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Ryan DeMartino

Emory Healthcare

I would recommend people go to the Data Science Dojo bootcamp if they’re just trying to learn what it means to be a data scientist. It’s definitely really good at teaching the fundamentals which I think is ultimately more important. So it teaches you how to think and then you know later on you can fit different pieces into that toolbox.

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Dharma Dandu
Lead Analytics Consultant
[Raja] challenges every small detail, and then he makes sure the entire class, not just one person, not just two, everybody understands. I can definitely say my understanding is much deeper than what it used to be. I would say that this has been my best R training class in years.
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A great all-in-one Data Science Event giving a great overview in state-of-the art techniques and technologies.
Andreas Schmidt v2
Andreas Schmidt
Senior Consultant Data Science & Project Manager
I absolutely loved this bootcamp. It was brutal, intense and rich of content…I think I have never learned so many things so fast. I feel like I’ve...
Andrea Peggion
Andrea Peggion
Senior Program Manager – Big Data – HdInsight Service, Hadoop
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