.  


While a good chunk of students is opting for data science in their undergraduate and graduate programs, there are people who are opting for different Data Science Bootcamps to get started with the field.   


However, enrolling instantly in an expensive undergraduate, master’s, or data science Bootcamp might not be the correct choice for one to go with. An individual would want to explore more within the scope of data science before switching fields or making the final call. Hence, below we present a list of free data science crash courses that an individual can go through before choosing their career path.   

Data Science crash courses
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If you are completely new to data science or planning to switch your career, our Data Science Practicum Program should be able to help you.   


Likewise, data science is an emerging field. Just a single program or bootcamp cannot help you to excel within the domain of data science, engineering, and analytics. You will have to keep learning and update your skillsets with short courses like Python for Data Science to remain competitive in the job market. This list of free crash courses can help you acquire a number of skills like Power BI, SQL, MLOps, and many others.   


Set of Data Science free crash courses 


So, if you are the one who is already in a data science career or the one who is planning to make a transition, this set of free data science crash courses can help you all out in every possible way. Check them out:  

1. SQL crash course for beginners:

This crash course can help beginners with no previous experience in SQL. By the end of this course, you will understand the difference between SQL and NoSQL, what is a database, the differentiation between MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and SQLite, how to find data in a database by writing a SQL query, and much more. 




2. Python crash course for Excel users:

This course can assist all Excel users with no prior knowledge for Python. In this course, you will understand how Python is different from Excel as an open-source software tool, navigation & execution of codes in Jupyter Notebook, implementing useful packages for data analytics, and translating common Excel concepts such as cells, ranges, and tables to Python equivalents. 




3. Redis crash course for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

If you have no experience with Redis, then this crash course is for you. This course covers the difference between Redis and SQL databases, key machine learning concepts and use cases Redis enables, data types and structures that can be stored in Redis, Redis as an online feature store, and Redis as a vector database for embeddings & neural search. 




4. MLOps crash course for beginners:

Do you have the basic knowledge of developing machine learning models in a Jupyter notebook setting? Then this course is a perfect fit for you. We will cover what is MLOps and machine learning pipelines, why is MLOps important, how to create and deploy a fully reproducible MLOps pipeline from scratch, and Learn the basics of continuous training, drift detection, alerts, and model deployment. 




5. Crash course on Naïve Bayes classification:

Need an introduction to Naïve Bayes Classification? Then this short course will take you through the theory and coding examples. With this course, you should be able to acquire a strong understanding of this technique. 



6. Crash course in modern Data Warehousing using Snowflake platform:

With this crash course, you can get started with the new generation of data warehouse i.e. Snowflake. We will discuss Snowflake architecture, its user interface, and the data caching feature of Snowflake. We have also included a lot of instructor-led demos to provide you with a pragmatic experience regarding the Snowflake Platform. 


7. Crash course in Data Visualization:

This crash course is planned for intermediate users with previous experience in python. In this session, introduce chart theory, outline data to visual representations, get access to a Google Colab Notebook that you’re able to code your own interactive charts with, transform data to be ingested by pandas and plotly, and customize your chart with options & properties to make it unique for your use case. 




8. Power BI crash course for beginners:

With this crash course, get started with Microsoft’s Power BI. We will walk you through how to prepare your data, analyze it and build insightful visualizations on the interactive data visualization software Power BI Desktop. By the end of the course, you will know the basics of importing data into Power BI, carrying out exploratory data analysis, cleaning, manipulating, and aggregating data, and building insightful visualizations with Power BI. 




You can also get an in-depth Introduction to Power BI with our live-instructor-led training. Do check it out.   


9. Crash course on designing a dashboard in Tableau:

This crash course is intended for beginners. In this course, you will know what is Tableau, how to design a basic dashboard in tableau, how to include a bar chart in your dashboard, and how to create a map in tableau.   




10. Crash course in Predictive Analytics:

The uncertainty after Covid-19 has made it difficult for companies to thrive but data and analytics helped companies survive it. Companies need to work proactively with predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimize their operations and compete in a changing world. This crash course will provide an in-depth overview of predictive analytics.  



11. Crash course on Transfer Learning:

In this course, we will discuss the idea of transfer learning, learn how deep learning models communicate with each other, explore the real-world applications of transfer learning, and compare transfer learning with a human’s continuous growth model.  


Need help with your data science career? This Data Science Roadmap can navigate your way.   

12. R and Python- the best of both worlds:

One of the common data science arguments has been what language to learn, R and Python. This argument has led to a language rivalry between R and Python. The purpose of this course is to take through the main defining features of both languages and how they compare different workflows in data science and data types. We will also show what methods are available for combining both in the same workspace and demonstrate this with a case study.  




Want to learn more about free Data Science crash courses? 


Only a top few popular data science crash courses are listed here, however, these might not be sufficient enough to sustain in such a competitive environment. If you are in a search for more data science crash courses, then make sure to go through this list of free data science courses.   


If you are absolutely new to data science, then I can assure you that  our YouTube channel  can navigate your journey, do check it out!  


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