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Josh Walker


I came into this course as someone who will be doing more certifications in machine learning development as an update to my college work many years back. I wanted to see data science from outside of the ML perspective, and this course provided a really nice groundwork of data science, and gave me a nice appreciation for where data science and ML design both differ and converge.Treatment of necessary topics in a short period of time was very good. There was enough information to provide some foundation and allow continued growth outside of the bootcamp. As a dev and math person, I enjoyed the regression and many of the principles discussed in the first half of the bootcamp.

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Dharma Dandu
Lead Analytics Consultant
[Raja] challenges every small detail, and then he makes sure the entire class, not just one person, not just two, everybody understands. I can definitely say my understanding is much deeper than what it used to be. I would say that this has been my best R training class in years.
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Whether you are new or already a practitioner, you will definitely learn and apply something new.
Reynaldo Corral
Reynaldo Corral
Data Scientist and Fullstack Web Developer
The material, instruction, and conversations were all very interesting, and a welcome start to my i...
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Brian Fletcher
Senior Manager, Financial Analysis and Planning
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