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Andres De Frutos Zambrano

Expression Networks

My experience being a Data Science Dojo student has been pretty awesome. Everyone’s been amazing. Raja keeps us engaged; it’s a lot of participation. At times you’re kind of out of your comfort zone and it can be a little bit tough. But what differentiates Data Science Dojo is that Raja doesn’t teach the specific tools and the skills, but he gives you the theory.

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Russell Roefer
Sharepoint Administrator
The atmosphere was a really fun experience, and we have people from all different fields, and even different countries coming here. So I think the bootcamp is suited for everyone really, as long as you’re willing to learn.
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The Data Science Bootcamp was definitely a great environment for anyone with no prior Data Science e...
Sonia Sanghavi
Sonia Sanghavi
Sr. Mgr, Software Engineering CODE Messaging TECH
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