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Prometheus — A whole monitoring and alerting service

Data Science Dojo
Irum Zahra

February 16

Data Science Dojo has launched Prometheus’ offering to the azure marketplace to help you set up a powerful monitoring and alert system.

Nobody wants to run into a maze blindfolded, only to find dead ends everywhere with no way out! Running an organization without a robust monitoring system is exactly like this maze. Just imagine you are running an IT department and suddenly your customers start coming in with problems you know nothing about- when, why, and how did it happened? You will find yourself in an exceedingly inconvenient situation with collapsing infrastructure and unhappy stakeholders. Moreover, you are yet to figure out the problem so you can’t find a solution.

Monitoring and alert systems are an essential part of any infrastructure, to ensure that it is fail-proof and abiding by its intended function. Monitoring tools help in setting up performance benchmarks for your organization’s performance. They help reduce manual effort and aid the team in becoming more proactive.

There are much great monitoring and alerting tools on the market. At Data Science Dojo, we prefer an open-source tool called Prometheus. We’ve also made it available on the Azure Marketplace to make it easier to merge with your cloud solutions.

What is Prometheus?

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alerting tool to keep an eye on your key metrics. Prometheus records real-time metrics in a time series database using an HTTPS pull model and offers flexible queries and real-time alerting.

Our Prometheus offering leverages the power of Microsoft Azure services to help manage your data insights with precise monitoring and alerting, making it easier to track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other important metrics. It scrapes the data or receives it through a push gateway and stores it as a time series, letting you query, monitor, and visualize your metrics and generate useful insights. You can set trigger-based alerts to messaging platforms, email, and HTTP webhooks letting you act at the right time. It also lets you work with custom metrics, offers support for rich queries, and lets you work alongside members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Why Use Prometheus?

Compaction: By no longer storing symbols, it gives the user an enhanced performance experience by boosting memory.

Reliability: Prometheus’ key feature is its reliability. In the case of an outage, you can resort to Prometheus to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently. Its servers are independent and do not require extensive infrastructure allowing them to work in the case of an outage.

It attains reliability by making each server self-contained and independent with local time-series database storage to avoid dependency on any remote service. This design is the main reason it can be relied upon for quickly recognizing issues and getting real-time feedback on system performance.

The focus on reliability is built-in by making each Prometheus server self-contained and independent with local time-series database storage to avoid dependency on any remote service. This design makes it an ideal tool to rely on for rapidly finding issues and getting real-time feedback on system performance.

Monitoring and alerting isn’t the only function provided by Prometheus. Listed below are some of the other popular functions provided by this multifaceted tool:

  • Visualizations: It offers built-in visualizations to cater to user-specific needs using their data and metrics via multiple graphics.
  • Triggers: Generate alerts based on user-defined triggers. Alerts notify us about the problem that occurred and allow us to identify and solve them before any major degradation of the system happens.
  • Support: Offering various support tools, it also supports client libraries that allow them to implement application codes. It also integrates special-purpose exporters for services like HAProxy, StatsD, Graphite, etc.

Want to take your organization’s performance to the next level? Install the Azure instance now in the Azure marketplace and get started on your data monitoring journey. Use Prometheus today and turn your metrics into insights!


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Written by Irum Zahra
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