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Trending GitHub repositories for October 2019

GitHub repositories are great for finding new solutions and keeping up with open source projects. Take a look at some of the most popular repositories.

If you didn’t watch the video because you’re in a public setting and don’t have headphones, the video essentially says GitHub is an open source software development community for teams of and individual developers to work on projects. GitHub gives you a platform to copy projects, track changes, and so much more.

What brings me to share the trending GitHub repositories for this month,  and the months to come, are the ideas a community of people has. Like the introduction video says, an idea/implementation for one product can bring up new solutions for another. We should always be aware of products and solutions in the community because they might help us in the future.

Trending GitHub repositories

With that, here are the top trending GitHub repositories users are most excited about for October.

1) iptv-org/ iptv

This project allows you to watch IPTV (Internal Protocol Television) channels from around the world. There are currently a collection of 8,000+ channels available to the public.

2) bloc97/ Anime4K

Anime4K is used as a “real-time upscaling for anime video”. It’s completely open-sourced, and far from perfect. Currently, it claims to be the “fastest at achieving reasonable quality” for your anime 4K upscaling. The project is looking at taking a hybrid approach with machine learning to improve results.

3) axi0mX/ ipwndfu

IPWNDFU is a jail-breaking tool for many iOS devices. “Jail-breaking” is the term used when someone wants to free their device (typically mobile) of restrictions given by the operator or manufacturer. It allows the user to download software previously unauthorized. This project is BETA software so you will need to be careful if you use it.

4) vlang/ v

Version 1.0 of the V Programming Language hasn’t been released yet, but I imagine it will be a popular repository to follow for the next few months. Expected in December 2019, V is a simple language for developing maintainable software. The language can reportedly compile itself in less than 1 second with zero dependencies.

5) geek computer/ Python

The Python project is a list of Python examples created by the project managers to share their experience with the programming language. If you want to advance your skills with Python, take a look at this repository.

6) TheAlgorithms/ Java

TheAlgorithms makes open source resources for learning data structures and algorithms with their implementation in any programming language. Java is their project for implementing all algorithms in Java.

Check out the post I co-authored covering 101 machine learning algorithms.

7) home-assistant/ home-assistant

Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. It can track and control all devices at home and offer a platform for automating control.”

8) robbyrussell/ oh-my-zsh

Zsh is a powerful scripting tool to help make you feel like a 10x developer. In this community of 1300+ contributors, you can have a framework for managing your zsh configuration.

9) mitesh77/ Best-Flutter-UI-Templates

Flutter Dart is an open-source software used to develop applications. In this instance, it’s being used to make available templates to build your app.

10) gatsbyjs/ gatsby

Like Flutter, Gatsby is used to helping developers “build blazing fast websites and apps”. Gatsby allows you to create dynamic pages, pull data from just about any data source, and automates many activities such as lazy-loading, image optimization, and inlining critical styles.

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