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Financing Your Future in Data Science

Learn data science from expert instructors without having to worry about the cost. We’ve partnered with the leading financing institution to give you a range of plans to choose from. Invest in your future, pay with flexible plans, knowing that registration costs will no longer be a hurdle in your data science career.

Our Financing Partners

Apply for a loan today from one of our trusted financing partners. Our partner institutions offer flexible payment plans with low-interest, student-friendly options. Stop worrying about the cost and start learning data science with pre-approved loans.
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With Climb Credit’s quick application process apply online in less than 5 minutes with no impact to credit score. Prepay, in part or in whole at any time without penalty.

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Select the plan that best meets your financial needs.

Flexible Payment Option

Choose the repayment duration based on your future plans.

Deferred Payment

Start paying only after you've completed the training program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an active address in the United Sates, a good credit score, and you’re interested in attending a training program at Data Science Dojo, you can apply for a loan.

We have partnered with Climb Credit to help you find the best financing plans. To get more information about the plans and to apply for a loan, visit Climb Credit

Data Science Bootcamp and the Large Language Models Bootcamp, both are eligible for a loan. You only have to specify which program you’re applying for at the time of application

With Climb Credit’s quick application process apply online in less than 5 minutes with no impact to credit score.

Your loan application is submitted directly to the financing institution. The institution then decides whether to grant you the loan or not. Data Science Dojo has no say in deciding the fate of your loan application.
No, Data Science Dojo does not charge you anything except for the registration fee for the training program of your choice. The interest rates for the loans may, however, vary from case to case.
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