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Ben Gawiser


Highly valuable course condensed into a single week. Enough background is given to allow one to continue their learning and training on their own.Good energy from the instructors. It is clear that they have real industry experience working on problems.

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Kevin Burke
Fund Staff
You can only Google so much, but when you’ve got the access to the data scientists that are here, it just makes things so much easier. It seems like science fiction right now to a lot of people when you mention machine learning they think you’re talking about something that is unattainable and it’s really not the case. It’s just a matter of getting down and learning this stuff and then bringing it forth. Given time, I totally think I’m ready to continue to apply data science to my profession.
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Bruce Bartram
Scrum Master Lead and Coach
After 5 days, I can definitely say that I’m ready to get started on applying some data science tec...
Patrick Standard 1
Patrick Butler
Director of Data & Analytics
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