Data Science Dojo Middle East Region Alumni Reviews

Out of the 4,000 working professionals we have trained, many are located in the middle east region. They have come from companies such as ELM, Thiqah, Equate, Emirates, and Saudi Aramco. This is what they say about our top rated data science bootcamp.

Learn the basics, practice, and experience how IT firms take Data Science and Machine Learning theory into action. Use this knowledge in your business environment.

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Mohamed AlmoghalisInformation Systems Lecturer at Arab Academy for Science and Technology

My favorite part in this course is really the discussions that are initiated by Raja. Really, these are very, very deep, and insightful discussions. … from now on I can start doing this on my own.

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Mohamed KashkoushResearch Scientist at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

I didn’t want to learn just python or R. I wanted to know what’s going on behind the scenes and how to optimize it and be better at my job. For my personality, I needed this type of course to maximize my learning. The science behind data science and the machine learning algorithms became more sensible and I am able to engage with them more confidently and more frequently. I know what I’m going to try to do with my job from what I learned and I’m actually excited to do it.

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Khalid AlkhorayefAssistant Business Analyst at Elm Company

This was very suitable for me because this 5-day class is actually equal to a month class. The way it is covered is really helpful. There’s people from so many industries, and because the environment was so collaborative, I was able to find some ideas from the medical industry, from the finance industry, helpful for helping me solve some problems in our ecommerce space.

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Hamad AnwarVice General Manager at

Middle East Testimonials

Abdul Baquee Muhammad Sharaf

Abdul Baquee Muhammad Sharaf

It was a very rewarding one week bootcamp. You would never appreciate it until you get your sleeves rolling and hands dirty with many exercises, labs and even a data science competition. One would feel empowered to engage in real projects after the bootcamp. Thanks DataScienceDojo.

Senior Results Management Specialist at Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

Sinan Al Khatib

Sinan Al Tamimi

Amazing, intuitive and challenging bootcamp. Excellent explanations helped make challenging topics clear and concise. Raja is an outstanding and talented instructor.

Executive Business Process Improvement & E-Series | DP World

Ahmed Khairat

Ahmed Khairat

It was an amazing week! Enjoyed every minute of it. At first I was confused, but now things are far clearer, although the topic of data science is a lot, the amount covered is quite good. They focus on concepts and understanding rather than just playing with tools. Thanks Raja and the team!

Solution Architect Adviser at THIQAH Business Services

Othmane Belhadjer

Othmane Belhadjer

I really did enjoy the bootcamp! The concept of the course is what makes it unique. In particular for professionals, having 5 days enables the most common and effective data science subject and was an innovative approach. The course makes the analytics more democratized, and not exclusive for a specific category. Hope to see another course for another level.

Customer Analytics Manager BigData at Saudi Telecom Company

Sultan Alharbi

Sultan Alharbi

I really loved the bootcamp, it’s really interesting and exciting. Also, the delivery was absolutely perfect. I especially appreciated the knowledge and the material provided. Great Work!

Local Content Operations Consultant at Local Content And Government Procurement Authority

Bulent Baskus

Bulent Baskus

I really enjoyed the bootcamp. Topics that are mentioned at the bootcamp can be practically used in our daily jobs. It opens the minds of the new data scientists.

Lead Consultant at STM

Slah Alsaleh

Slah Alsaleh

Thank you for such a wonderful course. It is a real data science bootcamp worth spending a week on!

Vice Dean, Academic Partnerships, Common First Year at King Saud University

Samer Abdallah

Samer Abdallah v2

Very informative and exciting.

Solution Developer at Al Elm

Sajid Akhtar

Sajid Akhtar

Data Science Dojo’s Bootcamp has been an excellent experience, given the vast number of data science topics covered in a short time frame. It’s intense and a steep learning curve, but worth it for the intuition and the practical labs. I never thought I’d be able to create Machine Learning model and enter a Kaggle competition in a short time frame with little experience, but now have the confidence to persevere in my data science learning.

Technology Director, Data Sciences at Publicis Media

Hisham Almadhi

Hisham Almadhi 1

Did not expect this bootcamp to be as helpful as it was, really learned so much during a short period of time. Couldn’t believe I would be able to use and learn R in this short time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if data science is what you want to understand and apply for personal use or at work.

Customer Experiance Specialist at STC

Hussein Nijem

Hussein Nijem 2

A great bootcamp to start the big data and predictive analytics journey. I got the chance to experience working with the necessary tools (Azure , R , Hadoop…) with a clear understanding of the theory and application! The instructors are great and I can now apply many of the learnings in my work immediately. Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

IT Project & Portfolio Officer at EQUATE Petrochemical Company

Ali Sharaf

Ali Sharaf v2

Data Science dojo bootcamp has exceeded all my expectations! Coming from a software development background, yet, I had spent months trying to figure out where to start and how to learn Data Science/ Machine Learning and ended up lost in online courses, Hadoop and big data platforms without a clue. In five days, I feel extremely enabled and ready to apply machine learning with full potential. The Kaggle competition was the best part where learning curve and confidence goes up high. I highly recommend and endorse the bootcamp. I’m also impressed by the strong knowledge of the instructors!

Senior Analyst - Data Science at Tatweer Petroleum

Ahmad Al-Benali

Ahmad Al Benali

Data Science Dojo is the best data science training you can get for your money outside top university programs.

Six Sigma Specialist - Black Belt at EQUATE Petrochemical Company

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