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Singapore Alumni

Our data science bootcamp has trained many individuals from Singapore.

This is what they have to say about our bootcamp endorsed by SkillsFuture and CITREP+!

The philosophy of “data science is for everyone” I think is really true, actually. Because my background is not in statistics, it’s not in programming. This course has taught me that I don’t need to be accomplished in those things. This course tells me that there are tools out there that I can use and better utilize for analysis of big data. What this course helps you with the most is give you the confidence to be able to apply what you’ve learned.

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Vince VardhanabhutiRadiologist and Data Scientist at University of Hong Kong

It was a motivating, inspiring and intense teaching week. If the instructors weren’t so good, those five days could seem really short and not efficient. But the instructors were amazing, and the content is very, very good.

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Haydar OzlerDirector of Payment Applications at SoftTech

Testimonials from Singapore

Yogi Ishwara

Yogi Ishwara data science bootcamp alumni

Excellent course! Perfect foundation to train my entire team of data scientists/analysts. We now have a common knowledge and common set of tools for our daily assignments. We’re looking forward to seeing the full impact of this boot camp over the next several months.

Information System Auditor at Ministry of Finance Inspectorate General

Milton Sato

Milton Sato data science bootcamp alumni

I am in career transition and attending the bootcamp gave me opportunity to experience the challenges and mind set involved in being a data scientist. It gave me understanding of key concepts so I can continue to gain expertise on DS topics on my own. More importantly, it helped me understand how DS can effectively… Read more “Milton Sato”

Asian Region Manager, Economic Research at Commodity Trade Analytics

Iskandar Budi Perkasa

Iskandar Budi Perkasa data science bootcamp alumni

Coming from different background, it’s exciting to have this data science bootcamp as this is new field of knowledge for me. The bootcamp is the right start for me to learn data science learning. Perhaps due to great tutorial and explanation from Raja, about the entire subject. Great.

Asia Pacific Network/System/Storage Manager at Weatherford

Hui Wen Ong

Hui Wen Ong data science bootcamp alumni

The class is heavily intensive with theories, practicals and useful software that keeps you ahead of the data science demands. However amazingly, the instructors are able to make difficult theories to simple illustrations and example. Of course you need to keep eyes and ears awake. The class was engaging with questions, laughters and comments. I… Read more “Hui Wen Ong”

Business Intelligence Analyst at OANDA Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Hongxu Zhang

Hongxu Zhang data science bootcamp alumni

It is a very good learning experience with very well structured course contents. The instructors are very responsible and nice. Hope the bootcamp can come up with more good courses on specific topics.

Consultant & Data Scientist at IBM Japan

Haydar Ozler

Haydar Ozler data science bootcamp alumni

I can describe it with one sentence: A week of learning, being inspired and spending great time with a perfect team.

Data Scientist at Türkiye İş Bankası

Arsandi Akhmad

Arsandi Akhmad Data Science bootcamp alumni

Comprehensive bootcamp for who want to learn data science. I learn more than how to use algorithm or tool but i know learn how can build good model.

Digital Forensic And Management Data at Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan

Shanmuga Pillaiyan

Shanmuga Pillaiyan data science bootcamp alumni

Awesome Bootcamp! The course was well structured to gradu