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Apache Superset : Empowering Business Intelligence

October 17, 2022

Data Science Dojo is offering Apache Superset for FREE on Azure Marketplace packaged with pre-installed SQL lab and interactive visualizations to get started. 


What is Business Intelligence?  


Business Intelligence (BI) depends on the idea of utilizing information to perform activities. It expects to give business pioneers noteworthy bits of knowledge through data handling and analytics. For instance, a business breaks down the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to distinguish its benefits and shortcomings. Hence, the decision-makers can conclude in which department the organization can work to increase efficiency.  

Recently two elements in BI have resulted in sensational enhancements in metrics like speed and proficiency. The two elements include:  


  • Automation  
  • Data Visualization  


Apache Superset widely focuses on the latter model which has changed the course of business insights.  


But what were the challenges faced by analysts before there were popular exploratory tools like Superset?  


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Challenges of Data Analysts


Scalability, framework compatibility, and absence of business-explicit customization were a few challenges faced by data analysts. Apart from that exploring petabytes of data and visualizing it would cause the system to collapse or hang at times.  

In these circumstances, a tool having the ability to query data as per business needs and envision it in various diagrams and plots was required. Additionally, a system scalable and elastic enough to handle and explore large volumes of data would be an ideal solution.  


Data Analytics with Superset  


Apache Superset is an open-source tool that equips you with a web-based environment for interactive data analytics, visualization, and exploration. It provides a vast collection of different types of vibrant and interactive visualizations, charts, and tables. It can customize the layouts and the dynamic dashboard elements along with quick filtering, making it flexible and user-friendly. Apache Superset is extremely beneficial for businesses and researchers who want to identify key trends and patterns from raw data to aid in the decision-making process.  


Sales analytics - Apache superset
Video Game Sales Analytics with different visualizations



It is a powerhouse of SQL as it not only allows connection to several databases but also provides an in-browser SQL editor by the name SQL Lab  

SQL lab - Apache superset
SQL Lab: an in-browser powerful SQL editor pre-configured for faster querying


Key attributes  


  • Superset delivers an interactive UI that enriches the plots, charts, and other diagrams. You can customize your dashboard and canvas as per requirement. The hover feature and side-by-side layout make it coherent  
  • An open-source easy-to-use tool with a no-code environment. Drag and drop and one-click alterations make it more user-friendly  
  • Contains a powerful built-in SQL editor to query data from any database quickly  
  • The choice to select from various databases like Druid, Hive, MySQL, SparkSQL, etc., and the ability to connect additional databases makes Superset flexible and adaptable  
  • In-built functionality to create alerts and notifications by setting specific conditions at a particular schedule  
  • Superset provides a section about managing different users and their roles and permissions. It also has a tab for logging the ongoing events  


What does Data Science Dojo have for you  


Superset instance packaged by Data Science Dojo serves as a web-accessible no-code environment with miscellaneous analysis capabilities without the burden of installation. It has many samples of chart and dataset projects to get started. In our service users can customize dashboards and canvas as per business needs.

It comes with drag-and-drop feasibility which makes it user-friendly and easy to use. Users can create different visualizations to detect key trends in any volume of data.  


What is included in this offer:  


  • A VM configured with a web-accessible Superset application  
  • Many sample charts and datasets to get started  
  • In-browser optimized SQL editor called SQL Lab  
  • User access and roles manager  
  • Alert and report feature  
  • Feasibility of drag and drop  
  • In-build functionality of event logging  


Our instance supports the following major databases:  


  • Druid  
  • Hive  
  • SparkSQL  
  • MySQL  
  • PostgreSQL  
  • Presto  
  • Oracle  
  • SQLite  
  • Trino  
  • Apart from these any data engine that has Python DB-API driver and a SQL Alchemy dialect can be connected  




Efficient resource requirement for exploring and visualizing large volumes of data was one of the areas of concern when working on traditional desktop environments. The other area of concern includes the ad-hoc SQL querying of data from different database connections. With our Superset instance, both concerns are put to rest.

When coupled with Microsoft cloud services and processing speed, it outperforms its traditional counterparts since data-intensive computations aren’t performed locally but in the cloud. It has a lightweight semantic layer and is designed as a cloud-native architecture.  

At Data Science Dojo, we deliver data science education, consulting, and technical services to increase the power of data. We are therefore adding a free Superset instance dedicated specifically to Data Science & Analytics on Azure Marketplace. Now hurry up and avail this offer by Data Science Dojo, your ideal companion in your journey to learn data science!  


Click on the button below to head over to the Azure Marketplace and deploy Apache Superset for FREE by clicking on “Get it now”. 




Note: You’ll have to sign up to Azure, for free, if you do not have an existing account. 








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